Monday, June 6, 2016

21 42 44 48 119 187 216 223 | The death of Kimbo Slice, June 6, 2016, 119-days after his 42nd birthday

Kimbo Slice has Miami connections.  Check out Brother Berg's work on Muhammad Ali and Miami, who just passed at age 74, after having Parkinson's since age 42.

Muhammad Ali became boxing champion in Miami Beach, in '64.

Kimbo Slice has fitting name gematria for his death as well.

Kimbo = 2+9+4+2+6 = 23; Slice = 1+3+9+3+5 = 21
Kimbo Slice = 44 (Kill)

Kimbo = 11+9+13+2+15 = 50; Slice = 19+12+9+3+5 = 48
Kimbo Slice = 98 (Lupercalia = 44/98)

Notice he was born 'Kevin Ferguson'.  Ferguson has gematria of '42' like his age of death.

Kevin = 2+5+4+9+5 = 25; Ferguson = 6+5+9+7+3+1+6+5 = 42
Kevin, Ferguson = 67 (Blood Sacrifice)

Kevin = 11+5+22+9+14 = 61; Ferguson = 6+5+18+7+21+19+15+14 = 105
Kevin Ferguson = 166

His birth numerology also ties in.  Keep in mind that date can be written 8/2, kind of like '82', the length of the NBA season.

2/8/1974 = 2+8+19+74 = 103
2/8/1974 = 2+8+1+9+7+4 = 31
2/8/74 = 2+8+74 = 84 (United States of America) (Arizona) (Atlanta on 84th Meridian)

6/6/2016 = 6+6+20+16 = 48 (Slice) (James) (Illuminati) (Evil)

6/6/2016 = 6+6+2+0+1+6 = 21 (Slice)
6/6/16 = 6+6+16 = 28 (Born on 2/8, February 8)

He has died 119-days after his 42nd birthday.

You have to love how Wikipedia lists his weight at 234.

234+432 = 666

They say he died in Coral Springs, Florida, having gematria of '216', connecting to '666' as well.

6x6x6 = 216

Remember, Cleveland is home of the 216 area code.

Kimbo was known as the 'King of the Web Brawlers'.  Speaking of King, remember that LeBron played in Miami, the same place Kimbo called home these days.

Let us not forget the Cavs and Warriors game ended in a sum of 187-points, the day before the death of the 'Mixed Martial Arts' superstar.


  1. I immediately came to your blog the moment I saw an article saying he passed away. Excellent work!

    1. Thank you, I am sure there is more to the story.

    2. Yes! Odd that Dada 5000 just about suffered the same fate.

      Apr 13, 2016 - Nearly two months have passed since Dhafir Harris, the fighter better known as Dada 5000, collapsed and was rushed to the hospital after his Bellator 149 match against Kimbo Slice on Feb. 19. ... "When I actually fell inside that ring, Kimbo Slice never touched me," Harris said

    3. 108 days ago. Golden State Warriors=108...on 2/19. Back to Back Championships=219 Golden State Scored 104 points in Game 1, 104 days after 2/19 when they lost to Portland by 33. One Hundred Four=78, 168=Cleveland Cavaliers. It's a mind fuck. Last year they lost 98 days before to Cavs with game 1 going to OT 98-98. Florida=65=Prince=Philadelphia Did you guys see the New Orleans Saints player who died on 6/3 age 65? Henry Childs? Getting ridiculous. Warriors beat Pelicans on 3/14 (2 months 19 days before Finals). Scoring 125 points, only other times they scored 125 in reg season was their 73rd win and then against the Bulls on 1/20 they won 125-94=219 Also beat Pelican's 1st game of season 219 days before the Finals. Pope Francis turned 79 219 days after the Philly trainwreck last year. 5/12 to 8/7(219th day) is 87 days. 8/7 to 3/13(Popes 3rd anniversary) is 219 days.

    4. ha Kimbo even lost his first fight on 10/4. To Seth Petruzelli who became 10-4 after that fight. He won in 14 seconds. "Fourteen"=104 2/19 is 104 days before Game 1 of the Finals where the Warriors scored 104 points. Petruzelli nicknamed "The Silverback" funny in regards to Harambe. Other nickname.."The Kimbo Killer"=69=Back to Back=Cleveland Cavaliers=World War III=Wilt Chamberlain (Chamberlain the original Fresh Prince of Bel Air)

    5. good shit Dan..... check out my post below.

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  2. Was just looking at some connections to Finals. Slice was known as "King of the Web brawlers" which has simple english gematria of...223

    1. From February 19th, 2016 Kimbo's last fight to game 3 of the finals including the end date is a span of

      111 days or 3 months and 21 days; a lot like the reflection 123 which = conspiracy.

      I knew you'd be right on this as well, thank for everything you do, that's a lot of a book, you goin' in. man. Thanks

    2. Thanks man!! you may have seen this on my post in 33 perfect numbers. But I thought is was interesting he had been in the 'hospital' since Monday (Just waiting to die smh) anyway he was in Coral Springs Florida which has simple english gematria of 216. This is just crazy bro, I'll keep watching and learning from your work. I'm trying to learn how historical events also factor in to the sports arena. You're a big help

    3. You're already giving lessons, keep up the good work. And you're welcome!

  3. Zach, prepare for people to come to your channel. Posted on FB your link to the channel and got made fun of on FB about it being a conspiracy, lol.

    1. People discredit the evidence before they even see it. Sad.

    2. Thank you for sharing, you're brave.

    3. I've shared a few of Zach's too. They mock, but they are now at least somewhat aware of freemasonry, numbers, hand signs, etc.., when before they were clueless. Baby steps...

    4. Even if most reject gematria, we still have some open-minded people who are willing to investigate these coincidences, but you're right

  4. Dang the numbers just keep rolling out.

  5. From his last fight to game 3 of the NBA series in 110 days, perhaps GSW 110 score from the other night is an early tribute.

    From his birthday (Feb 8) to game 3 = 121 days like "Warriors"... Perhaps his sacrifice will correspond with the start of the Cleveland revival?

    Like the above post states the hospital he died in has gematria of 216 like clevelands area code.

    1. He was under contract with bellator when he died.

      Bellator = 31/85

      So many finals in sports seem to be ending 3-1 this year. Lebrons 31

      Basketball = 85.

  6. Can anyone on here ever remember a year where this many famous ppl died ? The elite is on a tear this year


      2+0+1+6=9 COMPLETION in Numerology

    2. Go back and see what I wrote before the Super Bowl. The Colorado St. road sign story foreshadowed death, death and more death. I called all this.

  7. Kimbo = 131 (Championship)
    = 23 (LeBrons Number)

    Slice = 48 (James)

  8. "Outside of the cage he was a friendly, gentle giant and a devoted family man."

    Gentle giant.... just like that gorilla.

    Gentle giant = 114

    Lebron james = 114

    Kevin Ferguson = 996

    Much like todays date of 6/6 (2016 = 9)


    1. So kimbo slice = 44

      Dies at 42.

      47 days after prince....

      Right after Muhammad ali.

      Who died from parkinsons he got at the age of 42.......

      44 days after prince....

      And was 74....


    2. LOL just realized....

      Muhammad Ali was born in "42"...

      Kimbo died at "42"...

      Kimbo was born in "74"....

      Muhammad Ali died at "74"....

      Kevin Ferguson = 67

      Prince's Birthday is 6/7.....

    3. Prince was born in "58"

      Kimbo died on the "158th" day of the year...


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  10. Been a 'Deadly Blast' in Istanbul this morning killed 11 people 36 injured.

    'Deadly Blast' = 33
    36 + 11 = 47

    Happened in the morning rush hour... 'Rush Hour' = 47.

  11. Ok now I'm seeing it. Ok you said the number 678 earlier when talking about Ali. Kimbo Slice = 228/98. You gotta go the the Sephir Saphires for the meaning of these numbers. Both 678 and 228 both point toward the Tree of life or the protectors of The Tree, The Cherubims. 678 the cherubim. In Genesis 3:24: "So
    he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of
    the Garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming
    sword which turns every way, to keep the way of
    the Tree of Life."
    228 Tree of Life, Tree of the Living Ones.
    see 406, 160,68,223.
    Proverbs 3:18 "She is a Tree of Life to those
    who embrace her; those who lay hold of her well
    be blessed."
    Etz Chaiim is 228, and the reduction or seed of
    228 is 3. Gimel (3) is the Number 3 as well as Ab
    (a#), the Father in Chokmah. This is secret of
    life, and its expression through embodied form.
    Gimel is associated with Key 2, The Moon and
    the sphere of Yesod because it is the Sphere of
    the Moon. Gimel is the 13'~ Path which is the
    channel of the descent of influence from Kether
    to Tiphareth, which continues down the Tree
    through the path of Samekh, into Yesod and to
    Malkuth through the path of Tav. See 11.
    373 Kerub. Ruler of Earth; one of the Kerubim.
    The Cherubim are an order of angels ("the strong
    ones") assigned to Yesod of Assail.

    Either they are asserting who they are or they are just acting out their biblical script numerically to ACT(CAT) like the CATS. This is actually bigger than you all realize. I'll drop more as it comes to me.

    1. I saw you bring up 678 somewhere. Not sure where. It's an area code in Atlanta as well who's original name was Terminus(119). Drawing parallels.

  12. A sergeant at Coral Springs Police in Miami, Carla Kmiotek, said that the fighter, whose real name was Kevin Ferguson, was admitted to hospital on Monday night.

    Carla Kmiotek = 47/119

    Kimbo dies 119 days after his birthday, 47 days after prince. Its ridiculous

  13. He was born in Nassau, Bahamas

    Nassau, Bahamas = 30, 57

    The king of the web brawlers = 112,121
    Houston = 112

    His first UFC fight was against a guy named Houston

    He was raised in Cutler ridge, Florida

    Cutler Ridge, Florida = 187 like the total points of game 2

    Cutler ridge = 122 (Golden State)
    He was 12-2 in Boxing and MMA

  14. If they want to make it a triangle match in the after glow, I think Nature Boy "Wooooooo!" Ric Flair might be next.

    1. If I had to take a guess it may be another nigger

    2. you mean African America
      Smh do u need to be put up on game about racial slurs too

  15. Can you guys start looking into Jim Harbaugh wearing " Jerseys" to satellite camps. The one that stands out is the iverson one " philly" connection and he mentions he's wearing a " JETER " jersey next. Two athletes that were honored in the last two years and also have a feeling UCLA shooting will connect to Jabbar who was also like "Ali" maybe the reason he does not have a statue yet.

  16. Golden State Warrior's Collapse" in the English Reduction system equals 119

    Kimbo Slice Muhammad Ali NBA Finals" in the English Reduction system equals 119

    Kimbo Muhammad NBA Finals" in the English Reduction system equals 85

    119-85= .. 34 ..

    Slice Ali" in the English Reduction system equals 34

    NBA Murder" in the English Ordinal system equals 96

    NBA Murder" in the English Reduction system equals 42

    Muhammad Ali" in the English Ordinal system equals 96

    Muhammad Ali" in the English Reduction system equals 42

  17. Perhaps you have already addressed this before but do you think these so called Celebrities are aware of there upcoming deaths ?

    1. I think some of them are.... for example. Robin williams...

    2. Yea I think tupac knew something

  18. Riemann = 74

    Hypothesis = 144

  19. Absolutely brilliant work zac. Its truly undeniable!!

  20. Smh. U had me until u started talkin about the score of the finals. U kidding me? U can't set up the final score of a basketball game that's absurd.

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