Sunday, December 4, 2016

33 42 45 74 108 | Joel Shanahan, Golden Donna DJ, & "survivor of Oakland warehouse fire hoax +Chicago Fire, Golden State Warriors & Donald Trump

I now have zero doubts this was a staged hoax.  No one is dead.

The "survivor", the "fire crotch", "Joel the DJ", from "Golden Donna", tells me all I need to know.  The fact that he is reported to be age '33' is just a cherry on the top.

In case you have somehow missed my posts on Dolly Parton, the staged fire in Tennessee and the burnt Bible page from the Book of Joel, please read below:

Please be sure to check the reader comments for more on Billy Joel and his song 'We Didn't Start the Fire':'t_Start_the_Fire

Joel = 42; Freemason = 42; Zionism = 42; NBA Finals = 42; Stephen = 42

As for the reference to 'Golden Dawn', it connects to the DJ's full name, Joel Shanahan.

Keep in mind, I have been pointing out the parallels to these fires with Donald Trump, the 45th President 'elect'.  Donald Trump is preaching the message of fascism and police state, which is very similar to the message of the political movement Golden Dawn, in Greece.

Now, more on the GOLDEN State Warriors.

Joel Shanahan = 108; Golden State Warriors = 108; Chicago Fire was 10/8/1871

Speaking of Chicago, we just saw them break the 108-year curse.
Geometry = 108; Major League = 108

Also, has I pointed out in my last post, this is the worst fire in Golden State since 1991, the year Golden Dawn became recognized as a political party.

Notice the party was violent against Muslims.  Donald Trump?  Golden Dawn?  The "Golden fluff" on top of his head?

Notice the gematria of 'Golden Donna' and where he is supposedly from.

Golden Donna = 51/105; Conspiracy = 51/60/123; Masonry = 33/42/105; Zionism = 42/51/105
Madison, Wisconsin = 74; Masonic = 74; Jewish = 74; Occult = 74

And one for more clincher, Joel is '33'.

False Flag = 33; Masonry = 33; Secrecy = 33; NBA Finals = 33; Stephen = 33; Golden St. = 33