Sunday, December 4, 2016

33 42 45 74 108 | Joel Shanahan, Golden Donna DJ, & "survivor of Oakland warehouse fire hoax +Chicago Fire, Golden State Warriors & Donald Trump

I now have zero doubts this was a staged hoax.  No one is dead.

The "survivor", the "fire crotch", "Joel the DJ", from "Golden Donna", tells me all I need to know.  The fact that he is reported to be age '33' is just a cherry on the top.

In case you have somehow missed my posts on Dolly Parton, the staged fire in Tennessee and the burnt Bible page from the Book of Joel, please read below:

Please be sure to check the reader comments for more on Billy Joel and his song 'We Didn't Start the Fire':'t_Start_the_Fire

Joel = 42; Freemason = 42; Zionism = 42; NBA Finals = 42; Stephen = 42

As for the reference to 'Golden Dawn', it connects to the DJ's full name, Joel Shanahan.

Keep in mind, I have been pointing out the parallels to these fires with Donald Trump, the 45th President 'elect'.  Donald Trump is preaching the message of fascism and police state, which is very similar to the message of the political movement Golden Dawn, in Greece.

Now, more on the GOLDEN State Warriors.

Joel Shanahan = 108; Golden State Warriors = 108; Chicago Fire was 10/8/1871

Speaking of Chicago, we just saw them break the 108-year curse.
Geometry = 108; Major League = 108

Also, has I pointed out in my last post, this is the worst fire in Golden State since 1991, the year Golden Dawn became recognized as a political party.

Notice the party was violent against Muslims.  Donald Trump?  Golden Dawn?  The "Golden fluff" on top of his head?

Notice the gematria of 'Golden Donna' and where he is supposedly from.

Golden Donna = 51/105; Conspiracy = 51/60/123; Masonry = 33/42/105; Zionism = 42/51/105
Madison, Wisconsin = 74; Masonic = 74; Jewish = 74; Occult = 74

And one for more clincher, Joel is '33'.

False Flag = 33; Masonry = 33; Secrecy = 33; NBA Finals = 33; Stephen = 33; Golden St. = 33


  1. You out that Stephen in there for me? ;) My middle name is Patrick!

  2. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, connected to good old Aleister Crowley. It was the anniversary of Crowley's death on December 1st. The Order was formed in 1888 apparently ( 88, Trump ). The first temple was called the, 'Isis-Urania Temple' ... quite the name eh :)

    'Isis-Urania Temple' = 74 in reduction.

    'Isis-Urania' = 48/66s
    'Hermetic' = 45
    'Order Of The Golden Dawn' = 213 / 105.

    The Golden Dawn book was wrote in 1937 by, 'Israel Regardie' = 77. He died March 10th 1985, aged 77.

    37 considered a sacred number. 37, multiplied by any multiple of 3 gives a triple digit number, like 37x3 = 111, 37x6 = 222, 37x9 = 333, 37x18=666 and so on . ..

    1. Also I'd read an article about the golden ratio & golden angle. The golden angle is 137.5 degrees, and on a clock face, this angle occurs 44 times throughout a single day ... the first being 00:25.

      They say the fire started at 11:30pm, which if I have it right, is the final and 44th Golden Angle of the day. Would make sense, for the Golden Donna to be set ablaze at the golden angle, & 44th one at that. ... not 100% but i'm almost sure it's 11:30.

    2. 'Golden Angle' = 51. Just like, 'Golden Donna' = 51

    3. I wish there was a book with all this information in it.

    4. His label is 100% Silk

      One Hundred Percent Silk=240, 1440(Hermetic Order Golden Dawn), 858J(The Solomon Key)

    5. Silk has interesting gematria.



  3. More Gold, I was doing a search for Dolly and Gold and fell into the Golden Key International Honary Society.

    Some honorary but not paid members are Dolly Parton, Stephen King, Tim Tebow, and Tupac Shakur.

    Check out the Logo...and the fucking founding date was 11/29/77

    1. 11/29 again ... Sweet mother, my head's gonna explode :) Brilliant. After only talking about Golden Angle an hour ago ... looks to be on the money with this one & the 44th one. (Kill, Time, Time, Kill) ... I'm gettin' scared ... :)

    2. Their 3 tag words on the logo,
      'Leadership, Service, Academics' = 119 in reduction ... again all the 119 connected to both fires.
      Class find man. Nice flames at the top of the key too.

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    5. They said it would be near 40 yesterday, so 39 looks likely. I want to know, how can they positively ID victims already. The way they describe it as removing a.bucket at a time, doesn't sound like there are even complete bodies, so you gotta do DNA. Too fast.

      In the court of law, at this point, their IDs would be speculative at best.

      And that Golden Key Society sounds elitist as hell.

    6. That Golden Key thing def linked I'd say ... Formed Nov. 29th in 77. The weirdly symbolic $95 dollar fee ( 9x5=45?? ) ... The symbol, past recipients (Dolly especially), motto etc, 'Golden Key' = 44 . 'Gold' = 38, might be 38 eventual. Everything is Golden. 'Golden Donna' = 105. 'Order Of The Golden Dawn' = 105. Golden Dawn order linked to Crowley's Magick, this happens the day after the 69th anniversary of his death. He died Dec. 1st in 1947, aged 72, 1 month & 19 days old. 'Magick' = 44

      Class stuff again man. Ya finding some ripper posts. Joel 93 & fire originally called Jolene still the best. Madness & all the Nov. 29ths ... Israel havin' a field day.

      Over here it's even front page news / first or second story on RTE 9 o'clock news etc ... Last story that got such coverage was the Orlando shooting ... If it's top news here, it's a big part of 'their' latest instalment.

      No way could identify victims that quickly. Earlier today they said they'd searched roughly 20% of the warehouse and it would take at least another 2 days to do the rest ... 33 bodies already... yea.

    7. Thanks Dar. I have a gift foe typing the right things into search engines. ;)

  4. Zach you cannot simply determine if something is a hoax just by the way the media reports on it..... the media can say or add any kind of details they want.

    The media has the power to hijack any type of event and twist it or add anything they choose.... these interviews could be made up as well.....

    Your reasoning on this is way flawed and you need to take a step back for a minute and clear your head.

    I told you yesterday that this fire was real. And i know real people involved. People I've known for years. I even told you id send you proof. These underground events go on every week in the bay area. And everyone knows everyone.....

    You want to say that this fire was started on purpose for something? Fine.... that information could be true. But I'm telling you, from one truth seeker to another..... this fire happened. If you dont want to trust me then that's fine..... but I'm warning you Zach..... not having a little trust in people is a fast way to losing it. And i dont want to see that happen.

    1. Zach goes overboard all the time.

      He swings for the fences.

      Either he is really right or really wrong.

      I wonder if that is how he play

    2. The STORY reported by the media is a hoax. It doesn't matter if a fire happened or didn't happen. We have no way of knowing what actually happened and we will never know because the media isn't interested in telling that story, they tell the one that fits their narrative which is why no one should take this shit seriously, it's only good for decoding the symbolism.

    3. Pru is right. Reality and the News are never the same. The News is a game or a brainwashing device, what really happened is very sad, if people lost their lives unwillingly. But I went to Raves before they were called Raves, and I know what kinda darkness hides under the club lights.

    4. Whats the "story" that they are reporting? Was there a real event at this place? Yes. Was there a real fire at this event? Yes. Did i have friends planning to go to this event? Yes.... did my friends know people who went? Yes.

      Are people I've met or know still missing? Yes...

      Is the owner of the wherehouse on the run? Looks like it.

      Do vendors sell clothing with all kinds of pyramids and one eye symbolism at on them? Yes.... all the time. I help put on events and we have clothing companies come in and sell all kinds of stuff like that.


      You guys need to think a little bit. WHAT PURPOSE does faking an event like this serve. And why would they choose to use "druggie" "Rave" kids???

      Most people dont care about ravers.... except for other ravers. Let's be real here.

      Prunella i dont trust the media at all. But the way you talk is a little scary. Bad things and accidents happen. Not everything the news reports is a hoax.... there is such thing as REAL news.

    5. The "News" is NOT REAL. The "News" is entertainment.
      The "News" is not informative nor educational.

      There is no obligation by the "News" nor punishment of the "News" for false, fake, or phony "reports" they make.

    6. Thanks Mathew for adding your pointless 2 cents...

      Like seriously.... am i speaking spanish? Or is everyone's reading comprehension really just that bad?

    7. No need to feign concern for me. This story is bullshit. If u want to believe it go right ahead. I don't believe anything happened besides a fire and I will happily state my opinion that the media are known liars so if they say 33 people died then most likely no one did. The media has zero credibility and the surest way to get your brains scrambled is to take anything they say seriously.

      Why are u so concerned with trying to convince me? Shouldn't u be buying glow sticks for Fuzzy Wuzzy and Lady Starbutt's funeral?

    8. Savage if you have proof, please provide it to us all. Surely that would be enough to assuage everyone's doubts.

    9. How old are you Prunella?

      And i dont give a shit about convincing you. This information is for zach because i follow his work.

      Oh you dont believe any one died? Based on what fucking investigation have you done? Have you even looked into anything at all???? Besides what cnn posts? Have you been keeping up with any of whats going on behind the scenes that they aren't reporting?... im sure someone that is as smart as you would be able to quickly detect all the fake profiles of friends and families still looking for their kids....

      Should be easy right?

      Heres a link to the facebook event page.

      You can start there. Report back to me when you get a chance. I'm now worried that my whole life has been one giant lie... and my friends and people i know aren't who they seemed to be.

      Please prunella. I now need your help.

    10. Are you sure that that exact number of people are dead? How are they? Is that just how many people are missing? Did they count the number of people attending including the DJs and their roadies and their groupies and any one else who was in attendance? Do you know which song was playing? If a fire burns in Antarctica but Antarctica isn't there, did it really burn? How long have you been taking drugs? Are you on drugs now? Are you sure? What's in the water you drink? Who are you? I am sorry your friends are dead. Now, aren't you mad somebody killed them? Or was it an accident? Was it terrorists? Are your friends Molly snorting Pill popping Disco Terrorists?

      B Savage, B Real

    11. Fake News

      A “big Facebooker,” she began to write.“Oh my god, Sara Hoda is missing in this fire. I kept hoping that if I posted people would tell me she emerged unscathed but as more information rolls in that doesn't seem to be the case,” Crewdson, 33, wrote. “She confirmed that she was going to the Party at 10:24, and her brother said her truck is still parked outside the venue. She is not in the hospitals and she is not answering her phone. Her employer doesn't know where she

    12. This comment has been removed by the author.

    13. Fake News

      Drayton, who has been with the department for 19 years, called it one of the most deadly fires in the city's history. A fire in Oakland Hills in 1991 killed 25 people.

      Even after firefighters put out the blaze Saturday, the building was deemed too unsafe for emergency responders to enter. Officials say the roof collapsed onto the second floor and then parts of that collapsed on to the first floor.

    14. Golden Donna is a stage name for Wisconsin-based producer Joel Shanahan. He was to perform with label-mates Cherushii, Nackt and others. The event’s location was announced on Facebook just hours before the party, and 285 people checked in on the social media platform as attending.

    15. Lord I'd slap the shit out of you.

      You people dont listen. I'm simply confirming that this fire and event took place. NOT THE DEATH TOTAL OR THE NUMBERS!!.... that shit is irrelevant to what I'm saying. Zach saying this whole thing is a hoax is what's wrong. That's the point. If the media says 33 people died that doesn't fucking matter. That just means they are adding bullshit to the story!!...

      You guys seriously have the comprehension of a 2 year old.

    16. No, u said people really died and u knew them. Or your friends knew them but since everyone who ever went to a rave in Oakland knows each other then that means its true and we are bad people for not taking your word for it.
      That's why u r being roasted.

    17. If you believe there is REAL "News", then you can never find the TRUTH.

      All "News" goes through government filters, government approval, government agents. It is all fake.

      Unless you have your own information sources, or first-hand knowledge, then you cannot claim anything on the TeeVee or the radio, or the mainstream websites, or the newspaper is REAL.

      When you claim there is REAL "News", those who are trying to find the truth will look at you with suspicion.

    18. I'm not listening to the news. The information is from people i personally know....

      Again. You guys can't read.

    19. This comment has been removed by the author.

    20. No shit the fire happened. The hoax are the deaths and storyline. You have to have a brain when you read my blog. And a lot of people have weighed in that live in the area of the fire. Go read the comments. B Savage, I'm pretty sure he said he knew people at the Orlando shooting as well. Am I mistaken B Savage?

    21. I wish you would slap me, I need it a little rough when someone is jerking me off.

    22. What comments? Who said they knew victims from the orlando shooting?

      You are reporting on what the media is saying. IM REPORTING ON REAL FRIENDS AND REAL PEOPLE FROM MY PERSONAL LIFE. what don't you understand??.... please tell me why johnny Igaz is still missing? who was supposed to be one of the djs playing that night??? Talk about a coincidence! .... please tell me why i have frantic friends still looking for people.... go on zach. Give me a clear explanation on why i would make this up. These aren't random peoples comments im talking about....... these are my friends.

      The fact is only a few people have been identified so far. There is no way of knowing exactly who i personally know yet that has actually died, until that information is released.

      Be smart about this zach. All i asked was for you to not call the deaths "staged" or a "hoax" because i knew people personally missing from this. You should have at least waited.

      You've said before that you are man enough to admit it if you're proven wrong... we'll see. I'm waiting for the victims names to be released.

    23. Tell us thr names of your missing friends and then we can help you look. Just make a list.

    24. If my friends were missing I think I would be more concerned about finding them then worrying about a bunch of strangers doubting the story.
      B Savage is a Concern troll fail and bad friend.

    25. Prunella johnny Igaz is now confirmed deceased and you're a bitch.

      I can tell by your comments that you dont have any real friends. I work in the local music scene.... not all of my friends are going to be "close" friends..... but people i can vouch for if they are posting on their facebooks that there friends are missing!...... get real. I know multiple local djs, photographers, promoters, event throwers/ceos.

      People im routinely around, and people ive worked with for years!!

      Sac and the bay area work together a lot..... if all these people are talking about losing, or missing people.... or djs i know are talking about how they just played a show at this wherehouse last week...then it's pretty fucking clear to me that people did really die. Like i said before... only a few names have been identified so far..... and so far 1 person my inner circle knows is for sure gone from this. Stop being so delusional. It's not like im asking you to believe some ridiculous story...... this was a fire at an underground rave, in a abandoned warehouse!!.... like wtf is so hard to believe???

      My friend Anthony is the putting on 2 candlelight vigils tomorrow! 1 in sac, and 1 in oakland!...

      This is a tight community. Wtf do you want me to do? Screenshot all the posts and conversations from these people since yesterday???..... like listen to yourself. It's disgusting.

      Like i said. I'm waiting for all the victims names to be identified. I dont have time to be checking facebook all day and keeping up with all the news. My information is coming from people i know...

      Not fucking headlines that mention "33"....

    26. You don't have time to check Facebook for updates about your precious friends but u have plenty of time to post here.
      You r 100% full of shit

  5. 74th Golden Globe awards on 1/7/17.

    Golden Globe Awards=74 reduction.

  6. I'll let u do the investigating, B S., since u r right there on the scene and all. Report back to us once you've been to the morgue if u want, or dont. I don't have any doubts that it's a load of shit.
    PS You r correct, your whole life has been a lie. U r really just a troll. Bye!

    1. Yes because when friends and people i know all of sudden disappear and are still missing... that were supposed to go to this event......

      It must all just be coincidence. Or maybe they are playing a sick game of hide and sneak. If that ends up being the case I'll let you know.

  7. Amazingly enough I was in high school 15 minutes from Columbine when that event ocurred, was working 15 minutes from Aurora when that event occurred and was living 15 minutes from Sandy Hook when that event occurred. Everyone knows someone who knows someone. Hell, in high school I lied and said I was friends with one of the victims at Columbine. Just to be cool.

    That said, I do hear what Savage is saying, and I certainly wouldn't put it past them to throw a match in a crowded room. Then just blatantly lie in the reporting. Maybe just to fuck with us.

    1. Sean I'm a big supporter of zach.. but this is really off putting. What this is showing me is how easy it is for the media to be able to fuck with us..... zachs channel is growing. If the media knows that all it takes is for them to throw a "33" into a story, for people to think its fake then...... how much you want to bet they are/or will start doing that just for fun?

      I think Zach needs to talk more about how gematria is happening NATURALLY. Not everything that lines up is scripted... i encourage people to study their own lives and apply gematria to everyday life.... they will see that the world operates like a computer. And things line up by the numbers for whatever reason.

      I'm a firm believer in this. Zach catches a lot of things.... but sometimes it's probably just the universe....

      Hey zach remember when your sister found out she had cancer on a date numerology of "44"???... you do know that if that was on the news or in the paper for some reason.... prunella and lord would probably call it fake right?... or a hoax?.

      Bad example but essentially that is kind of whats going on here. I think it would be best for you to stick with the obvious big connections and scripting stories..... you have been reaching a lot lately.... Probably because of the volume of work you been putting out. But remember quality over quantity. Should slow down a little and focus more.

    2. Fuck off Savage and wake up. If they are dead, and they very well may be, then they were straight up killed by the psycho Satanist fucks who run Raves and Trance and House shows.

      “We need spaces that are open to folks who are beaten down and oppressed by living daily under patriarchy and white supremacy,” Butler said.

      “Last night, had the potential to be incredible.”

      Here is a direct quote from one of your cock sucking panty wearing mickey slipping baby touching party runners. Most, if not all, of those fucktards are into Black Luciferian Kabbalah type shit, so killing a few lost idols of the dead underground rave scene and a bunch of pill tards is not going to mean much to them.

      This article is so bullshit and so loaded with Luciferian doublespeak, that it isn't even funny. Look, maybe some of those sicko GOATS got all burnt up, but that is basically what the whole fucking scene has always been about. Go drop some pills, turn up your speakers, talk it out with some close friends in the name of LOVE, then slap the shit out of your damn self and realize just who the fuck you claim to be hanging around with.

      Fucking 100% Silk and Left Hand Path, wtf do you think that means?? They probably had accelerent laid out and waiting.

      Its a fucking show!!! That's what those people do!!! Johnny and Chelsea are off to plastic island with the rest of the dipshits.

      Now quit cutting yourself and get the fuck on.

    3. I certainly have noticed the appearance of numbers in every day life, but I tend to think that it's more of a manifestation of our thoughts into reality. But if I have this correctly, the Bible passage found in Dollywood was book of Joel 1:19 (A passage about fire, found in the fire). Dolly Parton's birthday is 1/19, and her song "Jolene" was released on a date with 119 numerology. She sang the song on The Voice the same night as the fire in Oakland. She also was in an episode of American Pickers recently, and did an interview in the front of a fire truck. The DJ in Oakland, his first name is Joel.

      Billy Joel = 39, We Didn't Start The Fire = 93, the song is 309 seconds long. The warehouse in Oakland was called Ghost Ship, Ghost Ship the film -- depicting the instant death of a dance floor full of people -- was released on a date with 39 numerology, the anniversary of which was 39 days before the fire in Oakland. I'm just summarizing here.

      Are you implying that is the work of nature?

    4. Hey Lord of delusion. Do you hear yourself you fuckin disrespectful piece of shit. Kids fucking died. What a wondeful human being you must be...... you are a joke.

      Funny how you guys are all about the truth, but can't fucking handle it.... ironic right? Im trying to let you guys know that people died for real... THATS IT. I never gave a reason or a motive..... you guys are fucking ridiculous. Wait, so now it doesn't matter if people died? Ummm what?..... then why the fuck are you arguing with me for huh?? I get it.... you're here for truth. But only truth that you want to believe. Got it...

      Fuckin idiot.

    5. Sean i have considered that it might be manifested. But in short yes... i believe a lot of it is the universe.

      I theorize that we all have certain numbers connected to us that control/runs our lives..... and certain things happen at certain times that connect with our numbers.

      In short......

    6. Gimmie tbe names of the dead before they are announced or just stop. You dropped the obvious Johnny hours after the media, so I am not buying a letter of your garbage. I am sorry you weren't invited.

    7. I have not seen johnny igaz on any official release you dumb shit.

    8. Tell us the names then, liar.

      You bots always go straight for the same tactic. You should see by now that your mealy-mouthed, boo hoo bullshit won't work.
      The entire story is bullshit and fake just like u r.

      Concern troll fail.

    9. And Johnny was the first picture shown on Daily Mail. Go suck your binky, troll

    10. Post a link you cunt.

      Funny this is the most recent article from them from this morning and "johnny igaz" is not on there...

      Wow what happened Prunella? Where is his picture? Where is his name???

    11. I posted it above.

      Say hi to your buddies.

    12. I confirmed he was DEAD. Which the media has not done....

  8. All I can add is "wormwood the destroyer" = 108... A ball of fire.. great balls of fire, fire in the sky.

    1. Destroyer has interesting English gematria. 774/129. Just like "light bringer."

  9. The symbolism is blatant. Go the smorgasbord of occult images. OAKland. Ships are made of wood. Vikings. Odin. Loki. Viking burial. "Welcome to satya yuga." Satya yuga means TRUTH AGE. Shiva the destroyer/creator. Oppenheimer's Shiva destroyer of world quote at trinity "explosion" (first NUKE test). Something has to be destroyed in order for something to be created. Valhalla entertainment produces the walking dead. There's TONS of viking/german symbolism going on right now, as well as ww2/cold war references. If you have TV, pay attention to the programming, commercials, and new movie trailers. It's right in front of you. The "old world" is being destroyed, the "NEW WORLD" is being created. Dig into the work of rudolf Steiner. Check out check out "rosicrucian Cosmo conception" by max Heindel. We are the "walking dead."

    I'm very familiar with America's DIY music scene. Been to plenty of places like ghost ship. I've been expecting something like this for a while. It's part of the underground coming to light narrative. Revelations.

  10. "Yggdrasil (/ˈɪɡdrəsɪl/ or /ˈɪɡdrəzɪl/; from Old Norse Yggdrasill, pronounced [ˈyɡːˌdrasilː]) is an immense mythical tree that connects the nine worlds in Norse cosmology.

    Yggdrasil is attested in the Poetic Edda, compiled in the 13th century from earlier traditional sources, and the Prose Edda, written in the 13th century by Snorri Sturluson. In both sources, Yggdrasil is an immense ash tree that is central and considered very holy. The gods go to Yggdrasil daily to assemble at their things. The branches of Yggdrasil extend far into the heavens, and the tree is supported by three roots that extend far away into other locations; one to the well Urðarbrunnr in the heavens, one to the spring Hvergelmir, and another to the well Mímisbrunnr. Creatures live within Yggdrasil, including the wyrm (dragon) Níðhöggr, an unnamed eagle, and the stags Dáinn, Dvalinn, Duneyrr and Duraþrór.

    Conflicting scholarly theories have been proposed about the etymology of the name Yggdrasill, the possibility that the tree is of another species than ash, the relation to tree lore and to Eurasian shamanic lore, the possible relation to the trees Mímameiðr and Læraðr, Hoddmímis holt, the sacred tree at Uppsala, and the fate of Yggdrasil during the events of Ragnarök."


  12. "The mummy" trailer: " a NEW WORLD...of God's and monsters..."

  13. Check out Tony podesta's arch of hysteria. It's the exact same as the performance artist dude with his junk out on the ghost ship webpage! Haha. Now look up "apocalypto sacrifice altar" Same position!

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. DJ
    Gematria Jewish 604
    Gematria Reduction 52
    Gematria Summerian 798
    Gematria Ordinal 133
    Gematria English 646

    Disc Jockey
    Gematria Jewish 1174
    Gematria Reduction 41
    Gematria Summerian 624
    Gematria Ordinal 104
    Gematria English 914

    Spin Doctor
    Gematria Jewish 486
    Gematria Reduction 52
    Gematria Summerian 798
    Gematria Ordinal 133
    Gematria English 646

    DJ Trump
    Gematria Jewish 1074
    Gematria Reduction 30
    Gematria Summerian 612
    Gematria Ordinal 102
    Gematria English 714