Sunday, December 4, 2016

96 106 119 223 227 | Dolly Parton's song 'Jolene', in light of the Dollywood "Bible page find" +Pure & Simple, released August 19, 2016

Jolene = 25/61/366/720

Notice the date this song was recorded, May 22, 1973, a date having '119' numerology, the 142nd day of the year, and a date leaving 223-days left in the year.

5/22/1973 = 5+22+19+73 = 119 (All Seeing Eye) (Star of David) (Master Plan)

Recall how the Book of Joel, 1:19, was found at 'Dollywood', November 29, 2016.

More about Dollywood Bible page find:

Dolly Parton = 53; Religion = 53

And again, May 22 is the 142nd day of the year, connecting to 'Joel'.

Think of all the '42' we talked about in the posts linked above.

Freemason = 42; The Voice = 42; New Testament = 42

And as for May 22 leaving 223-days left in the year, that is another trademark of the gang.

The release date of the first two singles from the album Jolene are not by coincidence.

Notice Jolene came out November 3, 1973.

11/3/1973 = 11+3+19+73 = 106

Again, the page of the Bible found at Dollywood, was the 'Book of Joel'.

That date can also be written 11/3, a lot like '113'.

Mainstream = 113; Dishonest = 113; Scottish = 113; Apocalypse = 113

As for April 6, that is the 96th day of the year.

Freemason = 42/96; The divisors of 42 sum to 96

Speaking of 96, her latest album was released August 19, 2016, 96-days before the fire began, November 23, 2016.

Notice August 19 leaves 134-days left in the year.

The name of the album also connects to her name.

The word 'religion' has gematria of '53' as well.  Religion = 53

Last, let us see what is so interesting about the release of the album, February 27, 1974.

'74 must have been a big year for the Freemasons and Zionists.

Masonic = 74; Jewish = 74; Occult = 74

The date February 27 can be written 2/27, something like '227'.  That is our number connecting to Pi, and cycles and circles.  '227' also has a connection to 'Revelation', the book of prophecy and destruction.

22 / 7 = 3.14 (Twenty Two Divided by Seven = 314)

Revelation = 49; Revelation is the book of prophecy and destruction, and is seemingly the theme of the contrived fire in Tennessee, which Dolly Parton's celebrity was used in, with the fake story regarding the lone surviving Bible page, from the Book of Joel, as linked above.


  1. The main DJ from the Oakland fire, Golden Donna, who the event was named after, his real name is Joel Shanahan. What are the odds?

    1. Holy Moses, amazing! ... Billy Joel that liar, he did start the fire. :) When Allusion see's this :) ha ...

    2. WTF!! These bastards are honestly driving me batty. Another Joel!!! I swear, the Joels are in trouble. Did that DJ make it out alive??

      Killing Joels=880=The Voice, Oblivion

      Someone is going down around Dolly's birthday.

    3. Joel means Jevoah is God.

      This is all a play to get the End of the Worlders going. Most media denies God being a player in our lives and instead leaves things to Coincidence, while Coincidences almost always confirm Miracles in the hearts of Believers.

      Rapture Prayer=1152J(God Saves Israel, September Eleven), 182(Playing With Fire)

    4. Golden Donna=105=Nine Eleven

      Joel Shanahan is 33 years old.

    5. Joel Joel Joel=126(Zion Favorite #)

      Three Joels=117, 963J

      Three Joels Two Fires=232, 2203

      Rave Cave=77

    6. Ohh and with 'Kill' = 44 and his name being 'Golden Donna'. The Golden Ratio being 1.618 ... the golden angle is around 137.5. On a clock face, the golden angle occurs 44 times per day. First one being 25 past midnight...clock hands at 137.5 degree's. Another time & 44 thing I guess :)

    7. Billy Joel Joel Cohen Joel Shanahan=289


    8. Golden Moments=156=Six Six Six, Thirty Three

    9. ha :) And the golden angle at just over 137 degree's, 137 = 33rd prime.

    10. 'Joel Joel Joel' = 45 ;) ha. Sorry couldn't resist ... Head's gone a bit mad on this one.

      And like you said with 289, 'Billy Joel Joel Coen Joel Shanahan' = 118 reduction. 'Death'. ... but which one?

      If wanna go crazy on angles & numbers, this post from while back has some mad gear goin on... Some good stuff on 144 & 216.

    11. Hadn't noticed before ... That the number of prime numbers from 2 to 666, is 121. 'Revelation' = 121, where the 666 is mentioned ... all one big riddle

    12. William Coen Shanahan=1276=Yhvh is God

      Joel means the same thing, Jehovah is God.

    13. 12+76=88(Trump)
      88, to me, is also about Time. Double Infinities. All the clues we are picking up are about Revelations/End of Days/End of Time.

    14. And of course the blatant 88 in Back to the Future. There's so much spinning in me head, and everything I look, just adds more :) . Sorry to quite a time travel movie (Terminator), but "I need a vacation" :) :P . ha

    15. Feck just thought too ... 'Angelina Jolie' could be a player too :) . 'Jolie' a halfway between Joel & Jolene. 'Jolie' = 24, number of dead in the fire. & 51 in simple.

    16. Lol. The OG Terminator is a Terminator 800. When the TV show came out it was upgraded to a Terminator 888.

      T Triple Eight=149=Skull and Bones, Sixty Six, End of the World

    17. Maybe it's been mentioned -- but GOLDEN DONNA sounds like GOLDEN DAWN. I think they're screwing with the Truther crowd.

  2. 5 ... 2 ... & ... 20 ... must be deeply connected to "ART" + FIRE = DEATH.

    Today (12/4) they're emphasizing that in the Oakland fire, it took 20 hours to search 5% of the site ... & now they're only 20% of the way through ...
    5 , 20 , 20 = 5 , 2 , 2 ... Shows Dolly's B-Day of ... 5 / 22.

    The Oakland warehouse was a "Working Space For ARTISTS" ...
    Have a feeling this "ARTISTIC" label is relevant ...

  3. Heh heh -- Dolly's movie "9 To 5" is showing right now ... (Sunday 12/4) ... on channel 239 ... from 11:00 to 1:00 Central Time. Just coincidence ... right? Lol

    When I see that title, I always think -- 9 ... "2" ... 5.

    1. There's a theme running through "9 to 5" about smoking pot "for relief". They call it -- "Maui Wowie".

      Does that tie in with the recent headlines about the football coach smoking weed for back pain?

  4. There SHOULD be hundreds of displaced, injured & dead BLACK BEARS from "DOLLY'S FIRE" ... (the area was USUALLY full of them ...).

    BUT -- check out the FB page for Appalachian Bear Rescue (ABR). They're focused on their HOLIDAY FUNDRAISER ... with very little mention of the fire.

    And their "premier item" is -- get this --

    The "Merry MILO Basket".

    Eerily reminiscent of MILEY Cyrus isn't it? MILEY -- who is DOLLY'S GODDAUGHTER.
    (And frankly -- look at Dolly & Miley -- how MUCH they favor each other ... even though they supposedly aren't related? Or ARE they? I don't know.)

    Anyway -- Something is really "SMOKEY" about the lack of info about the Black Bear Population that should be affected. I'm telling you, at least 15 years ago they were EVERYWHERE up in there.

    ** There WAS mention on the ABR's FB page about a large number of ORPHANED CUBS from THIS FALL -- I think this "bears" looking into. Could Dolly's fires also be covering up something that (earlier) killed off large amounts of wildlife??

    1. Great observations. MILO = 49; Revelation = 49

  5. BLACK BEARS = (J) -- 214 ... (E) -- 444 ... (P) -- *** 74 ***

    DOLLY'S FIRES = (J) -- ** 774 ** ... (E) -- 864 ... (P) *** 144 ***

    1. Displaced Black Bears=147, *88*2, 410

      Where are the Black Bears=190, 1140, 1411

      Black Bear Genocide=117, 247

  6. From the release of her last album to the start of the fire, on November 23rd, is 96 days.

    1. A perfect 5 months before her birthday. 153 days.

      153=Fear God, Hellfire, Happy Birthday