Sunday, October 23, 2016

NFL Week 7 Discussion Thread, October 20-24, 2016

Week Seven = 37/46/55/73

10/23/2016 = 10+23+20+16 = 69
10/23/2016 = 10+23+(2+0+1+6) = 42
10/23/2016 = 1+0+2+3+2+0+1+6 = 15
10/23/16 = 10+23+16 = 49
10/23 = 10+23 = 33

October 23 leaves 105-days left in the year.

This will be the 41st regular season matchup between the Giants and Rams.  Notice the Rams lead the regular season 25-15.  If the Giants win tomorrow, it will be 25-16.

Giants = 25 (It is 2016)
Super Bowl = 41 (41, the 13th prime) (Eli in his 13th season)

Keep in mind the Jaguars and Colts game in the U.K., came back to '13'.

If you count the playoffs, this will be the 43rd game between both teams, and both teams are trying to improve to 4-3.

Also, notice this game is in London.  London = 74; NYC on the 74th Meridian

Twickenham = 44/53/107 (Eli Manning = 53)

Giants are safe pick.

Saints and Chiefs are 5-5 against each other all-time.

Colts lead the Titans 29-13 in the regular season, and including the playoffs, they lead 29-14.

This will be their 43rd game in the regular season and 44th game all-time.

The first time the two teams played, the game ended with a sum of '44' points.  That is when the Titans were the Houston Oilers, and the Colts were in Baltimore.  Let us not forget, Andrew Luck's father, Oliver Luck, was the QB for the Oilers.

This year Houston hosts the Super Bowl on a date with '44' numerology.
2/5/2017 = 2+5+20+17 = 44

The Vikings currently lead this series 13-9 in the regular season.  Counting the playoffs, the lead is just 13-12.  With regards to this being the 23rd game in the regular season between the two teams, the Eagles are 83 years old, and 83 is the 23rd prime number.

This will be the 86th game all-time between the Bengals and Browns, who have never met in the playoffs, despite being in the same conference.  Notice the Bengals lead 46-39, meaning their next win will be '47'.

Ohio = 47 (Season of Super Bowl 51, the 47th Super Bowl of the modern era)

The -10 spread might be a tribute to the Browns 39 wins, which they are not to get another in the next game.  Ten = 39

*National Football League = 85

*The number 7 is the 4th prime.  This is Week 7.  7 & 4.... 47....

The Redskins and Lions have played each other 40 times, in the regular season, and 43 times including the playoffs.  This will be their 41st regular season game, and 44th game all-time.

The Redskins lead the regular season 27-13, and all-time, 30-13.

The Jaguars and Raiders have played each other 7 times, and the Jaguars lead 4-3.

This will be the 101st game all-time between the Bills and Dolphins.

The Dolphins lead the series 57-42-1, and counting the playoffs, 58-45-1.

It is interesting that this is their 105th game all-time, because the date of the game, October 23, leaves 105-days left in the year.

This will be the 18th game all-time between the Ravens and the Jets.

The Ravens currently lead the series 9-8.

Ravens = 25/34

Could the Jets even the series, bringing it to 9-9, while making their record 2-5, and the Ravens 3-4?  It really is a must win for the Jets.

This will be the 22nd regular season game between both teams.  Currently, the 49ers lead 17-4, and if you count the playoffs, they lead 17-5.

For the 49ers and Chip Kelly, this is a must win.

This will be the 10th game all-time between the two franchises, the Falcons currently lead 8-1.

San Diego Chargers = 81

This will be the 25th regular season game, and 29th game all-time between the Steelers and Patriots.

Football = 29

Notice, the Steelers lead the regular season 14-10, and all-time, they lead 15-13.

This will be the 35th game all-time between both teams, and the series is currently a perfect tie, 17-17.

Cardinal = 35

This will be the sixth game all-time between the two teams, and the Broncos currently lead 3-2.