Wednesday, October 26, 2016

117 216 | Why was the Undertaker at the opening game for the Cleveland Cavaliers, October 25, 2016?

The Undertaker was at the Cavs 117-88 over the New York Knicks.

With regards to the name "Undertaker", that reminds of death, and A LOT of people died in the time of the NBA Finals, around the time of the "Undertaker t-shirt'.  Muhammad Ali, Gordie Howe, Kimbo Slice, Nate Thurmond and many others.

With the focus on '17', notice the final quarter was 59 points.  17 and 59 are numbers related to killing, and killing is related to undertaking.

Hey Knicks fans, take it back to Madison Square Garden.  And I know a dude from New York, who had a convention in Cleveland.

Checkout this tweet about LeBron James's 'Undertaker' t-shirt, just after the Orlando, Florida shooting hoax / false flag.


From that t-shirt to the game was 135-days, an interesting number, connecting to Philadelphia.  It was the Philadelphia Warriors who won the first NBA (BBA) Championship in 1947, at the end of the '46-'47 season.  They defeated the Chicago Stags.

This year, the Cavs are in their 47th NBA Season.

Read about Warriors, Cavs, Ohio and the 2016-17 NBA Finals.

As for Philadelphia, it comes back to the Bible.

10+27+16+82 = 135

10/27/82 = 10+27+82 = 119

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From Undertaker's 51st birthday to this opening night game was a span of 216-days.

Cleveland is home of the (216) area code.
Last year, Game Six finished with a combined 216 points, the last game in Cleveland

To his upcoming birthday is 151-days, a number connected to the Villanova Championship (77-74) and the Cleveland Championship.  The connection is 'Catholics' and 'Jesuits'.