Tuesday, June 21, 2016

66 84 166 168 666 804 | The death of Ultimate Warrior & LeBron's June 19, 2016 NBA Title


Ultimate warrior died April 8, or 8/4.

The Ultimate Warrior died in a span of 804-days before LeBron won the title, and precisely 804-days before LeBron wore the t-shirt.  Keep in mind LeBron was born in '84, a special year.  We also recently saw the disappearance of Flight 804, 804-days after MH-370.

203 >>>> 23 >>>> LeBron's #

His birth name ties to 'Cleveland' and 'Cleveland Cavaliers'.

Let us not forget that June 16, 2016 is the 168th day of the year.

Further, notice the Ultimate Warrior was born June 16, the date Cleveland won Game 6 of the NBA Finals in Cleveland, with a score summing to 216, like the Cleveland area code, (216).

The Ultimate Warrior did die on a ripe date for a 'sacrifice' to King James.  Recall, it it Psalm 46 in the 1611 KJV that has the '666' tribute.  The NBA Finals = 666 (English)

8/4/2014 = 8+4+20+14 = 46

The WrestleMania that followed the Ultimate Warrior's Death was WrestleMania 31, in the Bay Area.

Think about how LeBron, at age 31, became the first player to come back from 3-1 in the NBA Finals.

Basketball = 31

Psalm 46 leaves 666 chapters remaining in the 1611 KJV.

Remember, '666' was made famous in the '66th book' of the Bible, and 'LeBron' was the first player to go to six straight NBA Finals since Bill Russell in '66.

LeBron won the NBA Finals on the real King James birthday.

And soon to be King.


And to think about '84, that is the year David Stern and Michael Jordan came into the NBA.

Notice the post time... remember what I said about Invicta, the Broncos and Cavs, and July 11?

The gematria of 'World Wrestling Federation' connects to the establishment of the Bavarian Illuminati.

The Bavarian Illuminati was started with 13 families.  This was LeBron's 13th season.

5/1/1776 = 5+1+17+76 = 99

Notice Undertaker's birthday.

3/24/1965 = 3+24+19+65 = 111


  1. "WWF" = 52 = "Prophecy"
    "World Wrestling Federation" = 1776(English)

    1. The Year the Bavarian Illuminati was established.

    2. Wrestle Mania XXX:
      "XXX" = 18 & 432
      6 + 6 + 6 = 18

      432 plus its "Reflection" = 432 + 234 = 666
      "Reflection" = 91
      "Ninety One" = 49 & 121 = "Revelation"

      I also noticed from "Thruero" [Below], that 123454321:
      "One Two Three Four Five Four Three Two One" = 188
      "Bavarian Illuminati" = 188

  2. "Undertaker" = 117

    "Mark William Calaway" = 71
    "Seventy One" = 144

    Also known as "Mean Mark Callous"
    "Mean Mark Callous" = 52

    His first loss in Wrestle Mania XXX to Brock Lesnar
    "Wrestle Mania" = 50, 84, 131
    "Wrestle Mania XXX" = 68 [The reflection of 86]
    "Brock Lesnar" = 46 & 118
    "Death" = 118

    Birth Numerology:
    03/24/1965 = 111

    1. 71 is linked to 44
      Seventy One = 144

      Ultimate Warrior
      Forty four = 144

    2. @Jake, what are your thought on the Lesnar vs Hunt fight?

    3. Without knowing anything about it, I'm going with the opposite of: "Hunt" = 63 = "UFC Two Hundred"

      "Mark Hunt" = 34 & 106 = "Prophecy"
      I've noticed that it typically goes the opposite of the one that has the "Prophecy" reference. Mark Hunt also has a reference to "Murder." or maybe it (3)4's = 444 = "Masonic"

      "Brock Lesnar" = 46 & 118

      The date of the fight 07/07/2016 = 52 = "Prophecy"

      Note that "Ultimate Fighting Championship" = 312 or the "Reflection" of 213. "One Two Three" = 58, 148, & 888.

    4. im going to look into this further as well. Lesnar is a decent underdog so maybe we can find something in the news about him.

  3. I been telling people for a year that the WWE was a huge part of this, just based on the fact that from the late 1800s to the 20s-30s people 100% thought that shit was real and bet on it. Wrestling has been round much longer in the states then any of these bogus masonic games. I know Z has done the dimensions on the baseball field, basket ball times, all the architecture of these "fields of play", but maybe a big post on all them would be nice to see. Wrasslin' happens in the squared circle, one of the ultimate mathematical problems of all time is how to make a square and circle occupy the same area. Da Vinci answered the question as Man can occupy both. Wrestling becomes the ultimate battle of good and evil within man; the squared circle.

    1. "Square Circle" = 59 & 131
      "Squaring the Circle" = 90
      "Circle Squaring" = 156 [911 is the 156th Prime]

      "Ninety" = 33
      "Compass and Straight Edge" = 93

      There is a series of (6) 9's in Pi starting at the 762nd decimal place.

      "Euclidean" = 38 & 74
      "Euclidean Geometry" = 83 & 182
      "Archimedes" = 49 = "Revelation"

      The WWE Wrestling Ring is 20' x 20'
      "Twenty by Twenty equals Four Hundred" = 144

    2. That's in the book, and good call on wrestling. I just know jack shit about it, so it is a harder subject for me.

    3. Vitruvian Man--1910(J)

      The Vitruvian Man--2023(J)

      Leonardo Da Vinci Virtuvian Man, 310, 1086, 2926(J)

      And thanks, I was a bit obsessed with wrasslin' growing up and when it got huge again in the 90s. I dug the Warrior, saw him when I was 10.

    4. Brilliant!
      Genesis 32:22-32
      Jacob wrestles with the Angel who puts his Hip out of joint, then blesses and renames him Israel.

      Wasn't it Prince who had the bum hip?
      There is a lot of religious art of this scene. Rembrandt I know has a famous painting of it.
      Wrestling is pretty gay too, think of two men rolling around grabbing each other.

    5. Hey Dude...I was a competitive wrestler when I was young. There is nothing "Gay" about it. Most the time your literally fighting for your life. There are sick people out there that seriously want to physically maim you as soon as they step inside the circle.

      The Wrestling Mat:
      12mx12m = 144m2
      Wrestling Circle = 7m
      Center Circle = 1m [Which makes the Circumference = Pi]

      "Pi" = 16 = "Area"
      "Sixteen" = 33 & 96 = "Freemason"

      The Wrestling Circle is typically Yellow:
      "Yellow" = 29 & 92 [Reflections]
      "Yellow Circle" = 142 = "Forty Two"
      "Yellow Area" = 117 = "Yellow Pi"

      "Yellow Pie" = 50 = "Circle" = "America"

      Maybe thats why they keep referencing Pi, because
      "Circumference" = 123 & 69 [If Six was Nine]
      "Conspiracy" = 123
      "One Two Three" = 148 = "Donald J Trump"

    6. In pro wrestling it's called the squared circle. They are claiming success.

      Squared Circle -- 135/63/570
      The Squared Circle -- 168/78/683

    7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyNUls533fA Anyone ever seen this video on Youtube? Twin Towers vs the Mega Powers. They say terrorist attack and the Twin Towers are gonna come crumbling down.

    8. There is more to it then that, Dan. If you watch that whole little bit, they talk about how Jessie Venture will never believe them(big time 911 doubter) and how Miss Elizabeth will get lost in the mayhem(she was reported as a huge addict in the early 00s, then oded 5-1-03)

      Demolition also fought the Twin Towers earlier, laying the foundation. And what force brought the Tri-fecta(Hogan, Macho, and Liz) together? Love, of course.

    9. The whole thing is predictive. The Slickster(Black Pimp manager)is the goverment, bringing together White Justice(Big Boss Man) and the downtrodden blacks(Hakeem the African Dream) Hakeem of course is a big fat white guy in order to embody that African dream. Before he became Hakeem he was a street thug named One Man Gang.


      Watch the actually show, it is all there. Plus more. Macho says something about circling 47 times.

    10. Mean Gene: Is this the matchup you wanted all along, or our you going to continue your terrorist attacks against Miss Elizabeth(Shes us), and the Megapowers?

    11. Slick and Hogan are the only performers still alive. Interesting enough, Slick is from Louisville and is 58.

    12. https://youtu.be/Te45yU9mApA

      Part Two. Man, 89 was funny. You guys should check it, Part 2 has the MegaPowers speech.

  4. As for the Trophy?
    "O'Brien" = 36 & 63 [Reflections]
    "Larry O'Brien" = 137 [137 is the 33rd Prime]
    "Larry O'Brien Trophy" = 239 [Pope visit on September 23rd]

    "Two Three Nine" = 66 & 156 [911 is the 156th Prime]
    "Lebron" = 66

    1. Look at the Wrestle Mania Sponsor"
      "Mountain Dew" = 49 & 139
      "Freemasonry" = 139 = "Sixty Nine"
      "Mountain Dew Kickstart" = 156(E)[911 is 156th Prime]

      "Kickstart" = 112 [Alternate 911 Dialing Code]

  5. The Theme Songs for Wrestle Mania:

    "Money and the Power" = 84 [Ties in with Ultimate Warrior]

    Sung by Kid Ink:
    "Kid Ink" = 58 = "Freemasonry"

    "Rise" = 24 & 51
    "David Guetta" = 42 = "Freemason"
    Skylar Grey" = 51

    Notice that the song is the reflection of the artist [24 & 42]. "Artist" = 24

  6. The Cavs also stopped in Las Vegas on their plane ride home from Oakland, probably to collect the money they bet on themselves. Fitting how the trump assaination attenpt was in Vegas and then he'll be in Cleveland in the same arena where the Cavs play even.

  7. Interesting that the Undertaker is from Houston, TX. Wrestle Mania, NCAA championship in BB, upcoming SuperBowl. Also the USA soccer team is playing at the Texans stadium tonight.

    Beyonce performed in the SuperBowl last year who is also from Houston.

  8. Royals and mets playing right now - royals have dropped 9 out of 11 - royal fam numerology date - 911 happened on a tues ... If anyone wants to look into this one

  9. Hey Zach,check out ultimate warriors' wrestling career I saw some things that connect with lebron, but what jumped out the most was ultimate warriors last wresting match was again Orlando Jordan... hints the jordan & orlando shooting connections

  10. What I don't understand is how are they coding these events so deeply, it's mind blowing

    1. It truly is. It's basically a God coverup, putting a layer of reality on top or what is there. Seems to powerful fora person, much less a collective MAN.


    2. Kayfabe - is a carney term thought to have originated from the Pig Latin for "to be fake" possibly originally by pronouncing it backward (kay-feeb)
      Professional Wrestling adopted the term as ref to the standard Fourth Wall features of seperating the audience from the action. It's meant to convey the idea that, yes, pro wrestling is a genuine sport and, yes, this is how these people act in real life.

      Kayfabe 425 306 51

      Are we about to break the fourth wall in a big way? Maybe that's what they have up their sleeves. Its what I would like to happen anyway

    3. That definition was from TV Tropes. Btw

    4. Other way around, everyone is about to be pulled into the show. More like the Arnold movie, Last Action Hero. You get your golden ticket and be step into the film. Too bad most people are extras, and most extras are having buildings fall on them in movies nowadays.

  11. What I don't understand is how are they coding these events so deeply, it's mind blowing

    1. it is just because they are so many lodges in every city doing their work at their level , the world is a onion and everybodys do his job without knowing what his neighbour do and know , thats what it is so watertight , its like the binary system , the whole world is coding since centurys like a informatic program , made by numbers and in a pyramidal way , which means only the top knows , then the lower degrees and etc ? Why the binary system is made by 1 and 0 like the world ? It is because it is pyramidal science , like gods number

      11*11 = 121
      111*111 = 12321
      1111*1111 = 1234321
      11111*11111 = 123454321
      111111*11111 = 123454321

      and etc like
      4 4
      3 3
      2 2
      1 1

      And the physical world is built like that , so the if the 5 aka the Great Architecht or The Main Lodge or whatever is upside everything coded it like a informatic program , everything will be perfectly aligned and executed naturally if there's cooperative and trusted people ( and extremely well paid) people under

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. ------5------

    4. yeah , matrix tell us it , but no one listen , thats why cypher ( yeah , a cypher lol) said "i dont even see numbers , i see blondie , brunette , red hair ) and etc , like us when we see 106 , 911 and etc , we live in a physical world but the matrix run the show and no one can stop it because no one have the key to climb up to the top of the pyramid , so we just see the numbers and dont have the choice to see them and endure them , in my numerological exemple , zach , you , me , everyobdy watches the one , maybe the 2 , but we cant fight the 3 , dont even think about the 4 and 5 , we dont even have access to those numbers , those are CIA , NSA , NASA numbers , thats sad but when you dig into the coding ( like a computer program) theres a moment where if you dont have the key , i mean THE key , you just simply cant have acces to the upper level , so you cant just stop the show , spreading the truth is like zach said , the only way people can maybe be tired of being slave , because like matrix said , it is all about control , and the goal is the deus ex machina , the transgender agenda , dig into those to subject , thats the main goal of humanity , no god no satan , thats my point of view

    5. That looks like a cell tower or antenna. I've been driving around taking pictures of them and telephone poles. All these wires up in the air right above our heads and we don't really notice them.
      Satan is called the Prince of Air


    6. They are seeking immortality , they want to be "the man above the gods" maybe theres god , maybe theres satan , but my point is all of is about control masses and create the new-man from the machine , https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deus_ex_machina
      Thats a philosophy really deep , they want to change the adn system of the world , transgender first , because when a male/female is not a male / female but a mix of both , theres no such thing as humanity , values , principles, ADN changes , and in 1 ,2 3 centurys , 1000 years , when humanity will be mixed to the point where everybodys is a degenerate male/female , the very next point will be the wedding with the machine , the last point of control , the last blasphemy againt the Human Being , like Matrix , i could talk about that for days but i have a bad english , but everyone can do his work if it interested by those theories , and it is not a philosophical blog , anyway , good word zach and everyone

    7. https://www.google.fr/search?espv=2&biw=1455&bih=726&q=ex+machina&spell=1&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiUrqWdu7rNAhXLExoKHQZ4CH8QvwUIGygA

      Thats what they are seeking

    8. And dont forget , the Wachosky brothers , who created Matrix , both ( yeah both) turned transgender after created the 3 matrix movies, they are now the Wachowsky sisters , yeah its completely insane i know

    9. Well, what's even funnier, is that when I hear the Flying Wachosky Brother interviewed, they sound too dumb to have created the Matrix movies. Now, that's just my personal opinion.

    10. oh for sure ,i completely agree, every lyrics from mainstream artists , movies , and a lot of things are created in lodges , people are chosen for their numerology birthday and the power of their names ( or their "pre" chosen names ) + bloodlines , from michael jackson to beyoncé , no ones writes their lyrics , and every song , every movies is related to an event , they mainly use those two things


      so for example , when you heard , i dont know , U2 saying , "the night will be beautiful of love !!"

      the lodges can heard

      The knight will be beauty , full of love"

      Thats really complex but a friends of mine knows a freaking lot about thats stuff and songs are mind blowing when you know it

    11. Plus gematria of course , there so much level in the onion , we dont have the keys of 1/4 of it , the complexity of communication is so deep

    12. Thruero, you are blowing my mind.

  12. Crazy, man. It's unbelievable. What the hell are we living in? We haven't the slightest idea...

  13. Its interesting because I have a running theory about the color of the ties of the MSM Anchors. The anchors take positions that represent the color of the tie they are wearing.

    "Yellow Tie" = 45 & 126
    "One Two Six" = 45 & 144

    "Blue Tie" = 74
    "Green Tie" = 47
    "Red Tie" = 34
    "Purple Tie" = 50 &122
    "White Tie" = 45 & 99

  14. Omar Mateen found in the IMDb database!

    1. Yes, and Mateen's movie appearances have now been scrubbed.

  15. Any connection to UFC 200 with Lesner coming in?

  16. All I can say is "Holy Smokes". And Wow, Great Job.

  17. Charles wont be king, it will go to William. The Queen has already noted William To surpass Charles. But They will sacrifice William and Kate in a Accident of some kind.
    To make way for King Harry.
    King Harry = 666

  18. Dean Ambrose, who is also a Cleveland Native, won the World Heavyweight Championship after winning the Money in the Bank Challenge off of Seth Rollins who defeated Roman Reigns in the main event matchup.

    Dean Ambrose (43, 97)
    Seth Rollins (52, 151)
    Roman Reigns (61, 133)
    The Shield (45, 90)
    World Heavyweight Championship (156, 336)
    WWE World Heavyweight Championship (171, 387)
    Money in the Bank (66, 156)

  19. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dean_Ambrose