Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Jeff Young Music Without Boundaries now


The show begins at 711 PST / 1011 EST, meaning it started ten minutes ago.  Thanks for listening!


  1. You're coming up next. It's 10:40 here est

  2. Omar Mateen found in the IMDb database!
    Grab that screenshot because they've already scrubbed it!
    Great interview, I loved the guy calling Colon at the hospital. Jeff really gets it!

  3. Great! Just found this post & about to listen -- it's already up (the Opening Alien is priceless -- lol!). I always love hearing you do these interviews -- that kind of format seems to naturally jive with your personality. Somehow you make the transitions seamlessly whenever the topics jump around -- which is fun to hear, because it's like listening to some friends sitting around chatting. (Except YA'LL are Intelligent & everything you guys say is actually Interesting! lol)

    You're both good at making sure "the circle closes" on each topic -- even when "things get tangential", one of you will ALWAYS return to a topic if there's been something left unsaid or unfinished. That's REALLY appreciated! Nobody is left saying, "Dang it -- what the hell was he about to say when they paused for a break ... Now I'll never know -- arrggh! (I can't stand when that happens on podcasts, etc. -- it's like reading a book with missing pages! lol)

    Thanks for introducing us to Jeff's show too -- it's a fantastic show! Ya'll sync up really well & the vibe is so mellow I can FEEL the relaxation set in ... sort of like stumbling upon that occasional smoke that makes gravity suddenly seem less harsh ... it's a rare feeling ... the kind you just enjoy while it's there.

    Unfortunately, here in Kentucky they don't cotton to folks "doin drugs" (yep -- that's how they see it). We're supposed to forget that UNTIL THE '40's our state was the top producer of hemp IN THE WORLD ... history schmistory ... who cares, right? Sigh ... but ... WHERE DID IT ALL GO? How does every last vestige of a plant that once sprang up voluntarily -- EVERYWHERE ... just ... COMPLETELY DISAPPEAR ... in a span of less than 2 generations? Ugh ... Whatever it was that PERMANENTLY wiped em out, you can be SURE it wasn't too good for humans either.

    Y'know what? Screw this depressing bullshit -- I'm gonna go relax & chill out with your interview! ;D :D

    1. Kentucky will be producing hemp again, mark my words.

    2. I sure hope you're right! Maybe they're finally getting their ducks in a row ... I know awhile back the universities were squabbling over who'd get to have dibs on the 1st experimental crop. Since tobacco has virtually disappeared as an option for the (few) small farmers left ... it'd be great to have a resurgence of small acreage farmers via hemp. I realize that's probably hoping for too much -- but ... The Long Range Plan always contains a few surprises, so nothing's impossible. Hemp NEEDS to make a comeback -- whether farms are large or small ... it's so incredibly useful. Hopefully the knowledge of past hemp producers is stored away somewhere -- "modern farming" academics could wind up mighty confused if they're flying blind on this! Lol ;D. :D