Sunday, October 30, 2016

33 34 41 54 56 179 | Dustin Hopkins, Redskins kicker, missing winning FG, resulting in tie at Wembley, Redskins 27- Bengals 27

Tie Game = 33/60

So, we have a sum of 54-points, and the second week in a row with a tie game, that is no doubt a tribute to the Cleveland Indians.  On one hand, we have the Washington Redskins.  On the other, we have a team from Ohio, like the Cleveland Indians.

What a joke!

I love the 56 pass attempts too!

10/30/16 = 10+30+16 = 56

The kicker's name has a connection to Game 5 of the World Series, later today.

This game was also played in Wembley Stadium.
Wembley Stadium = 55/64; Chicago Cubs = 46/55

And regarding '33', notice Dustin was born in October, the World Series month.

October = 33; Dustin = 33