Friday, October 28, 2016

71 | "Big Three" for Warriors and Cavs, score 71-points, October 25, 2016, opening night of NBA's 71st season

Recall, the opening night for the 71st season of the NBA was on a date with '71' numerology, October 25, 2016.  That was the same night the first game of the World Series began, where the Cubs haven't been in a World Series for 71-years.

10/25/2016 = 10+25+20+16 = 71 (Start to 71st season of the NBA)

There were three games on this night, and two of those games involved the Warriors and Cavs, who are destined to meet in the NBA Finals yet again.  Both of those teams, their top three players, combined for '71-points', what are the odds?

Now now notice the Cavs "Big Three"; K. Love, L. James & K. Irving.

23+19+29 = 71

For the Warriors, their top three were; D. Green, K. Durant & S. Curry.

18+27+26 = 71

And again, notice how the Warriors lost by 29, and the Cavs won by 29.

Ohio = 29/47

Both Steph Curry and LeBron James were born in the same hospital in Akron, Ohio.  Of course, Ohio, is the 17th State, and this year the NBA Finals will be in 2017, emphasis on '17.  The Cleveland Cavaliers are also in their 47th season.  Ohio = 29/47