Monday, October 31, 2016

33 57 64 110 137 | MNF, Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears, October 31, 2016

10/31/2016 = 10+31+20+16 = 77 (Chicago divided in 77 neighborhood areas)
10/31/2016 = 10+31+(2+0+1+6) = 50
10/31/2016 = 1+0+3+1+2+0+1+6 = 14
10/31/16 = 10+31+16 = 57 (World Series = 57) (Cubs and Bears coach have same birthday)
10/31 = 10+31 = 41 (Halloween = 41) (41, the 13th prime) (Vikings = 91, 1+2+3+...13 = 91)

Fifty-Seven = 131; Super Bowl = 131; Championship = 131

Tonight's game will be the 110th game of the regular season between Minnesota and Chicago.  The name 'Minnesota' sums to '110'.  Minnesota = 110; President = 110; Rockefeller = 110

The Vikings lead the regular season 57-50-2.  If they win, they'll earn their 58th W, and if they lose, they'll earn their 51st loss.   On the flip side, The Bears are playing for their 51st win, or 58th loss.

If you count the playoffs, the all-time series is 57-51-2, in favor of Minnesota.

With '51' as a possibility, let us not forget that this is the season of Super Bowl 51.

One of the big storyline's tonight, is the return of the Bears QB, Jay Cutler.

Jay Christopher Cutler = 101/110/254 (Minnesota = 110)
Jay Cutler = 34/115

Today's game comes 185-days after his last birthday, April 29, and 180-days before his upcoming.

Tonight's game will be Cutler's 139th all-time.  Freemasonry = 139

He is playing for his 69th win or 71st loss.  It will either be his 38th win at home, or his 37th loss.

In the regular season, this will be Cutler's 137th game.  137, the 33rd prime.  MNF = 33

*Jay Cutler is 33-years old right now.

In the regular season, he is playing for his 68th win, or 70th loss.  At home, he will either earn his 37th win, or 36th loss.  Chicago = 37

I think a win for the Bears would be a positive sign for the Cubs, but at the same time, I'm not sure a loss for the Bears would be impactful of the Cubs.  We'll find out soon enough.

Bears = 45; Fox = 45; Cubs = 45; Illinois = 45; Wrigley = 45; Major League = 45
*Remember, the last Cubs World Series, before this year, was in '45

If the Bears won tonight, their record would improve to 2-6.  Bear = 26; God = 26

Then again, if they lost, they would be 1-7.  Bear = 17; God = 17

If the Vikings lost, they would fall to 5-2.  They are hosting Super Bowl 52.

If the Vikings won, they would improve to 6-1, like '61, the year they had their first season in the league, 1961.

The starting QB of the Vikings is Sam Bradford, who has a November 8 birthday, election day this year.  Football = 83; Election = 83; Leap Year = 83

His 29th birthday is 8-days after the game, and his last birthday was 358-days earlier.  Football = 29

This will be Sam Bradford's 69th career game.

Notice, his next win will be his 30th, and his next loss will be his 39th.  He is playing on the road this evening, a win would be his 13th career road win, a loss his 22nd.

Halloween = 41; 10/31 = 10+31 = 41; 41, the 13th prime number

Let us examine the head coach of the Vikings.

Notice his last game was his 38th, and Sam Bradford lost to his former team, the Eagles.  It was also the Vikings first loss of the season.

Minnesota = 38/110; U.S. Bank Stadium = 38/155; Mike = 20/29/38

MNF will be his 39th game, a number divisible by 13.  He is playing for his 24th win, or 16th loss.

Sixteen = 33; MNF = 33

If you count the playoffs, this will be his 40th game.  It has been 40-years since the Vikings were in the Super Bowl.

Also for Mike Zimmer, this game comes 217-days before his upcoming birthday.

That is interesting because Denny Green was born February 17, and died July 21, or 2/17 and 21/7.

This game is also coming 102-days after Denny Green's July 21, 2016 death, and a span of 103-days.

United States of America = 102; 103 >>> 13

The opposing coach is John Fox of the Bears.

Strangely enough, he has the same birthday as the coach of the Cubs, Joe Maddon.

February 8.... 8/2....
What are the odds?

This game comes 266-days after February 8, 2016, and 100-days before February 8, 2017.

266-days is the same as 38-weeks.  Minnesota = 38

Notice John Fox has coached 231-games.  Hillary Rodham Clinton

For the Bears, this will be his 24th game (Zimmer is going for his 24th regular season win).  By game's end, he will either be 8-16, or 7-17.  Again, Bear = 17

Let us close by looking at MNF history.

This will be the Chicago Bears 64th game on MNF.

Soldier Field = 55/64 (Chicago Cubs = 46/55)

The Bears are playing for their 27th win, or 38th loss.

MLB = 27; If Cubs won World Series, they'd be 3-8

Notice the Vikings come in with '57' games played.  World Series = 57

10/31/16 = 10+31+16 = 57

If the Vikings lost, they would bes tuck on 27 wins, and earn their 31st loss.