Thursday, October 27, 2016

57 93 | Chief Wahoo, the name of the Cleveland Indians Mascot +Cleveland protests over mascot during World Series

The name of the Indians mascot, 'Chief Wahoo', stands out.

World Series = 57
Saturn = 93; Cubs clinched playoffs with 93rd win


  1. That is my favorite logo in the MLB. Hands Down!!!!

  2. There was wrestler names Wahoo McDaniel in the 70s. He wore a indian headpiece.

  3. Racism is a Cleveland tradition. Come to think of it, they have:
    The Indians
    The BROWNS (what's that make you think of, besides poop)
    And the Cavaliers (Cavaliers = 90; Ninety = 33; CC = 3 3; Race war= 33; LeBron James = 42; Nigger = 42)

    So yeah.