Tuesday, August 9, 2016

42 96 503 | 'When you win a medal and your husband gets the credit, August 9, 2016 Rio Olympics headlines

I've seen a lot of this 'heart' symbolism in the 2016 Olympics.  It is a slogan in hands.

You might recall that the following words sum to '96'.

Freemason = 96; Knowledge = 96; Muhammad Ali = 96

You might also recall that the divisors of '42' sum to '96'.

Rio = 42; Freemason = 42; Knowledge = 42; Muhammad Ali = 42


In light of the coverage, the following words have '42' gematria as well.

Female = 42; Lady = 42; Bitch = 42


  1. Prince fielder retiring Wednesday with 319 homr runs his father Cecil fielder retired with 319 homeruns lol

    1. Prince fielder=124
      Retired 142 days after Prince death

    2. and his best season of 50 HRs was just shy of dad's 51 HRs in 1990. also, "Big Daddy" was drafted #67 overall to the ROYALS in '82 (uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite's favorite year). he was born in '63 and is 6'3". playing weight was 240 a lot like the reflection of 42.

      Cecil Fielder has some numbers and recent family events that makes me pause and think he better watch out. Prince always talked about how he wanted to get *52* HRs in a season to "exorcise the demons" of being a child to an MLB player, estranged in particular.

      Prophecy = 52

    3. I posted about this in the other one about the Cubs and Astros. He also wore #84, and was born in 84. 32 years old. Obama = 84, 32. Last week Mark CHARLES Teixeira retires. This week PRINCE Fielder. I think there's a massive clue in all of this.

    4. Hahahaha
      Three nineteen =142

      In my eyes that 421,124,and 142 is BIG

    5. Wow... Straight off his Wikipedia page

      "Personal life

      Fielder was named after the musician Prince."

    6. Wore number 66 in Triple A playing for Nashville

    7. Hasn't played since an MRI on 19/7. Prince=197(Jewish) 19/7 the 107th or 108th day of season depending on End date. "King charles"=107 "Prince Semien Fielder"=108 Cubs haven't won in 108 years, The great Chicago Fire began 145 years ago on 10/8. "Chicago Illinois"=145 Willis Tower in Chicago is 108 stories tall. "Cecil Fielder"=91 Chicago Cubs=91 Minnesota won the WS in 1991 to connect it to Prince(singer). Buffalo Bills lost first SB in 1991. The owner named Ralph. The death of Big Lebowski(Ralphs) set in 1991 John Goodman is also King Ralph in 1991 film. He's wearing Cubs hat and Packers coat in beginning and ending of film.

    8. It's really loaded up with symbolism as the Alton Sterling/Castile fake shootings connected to Obama giving his final state of the Union on 1/12. He went to Omaha and then Baton Rouge the next 2 days. Gave a speech at McKinley HS in Baton Rouge. William Mckinley died in Buffalo at the World Fair on 14/9.(leaves 108 days in the year) His VP Teddy Roosevelt gave a famous speech in Falcon Height, MN just days before McKinley dies. The 1991 SB was Bills vs Giants. Cubs connected to 145, I think that's why we got the death of "Iowa Hawkeyes"=145 players Tyler Sash(Giants) last year and Kyle Calloway=145(Buffalo) this year.

  2. I read somewhere that unbeknownst to this generation who flash the heart hand signal, they are really flashing the illuminati pyramid inverted. I'll try to find the link where I read this.

    1. Here is an 2011 NY Times article.

    2. Hand Heart
      Gematria Jewish 247
      Gematria Reduction 43
      Gematria Summerian 474
      Gematria Ordinal 79
      Gematria English 367

    3. Just dovetailing here...
      "heart" = 52(B,EO) like door and prophecy
      25 (mirrored 52) like massacre
      "love" = 54(B,EO) like a bunch of insidious stuff having to do with 666

      Not to quibble, but one of my pet peeves has always been that "I heart you" is not at all the same as "I love you." Heart is an organ while the soul was always thought to be that something intangible that exists between the mind/heart.

    4. The way Tyler/Swift are performing that "hand heart" sign allows for the 666/666 to be visualized as well, unlike the Olympic pic. I'm sure not an accident either way.

    5. Although Taylor Swift says that she did this spontaneously to show gratitude to her audience, it was probably a calculated move that quickly became mainstream (as in media). The public flash this symbol as often now as they do the peace sign.

    6. Mir -- Agreed! Never liked "I Heart You" either. In fact, I despised it SO much that I actually remember the very first time I ever heard of it. It was in the movie "Micki & Maude" with Dudley Moore & Amy Irving (Spielberg's 1st wife -- they were still married then).
      It's about a man who gets both his wife & girlfriend pregnant at the same time. Spoiler alert: of course they all wind up living happily TOGETHER -- with the women pursuing their CAREERS, & Moore staying at home to raise the kids & be a "House Husband".

      Looked it up & it was released 12/ 21/ 84 -- fitting numbers for altering society's perceptions of what constitutes "normal"! It follows a theme similar to "Mr. Mom" -- which came out the year before -- on 7/ 22/ 83. The release dates were EXACTLY 74 weeks apart (inclusive) ... or ... EXACTLY 1 year 5 months ... or 17 months (inclusive).

      Yeh-- it irks me when I see people flashing this sign -- most of them mindlessly aping something they've been conned into believing is "cute". The non-Masons are simply proving to the world that they ARE sheep. ;D :D

  3. I know a family that is full of Masons, & they ALWAYS do this Heart Symbol thing in family photos. Every single time. To certain people, it seems to mean something besides the obvious.

    I thought it was an illusion at first, but if you zoom in really close it looks like she's holding a CRACKED EGG in her hands. It actually looks like it's resting on her thumbs. You can even see a "liquid drip" that appears to have more substance than water (like an egg white).

    No doubt this would've been photo-shopped in, but ... Why? What's the significance? When you pull back though, instead of an egg, it almost looks more like giant teeth.

    Look also at the inside ends of the fingers on the right (her left) -- they look unnaturally dark ... the way fingers of a corpse that's been in water will turn blue & then almost black when the blood flow stops. Strange. ;D :D

  4. The heart symbolism is simply 33 or CC

    1. Well, looking at it that way, it looks more like a bass clef or "f-clef" in music. So might could be 66.