Thursday, August 25, 2016

33 | 'Ill fated' gematria (Another '33' for the list)

My girlfriend was watching a mysteries from history program on television, and as I was writing, I overheard the narrator from the program say "ILL FATED blah blah blah blah blah 1833".

Right away I said, hmm, I wonder what the gematria of 'ill fated' is.  The narrator was very forceful with the expression.  ILL FATED, 1833!

Ill = 9+3+3 = 15; Fated = 6+1+2+5+4 = 18; Ill Fated = 33
Ill = 9+12+12 = 33; Fated = 6+1+20+5+4 = 36; Ill Fated = 69

How about that?  Ill fated, 33?  I already know about 'ill', not too far off from 'sick'.

Sick = 1/10+9+3+2/11 = 15/24/33


  1. Ha :) . That's class man. I rarely watch any TV, but I watched a movie called 'Suicide Squad' the other day. Pretty crap film, but they call the boyo's in it, 'Metahumans'. ( Genetic spliced folks or whatever they are ).
    'Metahuman' = 33. 'Suicide Squad' = 69 :) Nice and masony :P
    About half way through the film, the creator of the Suicide Squad gets shot down while riding in chopper no.23. Her name is 'Waller' and the leader of the Suicide Squad is called 'Flag'. 'Waller' = 26. 'Flag' = 26. 'God' = 26. ( God and her team of metahumans :) ) Her full name is 'Amanda Waller' = 42 ( And yes, she is black ). :( .
    Her chopper no.23, is shot down by the joker, as he's trying to rescue 'Harley'.. 'Joker' = 23. 'Harley' = 33.
    The movie runs 123 minutes :) 'Suicide Squad' = 51 in reduction. Ha! Course the squad is only created cause Superman is dead or something ( I don't know comics or watch many comic book movies ). No doubt a bucket load more ...
    And folks wonder why movies are all such muck these days...

    You'll like it for all the lovely treats it's got :D ha.

    Have a class aul weekend, Dar!

    1. Great stuff Dar :) I can't stand movies these days, so dark and depressing...too much like real life.

    2. death of superman had Sandy Hook predictive programming in it.