Tuesday, August 30, 2016

38 | August 30, 2016 Teddy Bridgewater injury reporting (Some say "serious") (38-Days after Fan Day at U.S. Bank Stadium)

Today is August 30, or 8+30 = 38.  Today, supposedly, Teddy Bridgewater injured himself.  That number has a connection to 'Minnesota', 'U.S. Bank Stadium', and 'non-contact', the type of injury Bridgewater just suffered.

In numerology, 38 breaks down to '11'.  3+8 = 11

This news comes 11-days before the Vikings season opener in Tennessee, September 11, 2016.

Today also is 38-days after they had 'Fan Day' at the new 'U.S. Bank Stadium'.


Notice below the difference in NFL.com's reporting and ESPN's.

This news comes 2-months and 11-days before his 24th birthday.  211.... 112... we just saw these same numbers with the birthdays of Dak Bryant and Tony Romo.

Houston = 112; Bridgewater = 112; Peterson = 112; Prince died at *57 on 112th day of 2016

Teddy Bridgewater was the 32nd overall pick of the 2014 NFL Draft, through the Seattle Seahawks, who the Vikings shanked a field goal for last year.


His name connects to his NFL Draft position, #32.

32 teams in the NFL.

Let us not forget the significance of '131' either.

Here is ESPN's reporting on the story, currently second in priority to Von Miller, #58.

Freemasonry = 58 (0:58 story?)


Notice 'non-contact'.  It is another '38'.

Now, there is already a rumor the Vikings might make a move for the San Francisco QB, Colin Kaepernick.  Here is why that is interesting today.

8/30/2016 = 8+30+20+16 = 74 (Masonic) (Jewish) (Colin Kaepernick = 74)