Friday, August 26, 2016

33 66 144 156 187 228 | Richard Branson's August 22, 2016 bike accident on 5-year anniversary of house burning down

He had a 'Revelation'!

This incident comes from August 22, 2016, the same day in 2011, his home burned to the ground, after supposedly being struck by lightening.

I must say, August 22, 2016 was a fitting date to narrowly avoid 'death'.

August 22, commonly written 22/8.

Let us take the numerology of the date of the bike accident.

8/22/2016 = 8+22+20+16 = 66 (Branson is 66-years old) (King = 66) (Bible, 66 Books)
8/22/2016 = 8+22+(2+0+1+6) = 39 (Old Testament)
8/22/2016 = 8+2+2+2+0+1+6 = 21 (Saturn)
8/22/16 = 8+22+16 = 46 (Sacrifice)

Let us take a moment to decode Richard.  First this point thought.  This news is coming on a date with a life lesson number of '43'.

8/26/2016 = 8+26+(2+0+1+6) = 43; Richard = 9+9+3+8+1+9+4 = 43

His name pops.

Forty-Four = 144; Corporation = 144; Killer = 144

So does his birthday, July 18, a date that can be written 18/7, a lot like the '187' homicide code.

Notice he was born in '50 as well.  Fifty = 6+9+6+20+25 = 66 (Currently 66-years old)

7/18/1950 = 7+18+19+50 = 94
7/18/1950 = 7+18+(1+9+5+0) = 40
7/18/1950 = 7+1+8+1+9+5+0 = 31 (11th prime number) (1-11 totals 66)
7/18/50 = 7+18+50 = 75 (New World Order)

I think between his birthday and the tragic incidents on August 22, it is clear what is going on.

Here is a list of his other relevant name gematria.

Branson = 2+9+1+5+1+6+5 = 29/38 (Death = 38)

In the picture below you can see a tiny scrape on his shoulder, emphasis on tiny.  By the looks of it, 'death' definitely wasn't in the equation.

How fake does that look?  LITERALLY!  How FAKE does that look?  Nice smile!

Was I not just talking about "coincidence programming"?  The two tragedies in his recent life come 5-years to the day apart?  On top of that, it is obvious they're both bullshit.  A fake injury with some makeup for the cameras?  A house fire started by lightning?  These are clearly rituals connected to his puppet position in this world, as the "billionaire frontman" that he is.

Look at the shots for the camera.... what?  The billionaire doesn't have someone around that can do some proper first aid on his cheek and clean it up appropriately after putting his neck in a brace?  And would they really have him walking around at this point?  I mean, come on!  He just escaped death!  Haaaaa!

His 2011 incident was no doubt, 'Jewish lightning', also coming on August 22.  Let us examine.

Let us take the date numerology of this incident, Monday August 22, 2011.

8/22/2011 = 8+22+20+11 = 61  (Richard = 61) (God = 61)
8/22/2011 = 8+22+(2+0+1+1) = 34
8/22/2011 = 8+2+2+2+0+1+1 = 16
8/22/11 = 8+22+11 = 41 (King)

The phrase 'lightning strike' has the same gematria as 'Branson' as well.

74-acres?  Masonic = 74; Jewish = 74

90-year old mom?  Ninety = 33

Kate Winslet was there, the Oscar winner?  Kate Winslet = 40/49/58/139

The name of the storm was right to be blamed for a conspiracy.

The name also had that '33' connection.

His company, 'Virgin Group', has a significant connection in gematria to the storm that took out his house.


  1. What a load of shit! This dovetails PERFECTLY with the stories out of New Mexico.

    1) Bruised & bloody FACE PICS.
    2) 2 dead VIRGINS
    3) From the beginning, Branson was affiliated with the U.S. SPACE PORT near LAS CRUCES, NM.
    4) Allusions to FIRE & WATER ... now AIR & EARTH (which I assume he was thrown into the AIR & then CRASH-LANDED onto the EARTH ... when he "endured" his FICTIONAL "wreck")

    Nice how they put him in a NECK brace -- to remind the slower Zio-Mason's about NECKer Island! Lol ;D :D

  2. Kobe invested 100 million recently. Does anyone remember the " Kobe system"? Which
    Branson plays himself in the commercial.

  3. @zack

    Mamba Branson =113

    There's the 113 again

  4. Virgin head Richard Brand-son
    Dick head (snicker)

    VirginIA the 10th state named after the Virgin Queen Elizabeth the 1st one


    Thinking about the sacrifice of virgins (young, niave, unknowing) to the beasts in myths, I think the tales we r told about slavery and the bringing of slaves over to feed the beast of Capitalism seems like the same story as virgin sacrifice just updated for our "scientific" times

    1. That's a wonderful insight about slavery! We're always told that ancient writings are hard for us to understsnd because they relied heavily on metaphors & symbolism that were relevant to the era.

      So ... if you were to look back at today's era from the distant future -- especially from a perspective that's been heavily altered over time -- then your analogy would fit perfectly!

      It's interesting how they currently focus so heavily on "plantation slavery" & NEVER mention the hoardes of Bonded Servants who were just Slaves going by Another Name ... people of all races from many different countries that were under the control of various Empires.
      "A rose by any other name is still a rose" ... & the same goes for Slaves.

      REALLY wonderful insight ... I'll be keeping that one close for future reference! ;D :D

  5. I think it also goes back to Egypt and Slaves. The Jews are recreating a modern day Egypt in the USA and all over the world. They're power unlike the Egyptian rule is through wealth & Mind control. They rule by name and in the shadows. Playing the victims and the aggressors behind the veil. Nations of willing slaves to capitalism. Egypt, Roman and German philosophy all in ONE. Control the media, you control the world JM.

    1. So true on all points -- & great insight about the origins of their philosophies.

      "Aggressors behind the veil" -- what a terrific turn of phrase! ;D :D