Sunday, August 28, 2016

33 37 42 46 79 88 187 | 'Brothers' Darwin and Darren Sorrells accused of killing Dwayne Wade's cousin, August 28, 2016 news

They're blaming this on 'brothers'.

'42' goes with the victim as well.

Of course, '42' also connects to Dwayne Wade and a number of other star black athletes.  I won't be surprised if we see the Bulls in the Eastern Conference Finals against 'LeBron James' and company.

Both these men recently spoke at the ESPY's on 'gun' violence.

You have to love their names, 'Darwin' and 'Darren', or '33' and '33'.  It's survival of the fittest.

'33' is the number always coded into these staged, political, agenda driven shootings.

Let us not overlook their D & D initials either.

D = 4; DD = 44
Kill = 44; Shooting = 44; Cook = 44 (Cook County)

Their last name, Sorrells, connects to 'Chicago', where the shooting happened.

Darwin = 4+1+9+5+9+5 = 33
Sorrells = 1+6+9+9+5+3+3+1 = 37/46/55 (Chicago = 37/46)
Darwin Sorrells = 70/79/88 (Murder = 79) (Poison = 88) (Program = 88)

Darren = 4+1+9+9+5+5 = 33
Sorrells = 1+6+9+9+5+3+3+1 = 37/46/55 (Chicago = 37/46)
Darren Sorrells = 70/79/88

Darwin = 4+1+18+23+9+14 = 69
Sorrells = 19+15+18+18+5+12+12+19 = 118 (Death)
Darwin Sorrells = 187 (Homicide code) (Same as Wade's mother's name)

Darren = 4+1+18+18+5+14 = 60
Sorrells = 19+15+18+18+5+12+12+19 = 118 (Death)
Darren Sorrells = 178

Read my original decode of the shooting hoax here:

Notice how it says their members of 'Gangster Disciples'.

And for the record, Chicago is a city of 'gangsters' who lived and died by the numbers, not by coincidence.  It is the Zionist-Masonic mecca of the United States.

Let us not overlook their ages either, 22 and 26.

Basketball = 22
Jordan = 26; Bryant = 26; God = 26

Notice the details about 'Dulles School of Excellence'.


  1. This is so in your face when its broken down. smh

  2. I doubt there ever was a "nykea aldridge"

  3. Nykea is a blend of Nike and Ikea.

    Dulles school
    All work and no play make Jack a dulles boy

    1. I wanted to say Nike and IKEA too. Subliminal advertising, and her name will probably come up all NBA Season.

  4. How appropriate that the setting for this hoax was near DULLES School -- at 6311 S. Calumet Ave.
    The PERFECT address for A School Of Deception!

    Named for John Foster DULLES -- Secretary of State under Eisenhower -- the President who warned us about the Corporate War Machine.
    (Sec of State naturally brings to mind Hillary, since that was her post under Obama & also her last "real" job ...)

    Our current "S.O.S" is John Kerry -- member of Skull & Bones ... the club closely affiliated with the CIA ...
    "J. F." was brother to Allen Dulles -- "Architect" of the CIA ... & it's Director ... ALSO under Eisenhower ...
    Their SISTER was a powerful leader of the State Dept. ... ALSO under Eisenhower!

    Although the family were ostensibly raised Presbyterian (their father was a PASTOR) ... John Foster's son AVERY -- "CONVERTED" to Roman Catholicism ... Becoming a "JESUIT" ...

    Naturally this is also a reminder of "J. F. K." ...

    (Pyth/Simple) -- J = 10 ... F = 6 ... J F = 10 + 6 = 16
    (Jewish) -- J = 600 ... F = 6 ... J F = 600 + 6 = 606
    (Bacon) -- J = 37 ... F = 32 ... J F = 37 + 32 = 69 ... (Reflection of 96)

    Also worth noting: the "CALUMET Dynasty" is/was one of the most powerful Nobility Families in Britain. "Calumet Farms" in Lexington, KY was the headquarters of their Horse Racing Dynasty (though you won't find any mention of THAT on wiki).

    They produced some of the most famous race horses "of all time" -- including "Citation" in 1948 ... & ... ** "PONDER" ** -- in 1949.

    "PONDER" -- is also the last name of the (white) KY State Trooper who was (supposedly) gunned down by a "Black Man ... that he was merely trying to assist" ... on SEPT 13, 2015.
    Joseph CAMERON Ponder was 31 ... Born on OCT 24, 1983.
    "Funeral" handled by Coffey & Chism Funeral Home ... (C & C -- their logo is entertwined C's)

    In a "tragic coincidence":
    His "RELATIVE" -- Master Sergeant James W. "Tre" PONDER III, age 36 -- died June 28, 2005 ... when he was among the 16 soldiers (& CIA) who were killed when their Chinook Chopper went down in Afghanistan during "Operation Redwing".

    That's 122 months & 16 days apart (not inclusive).

    "Everything Is Connected" ... Wheels Within Wheels ... ;D :D

    1. I love your lengthy gematchups.

    2. Me too! They r always chock full of interesting info. Thank u for sharing your research with us, Mfsyy.

      Calumet means peace pipe, I think. I just rewarded The Shining and I remember seeing those boxes of Calumet baking powder in the pantry.

    3. Rewatched not rewarded. I can't get this auto correct to behave

    4. good stuff! in the past week I've been wondering about the validity of the account given to us for Redwings as well as the subsequent "rescue" that went awry.

    5. Thank you all! I'm glad to know that my ramblings are enjoyed -- they get pretty wordy at times, so it's really good to hear that ya'll don't mind.

      I may be the only person who's ever discovered that there's a "Word Limit" to these responses ... it's 4,096 characters!!
      It won't publish posts longer than that -- & tells you so in Red Print. Even though it sometimes forces me to go back & chuck a few things out, it's probably a good thing for all concerned ... Lol.
      Why use just one word when I can use ten, right? Don't Just Enunciate ... Exponentiate! Lol

      I really like that term "Gematchups"! Great name for a game -- sort of a hybrid link between Gematria & Trivial Pursuit!

      Jayhawk -- yep ... there's a lot about Operation Redwing that's fishy. I stumbled onto the Ponder connection last year, & that's when I actually learned what they had to say about it.

      The claim that they were naming missions based on the commanding officer's "Favorite Sports Team" seemed Significant -- & today it appears so even more -- now that we've been SHOWN how closely linked these High-Profile Events are with Sports Outcomes.

      Prior to seeing that, it had always been my understanding that Mission Names were selected "randomly ... by computer" -- for security reasons. This "alternate method" might be a hallmark used to identify hoaxes -- as well as connected to Scripted Sports outcomes.

      It'd be interesting to see if a Redwings fan could spot parallels between Operation Redwings & the team. I suppose "Redwings" could also refer to the Cardinals?

      Thanks again for all the positive feedback -- having this outlet has been so nice ... I can actually complete a sentence without "sighs & rolled eyes". And reading comments such as ya'll provide not only boosts my brain, but also continually restores my faith that all is not yet lost -- there ARE Intelligent Life Forms among us! Lol

      Get this! "Sighs and Rolled Eyes" --

      (Jewish) -- 928 ... = 19 ... also: 9 + 2 = 11 ... 8 ... = 118

      (Pyth/Simple) -- 201 ... Reflection of ** 102 **

      (English) -- 1206 = 9 or 18

      That ** 102 ** sure fits perfectly, doesn't it?! ;D :D

    6. Prunella -- You got me to thinking, & it dawned on me that those Calumet cans show up in a LOT of movies. They seem to be a standard "set dressing" item in virtually all media that's depicting the past.
      Yeah -- the cans were distinctive & seemed to hold up pretty well ... but I can't recall ever going into the "historical living" section of an American museum & NOT finding at least one on display!
      Interesting ... because I'd always thought that SALT was the most important "historical kitchen ingredient".

      Is it Baking Soda that makes things RISE??

      Or could this be about Ph ... & Alkalinity vs Acidity?

      Calumet Farm's racing colors were "Devil Red & Blue" ... but they were famous for EVERYTHING on their farm being painted ONLY in Red & White ... which makes me think of the Swiss Flag & of the Catholic Church.

      BTW: Autocorrect is the bane of my existence too! Lol ;D :D

    7. 4096? Is that a Freemason Foundation or what?

    8. Detroit would be the Redwings connection as the Cardinals are the Redbirds. It could also have something to do with Redwing boots and the idea of 'boots on the ground'.

  5. What a shocker, Kyle Larson #42, just got his first NASCAR "win" on his 99th race. =)

    1. 99 been showing up hella lately.

    2. Today has '45' numerology.
      Thirteen = 45/99

    3. His sponsor was Target, which is red and white, but he was dressed in orange 60/33. Target 71 + #42 = 113. The guy who finished second drove car #24.

  6. I swear I've seen that photo of Darwin before

  7. @jayhawks

    Like in the movie street kings " 2 dead brothers on parole"

    1. uhhhh Fremont and Coates!

      "who are we, detective? we straight nightmares."


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