Tuesday, August 23, 2016

314 | August 23, 2016, Hillary Clinton is healthy but Donald Trump's Dr. says he is not (Don't get caught up in the mainstream)

22/7 = 3.14; Pi = 3.14

227 is one of the numbers related to political assassinations, successful and attempts

Powerful = 116; Country = 116; Thursday = 116 (If Trump goes down on a Thursday at KFC...)

Satan = 232; Gospel = 232

Israel = 64; Synagogue of Satan = 64; Sacrifice = 46


A reminder, don't get caught up in the mainstream bullshit.  There was no reason to think anything was wrong with Hillary.  She seemed perfectly healthy in each TV speaking occasion she has assumed in the last year.  Don't get caught up in the Trump health headlines either.  If he drops dead, we know what happened.


  1. Those statues sent a strong message.
    Public shaming and humiliation is far worse than death to this ego manic loser puppetS:

  2. That photo of him playing golf -- Fake. Take a look at any recent photo that you are sure is him. Not the same.

    As far as St. Hillary's health. We'll see.

  3. Hillary has had MANY coughing fits during her reading of the teleprompter. Videos of her being helped up stairs, hanging on to railings, strange lesion on her tongue. C'mon Zach...is that what you call "perfectly healthy"?