Saturday, August 27, 2016

33 93 137 226 | Amatrice, Italy, where the August 24, 2016 Italy earthquake struck

Planet = 226 (Jewish Gematria)
Saturn = 93; Propaganda = 93
Two Hundred Twenty Six = 93

As I recall, the Mayor first interviewed about the damage from the earthquake had a '93' name as well.   Read about that here:

137, the 33rd Prime.  Remember, the earthquake took place at 3:36 AM.


  1. Off topic.
    NCAA went to Australia yesterday (no idea why)
    And it looks like someone packed some gematria in their suitcase.
    California golden bears against Hawaii.
    Australia = 102. Golden bears = 102. Guess who won.
    Cali won with 51 points. Hawaii = 51.
    Fifty one = 100.
    California golden bears = 100.
    Total points were 82. Eighty two = 51.
    I'm sure there is a clue to something else in all this.

  2. Romo broke his back!!!!!!!!!!!! Tthhhpinal!!!

    1. Dak Prescott era comming Zachary K Hubbard smelled that shit 2 weeks ago .you the Mann!!!!

    2. Can't take too much credit for that one the way Romo goes down. Him being in the 42nd State for the "takeover", also where Romo choked in the playoffs once upon a time, is no coincidence.

  3. Never mind that romo is older than 99% of nfl players. Not a tough predick, especially when they have been asking him when he's gonna retire, for years, like my boy Brett.

    Back on topic, A(matrice), is mother in spanish, and Italian is close to the Spanish language. Maybe that's important, but the earthquake happened, it's not fake and the Freemasons weren't behind the quake or the unearthing of new religious documents from the 6th century. Headlines about it, potentially contrived. But this is likely a dead horse.


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