Wednesday, August 24, 2016

19 74 | Surah 74:30, Over it are nineteen (angels as guardians and keepers of 'Hell')

Hell = 8+5+3+3 = 19 (Did you know?  If you add 1-19, it totals 190)

Believe in Muhammad, believe in Jesus, or else...

Muhammad = 74
Messiah = 74
Jesus = 74
Cross = 74
Jewish = 74
Masonic = 74


  1. Over it are Nineteen Angels?
    "Nineteen Angels" = 144

    Casting into Hell Fire?
    "I will cast him into Hell Fire" ====136 & 271
    "one World Government Agenda" = 136 & 271

    Burnt Skin?
    "Burning the Skins" = 73, 82 & 190

    "Nimrod = 73 [21st Prime] = "Perfect"
    "Ritual Sacrifice" = 82
    "Synagogue of Satan" = 190

    If we look at 74:30
    "Chapter Seventy Four Verse Thirty" = 149, 167 & 410

    If we write out:
    "Seven Thousand Four Hundred Thirty" = 149, 167, & 401

    "Hell Fire" = 48 = "Illuminati"

    1. Awesome work as always Jake! You have become a master decoder. I'm taking lessons!

    2. Thank you. I feel like I'm on the verge of a breakthrough. Couldn't have done it without you.

  2. Texas will win tomorrow for their 75th win and Hamels will improve record to 14-4. Like 144

    1. Hiya Mike
      I was just gonna send you a FB request but too many Mike Mannings !! Are u contactable?

    2. check RFG Chosen One. you might have more luck with that.

  3. Zachary do you think the World Series of poker main event is scripted as well? I've never would have thought this as I played professionally in my early years before the whole boom. When I stumbled upon your work, it got me thinking... Poker is probably one of the easiest to rig.

    Anyway, I just remembered that the final table of 9 is set and will continue play Oct 30th. I was just wondering your thoughts. I'll try and break down the final 9 names.

    Also thinking back after I've become more involved in your work is when and how the poker boom came out. I mean, look at this name... After his win, every gambling site went popular.

    Christopher Bryan Moneymaker (born November 21, 1975, in Atlanta, Georgia) is an American poker player who won the main event at the 2003 World Series of Poker (WSOP). His 2003 win is said to have "revolutionized poker" because he was the "first person to become a world champion by qualifying" at an online poker site.

    1. Of course poker is rigged. Look at how Stu Ungar won before he died. They have the dealer rig the shuffles, pretty standard for casino games involving a deck.

    2. oh man, just LOOK at the script surrounding Jamie Gold (nee Jamie Usher).

      his mentor, Johnny Chan, won back to back in '87 and '88. Jamie graduated high school in '87. his career earnings are 12,100,000. think about the connections to 121 and gold.

      there was much controversy about whether he owed half of the $12M to a business partner that was publicized and drawn out with a distinct focus on 6 and 6, in the year 2006. on my 23rd birthday, 2/6/2007 the two men released a joint statement about their subsequent resolution. again with the two 6's. this was, and remains, the largest prize to date. the first RECORDED winning hand was the second iteration of this tournament and it was none other than 6, 6 with 6 participants. the man who won the first two tournaments also won the 5th tournament (his 3rd overall) with the winning hand of 3, 3. his earnings were $160,000 in a 16 person field. how convenient! this man is heavily coded. for instance, he's from Dallas=49 and in 1949 he played a 5 month "heads up" marathon with Nick the Greek which is said to be the inspiration for the WSOP in and of itself. a lot of his WSOP tournament earnings are very conspicuous numbers - 44,000 ~ 13,000 ~ 33,500 and so on.

      I also find it interesting that Chris Moneymaker won the tournament with a 5, 4 hand while Jamie Gold's first cash EVER was $54 thousand and change. just looking at parallels between "firsts" - first recorded winning hand, first player to win from an online satellite tournament. Jamie Gold first to eclipse the $10M mark for grand prize. interesting that the only other $10M prize was 2014 and the winning hand was none other than 10, 10. of course it was!

      also, I'm looking at Phil Hellmuth and his symbolism from being the Poker Brat to wearing the all black to having Hell in his name. he won with a hand of 9, 9 in 1989. the next year, the winning hand was again 6, 6.

      also worth noting is that Jamie Gold's stepdad dropped dead 4 months after Jamie won the WSOP. the number of entrants, 8773, can also be read as interesting. 87 and 73 - his coming of age year was 87, the same year his mentor established himself. 73 connects back to perfect/number/crown and others.

    3. These are good thoughts, I've never investigated professional poker.

    4. I forgot to mention. Another reason why I brought up this years WSOP is because it's the 47th annual WSOP. Maybe it has some sort of connection with the Super Bowl?

  4. Hi Zack, first and foremost I want to thank you for the work you do. I noticed you have been talking about PI a lot. I have been trying to comment on your Youtube channel but their automated system never posts my comments so I decided to leave a comment on your blog. I think it is time I share this with you: Look up Carl Munck "The Code" on Youtube. It is a real eye opener about how mathematically advanced the ancients were and used mathematics and spirituality for the good of all humanity. I believe this will supplement your research on PI and numerology.

  5. Once again reminds me of Stephen King, who writes a good deal about the number 19 in the Dark Tower series. Also, I think he was hit by that van on 6-19-1999

  6. Regarding Pi, does anyone here follow the work of Martin Armstrong? His forecasting model is based on Pi. He was thrown in jail for about 7 yrs on contempt charges and then 5 years in prison for bogus crimes he had to plea to. Very interesting story. There's a recent film about him called The Forecaster.

  7. Regarding Pi, does anyone here follow the work of Martin Armstrong? His forecasting model is based on Pi. He was thrown in jail for about 7 yrs on contempt charges and then 5 years in prison for bogus crimes he had to plea to. Very interesting story. There's a recent film about him called The Forecaster.

  8. Gematria can line up coincidentally or in good meaning. It might be the coding of destiny. My numbers line up to things and events that are and have been fundamental to my whole life to the point that its just creepy. I think the bible might be one of those things.

    1. There are two systems of gematria at work, I have discovered. One that is natural, explaining all that has lined up for you and most of us personally, and then there is a false layer of coding being put atop that. Fabricated reality trying to take over the real thing. Holy Books are tough, because they have been altered so many different times, but you will find your own truth.


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