Saturday, August 27, 2016

37 112 213 | Rumors of Stevan Ridley joining Colts, and the death of Zurlon Tipton

Nice post time, 1:12.

Houston = 112; Andrew Luck = 112; Horseshoe = 112

Ridley was drafted in 2011, the year the Giants went on to win the Super Bowl over the Patriots, out of 'Houston'.  He was the 73rd overall pick that year.

Notice he was the 73rd overall pick and the Colts have '37' attempts in the preseason.  #37 was connected to Zurlon Tipton, the Colts RB who died in Detroit this year.  Detroit = 37

Even the name 'Ridley' connects to '37'.

Stevan = 1+2+5+4+1+5 = 18/27
Todd = 2+6+4+4 = 16
Ridley = 9+9+4+3+5+7 = 37 (Number connected to Tipton and Luck)
Stevan Todd Ridley = 71/80

Stevan = 19+20+5+22+1+14 = 81
Todd = 20+15+4+4 = 43
Ridley = 18+9+4+12+5+25 = 73 (73rd overall pick)
Stevan Todd Ridley = 197

1/27/1989 = 1+27+19+89 = 136
1/27/1989 = 1+27+(1+9+8+9) = 55
1/27/1989 = 1+2+7+1+9+8+9 = 37 (37, 12th prime)
1/27/89 = 1+27+89 = 117

Keep in mind Ridley was a former member of the 'Patriots', the team that defeated the Colts in Deflate Gate, January 18, 2015.

Notice New England won 45-7, for a sum of '52'.  This year, Super Bowl 51, is on February 5, or 5/2.

New England would go on to win Super Bowl 49, the '45th' Super Bowl of the modern era.

Back to Ridley and the Colts, oddly enough, this suggestion comes 213-days after his birthday.

Recall, '213' connects to the killing of young black men.  Again, the Colts just lost Zurlon Tipton, and Ridley has the right numbers to replace him.  Something tells me this is all part of the ritual.

Black History Month = 213
Hands Up, Don't Shoot = 213
Nimrod = 213

Update:  Steven Ridley has been signed, August 28, 2016.


  1. "1/27/1989 = 1+2+7+1+9+8+9 = 37 (37, 12th prime) "

    And he was Rd 3, Pick 37 in the 2011 NFL Draft.

    LSU connection also.

    1. 2011, the year New York Giants won the Super Bowl as well, Ridley was on sidelines w/ New England.

    2. Are you guessing it will be NY Giants beating IND Colts in SuperBowl 51?

  2. Didn't bellickeck kick Ridley off the team for fumbling too much? I can see it now patriots colts AFC championship and Ridley just tears them up.

    1. The NFL soap opera is so laughable really, I don't know how people don't see the scripting

    2. Because they are WWE and UFC fans dumbass. Yes I know you were being sarcastic. Your soap opera isn't even close. Wait who are the Colts again? Unfortunately running back is the new lineman in the NFL, in case you didn't notice. Belichick has the Kingdom of Israel on his side. He could even make you kid a good football player ES.

    3. Good thoughts friend, the people don't see any of the obvious mockery in this world. It is "the spell" of the land.

    4. I mean Ridley coming back to break the patriots off good and proper

  3. 1 run 5 yards super bowl 51 61 and 37 98 like champions -98 only time will tell good look zach

    1. Also if Vikings make it this Alex-15 Boone -51 character they got from San Francisco he's a loaded prop piece as far as his math goes can you check him out and let me know what you think thanks in advance

    2. One more for the Vikings with Trae Wayne's and this being the year of the six he's that gem of a piece that ties in along the way

  4. haha I was scouring for Colts players today in our fantasy draft and was also specifically looking for where this man was. go figure.

  5. I have colts vs New England deflate gate all over again. Brady suspension is so that Colts get home field.

    1. Remember, the score of that game was 45-7.
      New England = 45
      Prophecy = 52 (Total points, 45+7)
      Super Bowl on 5/2 this year.

  6. @Zach yes I do.

    Brady played in Houston 13 years ago. Trump is linked to Brady and the Patriots. Vikings could represent the BLM movement. Maybe the Giants vs the Patriots or ........

  7. I was thinking that the election is NY vs NY

    Let's keep an eye on Bills vs Giants SB....
    The Bills have a few things going. Dad died
    Two brothers on one team ( prophecy) Eli could get his 3rd ring and the frank Gifford death. The first year H.C. Odell has the LSU connection.
    I found it really really strange Bills qb got such a huge deal. I understand the Colts vs Giants or Vikings by the numbers but let's keep an eye on the Bills.

    1. Yea it seems TPTB are throwing out a lot of red herrings. It couldn't of been that easy! I covered Colts vs Giants and Vikes but now I'm gonna wait for more clues.

    2. Tyrod was a freshman in 2007, the year of the 33 people """"killed"""" at VA Tech. His first collegiate game was against LSU. His first game sophomore year saw him rush for 112 yards followed by a 137 passing and 137 rushing yard game. His last collegiate loss was to James MADISON, which preceded an 11-0 finish to the season. Just a ton of 44, 33 and 23 coded on this man in accordance with other significant numbers.

      I'm trying to see if there's any connection with him throwing the pick six to Aqib "broke back" Talib (the game's MVP) in the 2008 Orange Bowl, KU's only major bowl win. That was a couple months before Mario Chalmers beat D Rose and Memphis for the bball title. That micro success was directly attrributed to Lew Perkins, the scandalous Joo.

    3. Cleveland was being called believe land. Buffalo Bills was always billieve.

  8. What do you guys think about Barkevious Mingo (What a fake name like the Key and Peele skit) being traded to the Patriots? Gematria club and Maestro have some tweets about it as he has a lot of 181 and 118 connections. Could Tom Brady’s suspension be some kind of sacrifice? Might be wise to hedge the Colts a bit with the Pats. Are there any other Pats connections you all know about? Just wanna make sure we cover all bases.

  9. Patriots would go to their record 8th SB
    Brady would get his 5th ring one more than Joe
    If he loses SB he wpuld be 4-4 kill number
    Eli would get #3 Giants get their 5th SB.
    Vikings could lose a record 5th SB
    Bills could lose a record 5th SB
    Colts would get their 3rd in lucks 5th season.

    Pats and Vikings are both 56 years old franchises. 56 mean anything?

  10. The colts look horrendous in preseason. The line cant block and they cant run, Theyre screwed

  11. Both colts and Giants look terrible but as we know in rigged sports any things possible.