Friday, August 26, 2016

25 41 42 43 149 | George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush & their birthdays

From the 42nd President's birthday, Bill Clinton, to the 43rd President's birthday, George W. Bush, is 41-days, or a span of 42-days.  It is interesting to note that the 41st President, was the father of the 43rd President, and prior to being President, he was Vice President and before that the head of the CIA, which I am quite certain plucked Bill Clinton from a young age to be a future President, and the same was likely true of his son, George W., #43.

Let us recall the significance of 41, 42 and 43.

USA = 41; Pyramid = 41; Triangle = 41; Republic = 41

Freemason = 42; Zionism = 42

Yale = 43 (All three men attended Yale)

George H.W. Bush had his son George W. Bush when he was 22-years old.  Their birthdays are a span of 25-days apart, and they're both members of Skull and Bones.

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  1. Father and son both born in months that start with Ju
    June 6th month
    July 7th month

    67 could refer to doubling or cloning, father/son, one plus, a chip off the block

    AU = gold #79
    Gust of wind
    Golden winds?
    Gold Dust Woman lol

    All three are considered summer months, in the northern hemisphere anyway. Down under its winter the opposite.