Wednesday, August 24, 2016

32 39 41 84 129 | Colts sign CB Antonio Cromartie, August 22, 2016 (Super Bowl 3 tribute)

This big movie came Monday, August 22, 2016.

8/22/2016 = 8+22+20+16 = 66 (NFL) (New York, 11th State)
8/22/2016 = 8+22+(2+0+1+6) = 39 (New York) (NY) (Empire) (7/26/1788)
8/22/2016 = 8+2+2+2+0+1+6 = 21
8/22/16 = 8+22+16 = 46 (NYG = 46) (NYG won SB 46) (Cromartie brother on NYG)

His signing was also 167-days before the Super Bowl.  167 is the 39th prime number.  The Jets defeated the Colts 16-7 in Super Bowl 39.

Jets defeated Colts 16-7 in Super Bowl 3

Notice Super Bowl III was on January 12, or 1/12.  This year the upcoming Super Bowl is in 'Houston'.

Andrew Luck has a life number of '39' being born September 12, 1989.

9/12/1989 = 9+1+2+1+9+8+9 = 39 (New York) (Empire)

Antonio = 1+5+2+6+5+9+6 = 34
Cromartie = 3+9+6+4+1+9+2+9+5 = 48
Antonio Cromartie = 82

Antonio = 1+14+20+15+14+9+15 = 88
Cromartie = 3+18+15+13+1+18+20+9+5 = 102
Antonio Cromartie = 190

He was born on tax day (bend over for the zionists day), April 15.

4/15/1984 = 4+15+19+84 = 122 (Elohim) (Freemason)
4/15/1984 = 4+15+(1+9+8+4) = 41 (USA)
4/15/1984 = 4+1+5+1+9+8+4 = 32 (America) (NFL) (Current age)
4/15/84 = 4+15+84 = 103

The signing comes 129-days after his birthday, something like Andrew Luck's September 12 birthday, or 12/9.  '129' also connects to 'America'.

Let us not forget he was born in 1984, emphasis on '84.

United States of America = 84

Last point, I've been predicting a Colts and Giants Super Bowl since February 2016, the brother of Antonio Cromartie plays for the New York Giants.

Funny he wears #41, that is the 'Super Bowl' number, and the last Super Bowl the Colts won, who Antonio now plays for.

USA = 41; Key = 41; Lock = 41


  1. oh man there's gotta be something in the cards with his 10 children and twins in the oven AFTER having a vasectomy, allegedly. he also made his name in NY as a Jet alongside Revis island. he's wearing a black NY hat in his Wikipedia photo - how blatant is that? 31 career INT's before his April 15th 32nd birthday, very fitting. 19th overall pick, 109 yard longest play in NFL history, going through the public shaming ritual of "dead beat dad" who also "pays more in child support than you make in 10 years" (roughly $350K per year child support).

    8 baby mommas, 6 states? symbol = 86

    how much more symbolic can this be as a slap in the face to white football fans everywhere? got the whole narrative encompassing most of the divisive rhetoric in one story.

    1. He also has what seems like ten brothers that played pro.manchurian athletes

    2. Dominique #41 plays for the Giants

      Antonio #34 is a Colt now

      Cromartie bowl, similar to the Har-bowl in super bowl 47. speaking of which, the most recent Cromartie addition to the NFL plays for the 49ers, went to Wisconsin and wears the number 47. of course he does!

    3. Nice! I didn't realize the brother connection!

    4. Kind of like all the gronkowski brothers in the league

  2. Damn the jets connection is crazy

  3. just a funny thing I just read.
    apparently Flacco will play on saturday 27/8 for the first time since his knee 'injury' 278 days earlier..right.

    1. So now we must find the 278 connection.

    2. 827 is the 144th Prime number

    3. Flacco returns to play for the first time since 11/22...11+22=33

  4. This must also be a tribute to the Peyton Manning - Andrew Luck "royal" line. Andrew takes over where Peyton left.

    Cromartie signs on a date with 46 numerology, a tribute to Super Bowl 46 (modern) and Peyton
    The nest tick of the day counter brings us to 47, a tribute to Andrew and Super Bowl 47.

    1. Including the end date he signs 168 days before Super Bowl 51. This is also 5 months and 15 days, or 515 which is also 51.

      This is also 24 weeks, like Super Bowl 42 won by the Giants.

    2. You said Cromartie is 12 and Antonio Cromartie is 16

      In Miami's Perfect Season, the last game of the regular season was against the Baltimore Colts, on the 16th day of the 12th month, Miami winning 16-0.

      This was game #14 and Miami of course went 14-0 for the regular season. 41 is both Super Bowl and NY Giants (odds on bet365 for ages..) and reportedly the number for his brother at NY.

      From 16.12.1972 to SB51 it is 16 122 days, like 16, 12 and 2. Maybe the Colts are destined to end at the short end of the stick in this SB, no 2?

      1972 = 19 + 72 = 91

    3. If you replace 1972 with 91, you could multiply 16.12.1972 as 16 * 12 * 91 = 17 472.

      7 is the number often used as the number for perfection and completeness, something that naturally takes a long time preparation and work to achieve.
      47 is SB 47 (modern)
      2 is as Colts ending at second place.

  5. Zach you may have discussed this earlier and I might have missed it but there is also a John Elway connection to the colts. Elway was drafted by the colts number 1 overall but refused to play for them so was traded to the broncos. both also were drafted out of Stanford.

    1. Yea... that's one I've talked about a million times at least brother. =)

  6. LeBron James quote from today about "Lil bro", Odell Beckham Jr...
    "Looking real sharp throughout camp".
    It's interesting that
    "Lil bro Odell Beckham Jr Superbowl MVP"=144.
    I really hope you're correct about Giants/Colts lad.
    Might shut a few people up!

  7. Also I looked up and today Antonio Cromartie is 32 years and 131 days old... championship

  8. Colts predictive programming?
    (Jim Mora Video Link)

  9. Also curious to see if This "Star Tweet" has any connections from Connor McGreggor's recent victory to Rory Mcilroy and his tournament tomorrow at the Barclay's...

  10. Zach Super Bowl 39 was Patriots 24 Eagles 21, so what caused you to say it was Jets 16 Colts 7???

    1. clearly a typo in accordance with NY and 39 parallels. it was Super Bowl 3 Jets over Colts.

    2. Yes I was reading it to a numbers savvy person and right away he knew the mistake, didnt help me as I an trying to "wake-up" the individual lol

  11. Franklin Delano Gore = 181
    Houston texas= 181
    NRG = 21 (Gore wore #21 with the 49ers)
    Gore is 33 yrs old