Sunday, August 28, 2016

84 | August 28, 2016 headlines, 'cops pepper-spray 84-year old woman'

United States of America = 84 (States = 84) (Savior = 84) (Revolutionary War)

*If you watch the video linked, it will be followed by "when can cops shoot?"  It's good.

Sunny Hostin?  Really?


  1. yo, Zach. I'm feeling pretty confident in stating that Crrowe777 and RussianVids are the same person. different tone of voice, deliberate annunciation masking, both of them have a clearly non-natural accent that is consistent - it's all a mix of multiple accents and pronunciation tendencies.

    before I knew better, I used to listen to RV a loooooooot. I've spent the past 4 states listening to Crrowe777. I started gettin that twinge of familiar voice recognition. then he started getting excited and chopping his syllables precisely as RV does. it's how he pronounces his O's and R's. it's how he says he word understand. it's how he referenced the Chili Peppers lyrics "space may be the final frontier but it's made in a Hollywood basement." that is embedded in the closing sequence of almost every RV video.

    if I'm at all off base someone please let me know!!

  2. zach theres a news of carlos beltran showing up in texas rangers dugout with a carlos boozer haircut, not sure but it could be a sign for cubs vs rangers

  3. Boozer = 36
    Beltran wears #36
    Both are named Carlos. Funny that the Rangers just signed Carlos Gomez from the Astros, who homered in his first AB with the team a few days ago.

    Gomez = 66
    World Series = 66

    1. for the longest time, Carlos Beltran was all the Royals had. could be some tribute to last year's champs.

    2. thanks i was kind of having a tough time piecing it together i saw a picture of boozer when he had that cut on chicago bulls ill do some more digging into it

    3. interesting they bring up boozer who played for a chicago team

  4. 11/3/2014 (ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER) + 666 days = 8/30/2016

  5. Vikings played Chargers tonight...
    Bridgewater was 12-16 for 161 yes.
    It's 161 days till the Superbowl!
    The score was 23-10 Vikings.
    At the end though, FOX had the score as 24-10,(obviously an error but was it deliberate?) like last year's Superbowl score!!