Wednesday, August 24, 2016

33 38 50 52 66 86 106 | Prince's Paisley Park likely to open to public October 6, 2016

Let us begin with that price of $38.50.  What a slap in the face.

Regarding the 'fifty' cents, Prince said all we can go by in this world is "prophecy".  Revelation is the 66th Book of the Bible, the book of 'prophecy'.

Speaking of 'prophecy' and 'Revelation', let us see the connection with 'Paisley Park'.

Let us examine the October 6, 2016 proposed opening date in numerology terms.

10/6/2016 = 10+6+20+16 = 52

And then there is that date, October 6, or as we write it in the U.S., 10/6.

What else is interesting about the date October 6, is how it connects to the word 'symbol'.  Prince of course is remembered for changing his name to a 'symbol'.

Notice October 6 leaves 86-days left in the year.  86.

8/24/2016 = 8+24+20+16 = 68 (Date of news)

Recall what news was released 123-days after Prince's death, August 22, 2016:

The cause of death matches the life lesson number of the date he died.

4/21/2016 = 4+21+(2+0+1+6) = 34

Also, read my earlier post about Prince's 'Let's Go Crazy' here:

The rainbow is associated with God's promise after the flood in Genesis.  The flood is of "prophecy".

Genesis = 7+5+5+5+1+9+1 = 33

The month of October also ties in.  No other month sums to '33'.

Elvis died by the numbers at his home as well.  There's a gematria parallel too.

65,000 square feet, eh?  Right for a 'Prince'.

And notice the building may very well become a 'Museum' in '2016', 29-years after it was built.

Museum = 4+3+1/10+5+3+4 = 20/29
1987-2016 (29-years)

The date of his death has numerology connected to the proposed price of admission.

4/21/2016 = 4+21+20+16 = 61

God = 61; Miracle = 61; Church = 61

The difference in admission prices, $38.50 to $100, is $61.50.

September 20?

9/20/2016 = 9+20+20+16 = 65 (Prince)

October 3?

10/3/2016 = 10+3+20+16 = 49 (Revelation) (Warriors)
***Prince died 49-days after attending the Warriors game that ended 121-106, March 3, 2016
******Revelation = 49/67/121; Prophecy = 52/106
***227 is the 49th prime number

10/13/2016 = 10+13+20+16 = 59 (Kill) (Negro) (Slave) (Blues) (Year Motown came out, '59)

October is the right month for a concert that very well may have been a ritual sacrifice.

Dead 49-days after a March 3, or 3/3 basketball game in 'California'


  1. 10/06/16 = 52, 32 & 16

    "Prophecy" = 52 & 106

    If you write out 106:
    "One Hundred Six" ==== 835 J
    "MK Ultra Programming" = 835 J

    "MK Ultra Programming" = 227 & 835 J
    22/7 = Pi

    "Government Terror" = 227

    "MK Ultra Programming" = 101
    "Order of the Skull and Bones" = 101

    "Thursday October Sixth" = 112
    "One Hundred Eighty Seven" = 112

    1. Tribute Concert on the 13th?
      "October Thirteenth Twenty Sixteen" = 156 = "False Flag"
      [911 is the 156th Prime]

      "Thursday October Thirteenth" = 123, 132, & 321
      [123 + 321] = 444

      "Masonic" = 444

      It is very interesting that:
      "Tribute Concert" = 65 & 173 = "Agenda Twenty One"

      More noticeably:
      "Tribute Concert" = 777 = "Order out of Chaos"

      "Foundation Completed" = 777

  2. So there were plans to open Paisley Park as a museum even before Prince died? Oh sure, Prince seemed like a museum kind of guy.

    1. I'm reminded as to how much a people person Prince WASN'T when he appeared on Lopez Tonight with Misty Copeland. that girl touched his face when she was dancing and he shot her this look of "DIE NOW BITCH" while singing The Beautiful Ones.

    2. Another way to look at this, I guess, is that the "Prince Project" may have been already loosing too much money for this system. Maybe that's why he "died" at the time, to cut the loses.

    3. Funniest comment that I've read all week!
      Are we to believe that a man who guarded his privacy wanted his home to be another tourist stop?
      "When visiting Minnesota, spend a day or two at The Mall of America and be sure to include a trip to Paisley Park."

  3. "Rainbow over Chanhassen" = 99, 117, 234, 1404, & 2203 <===

    "Central Intelligence Agency" = 117

    [234 + 432 = 666]

    1404, kinda like 144
    "Time" = 144
    "Twenty Two divided by Seven equals Pi" = 144 [12th Fibonacci]

    2203, kinda like 223
    "Masonic" = 223 J
    "The Synagogue of Satan" = 223 Ordinal

    "One One Seven" = 52 & 133
    "Military Industrial Complex" = 133 = "Government"

    "One Four Four" = 154 = "Ritual Sacrifice"

    "Two Two Three" = 55 [10th Fibonacci]
    "Two Hundred Twenty Three" = 106 = "Prophecy"

    223 is the 48th Prime:
    "Illuminati" = 48

    1. "Rainbow over Paisley Park Complex" = 147, 156 & 165 <===
      "False Flag" = 156

      [147 + 741 = 888]
      "Terrorist Strike" = 888

      "Rainbow over Paisley Park" = 113 & 122
      "United Nations Agenda Twenty One" = 122

      1650, kinda like 165
      "United Nations" = 165 = "Divide and Conquer"
      "United Nations

  4. The alternative media torrent is laced with a nasty trojan virus, one that actually convinces you to support and evangelize your own demise, just as it was done to Caroline in The Skeleton Key. Indeed, even at the hopeless end Caroline had formed the comfortable delusion that she had outsmarted Violet using her own information against her, a concept Violet scoffingly mocked. The whole point of the truth movement is to seed the idea that everyone involved in it is a fractal of NEO, experiencing a “spiritual awakening” and then fighting “new world order” agents in virtual reality (the internet). Playing on the messiah programming almost all of us received through religion, it is then suggested to us that together we are THE ONE. The irony of the fact that NEO was created by the AI to serve a specific purpose, which had been done 5 times before, seems to be lost on everyone. It doesn’t matter which personality or set of talking points you follow, all that matters is that you follow one of them and regurgitate their talking points online because they all lead to the same place, namely the destruction of Zion (the remaining real people) via the dialectic and a reboot of this system – order out of chaos.


    1. Best freaking comment ever!!! Exactly what I've said. does not matter if we know what's next, LOVE , spirituality , and your MIND is what these sick bastards want. The answers are within not outside or outer space or , heaven or hell or anything . Inside !

  5. You're either "asleep" and believe the screens or you're "awake" and don't believe the screens at all but also spend all your time fascinated by the fakery, participating in your own initiation, and upset that more don't see things the way you do. Either way, whether you're a conspiracy theorist or an anti-conspiracy theorist, they've got ya. Hegelian dialectic indeed.

    ... unless there's another way ... wake up, figure it out, then disengage and get back on to the business of reality and life.

  6. “This demonstrates one of our simpler methods. Realizing that our activities will sooner or later come to light, we structure our activities so that as conspiracy researchers unravel them, they will release information into the public consciousness in such a way that it mirrors our initiatory procedure. In this way, the more we are investigated, the more masses of people are psychologically processed by the very people who seek to expose us. The meme that constitutes our essential structure is then successfully mimicked within the consciousness of those who investigate us. Success can then be measured precisely to the extent that our work is “exposed.””

    1. MC, So true on so many levels. Your third option is something I have been thinking of and it finally hit me when I read your posts. Thank you!

  7. Yep, that's what I'm thinking 911 was. Could be that was to get people into conspiracy theories and have them destroy the world...aka expose this Fictional Universe tabloid reality as the bullshit it is. When enough people realize it they stop cooperating because they no longer fear the bullies threats and the whole thing falls apart.

    On 911 2 aluminum planes destroyed Steel buildings, basically the entire WTC complex

    Tin foil hats = Aluminum

    1 plane hit one tiny section of the Pentagon supposedly the accountants section.( A-count-able) then dis appeared

    1 plane goes down in a field in Pennsylvania and vaporizes leaving nothing but a small hole. Supposedly the passages had time and technology to phone home like ET,
    Mom, this is Mark Bingham" and the "let's Roll" guy.
    The HIJKers with their threatening Box cutter knives

    The "coincidence" of the drill being run by the Army that day

    I read the book The Serpant and the Rainbow written by some Harvard scientist that talked about making Haitian zombies by blowing Scolpamine powder in their face, then i remembered the extras from 911 walking around coated in thick white dust, and the white Anthrax powder supposedly mailed to congressmen etc..maybe it was cocaine.
    Cocaine + zombie drug = wide eyed, pissed off zombies looking for brains (information, data) aka Us, the doubters.

    It's like that show Lost with its observation stations and "Others" always fucking with you, just a bigger Island.

    1. 11 in Arabic numbers is II/2 in Roman numerals.
      I think it must be some sort of looping formula that takes you back to the beginning over and over. Maybe in some sort of figure 8 loop program.

      Two worlds combined Roman (US)
      And Arabic/Islam (the new enemy, even George Bush was pictured holding hands and smooching with Saudi Royal family their good friends.)

  8. Paisley Park
    Pays land

    Greys land

    Hail Mary, full of greys

  9. I always thought there is a combination of several factors in this reality.

    1. We are "asleep" and logged in and some are programmed to be "awake" two possibilities in one duality.

    2.we are truly under the firmament , trapped with some scumbag over seer playing a game.
    Truman show like.

    3. We are test subjects/ world was destroyed our memories reprogrammed and a select few are chosen from time to time to serve another being.

    4. Not all of us are human, we cannot be 100% certain that everyone we come into contact is a human.

    5. The 1% are not humans but look like humans breed us to feed on our energy sources.

    6. There is a creator / faith and love will overcome this madness and FREEDOM is at the next higher spiritual level.

    I'm the youngest of six children, since the age of two my parents and everyone around felt I was different. I learn things really quickly and my emotions were always balanced. I was born on a Saturday /Libra /74. I've never trusted anyone nor ever believed in space, religion, hell, or that money is everything. I actually feel like I want to challenge who ever put me here. I am not afraid of living or dying. I also know that JEWTUBE is the enemy of truth! I also don't believe it's only the Zionist involved. WE ALL play a role in this slave system. If there are more people feeling like me speak out!!! I want to know if your out there or these are more agents of deception.
    My MIND and HEART belong to ME! So fuck you!!!

    1. HarryB, you are the man, never doubt it. It is 100% impossible to escape the programming that everyone constantly talks about. Even if you log off as the wise MC has suggested, are you not just following the suggestion of someone else. The entire belief that one can think and act for themselves is a fallacy. This entire world, imo, is a test. Even nature taken away from civilization without a touch of industry or man-made interference is a distraction from what we truly are. Now, just what that is, I do not completely know, but we are not meant to understand that completely in these stage of our lives. All in all, truth comes to those who are in search of it, and faith is something one should have in themselves.


    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. And I agree, we really don't know if the online community is the fucking agents running another counter intelligence on all of us to see what population is "awake" keep tabs on us. When I log off this site, I never discuss this with anyone because I recognized the zombies including spouse , family friends and neighbors.
    I will NOT share the identity of ANYONE I know who is Awake. So again I am glad to find this portal but I don't trust it either!

  11. @Zack

    Thanks for sharing, time to evolve. I bet germatria also rules agricultural/ laws/ health care/ births just about everything in this reality.

  12. This blog is not about "finding truth," it's about "showing lies", something vastly different. The "Truth Catalogue" on the right is really a "Lies Catalogue". The whole blog should be re-titled accordingly as "".