Saturday, August 27, 2016

23 29 42 83 135 142 | Tony Romo has 'fracture', August 27, 2016 reporting (135th overall pick Dak Prescott, set to replace)

Recall, Tony Romo went down with a fake injury on the 3rd snap of the 3rd weak of the preseason in 'Washington' State, August 25, 2016.  Now the man drafted 135th overall, Dak Prescott, is in position to replace Tony Romo, as expected.

Also, notice the headline above, 'Source:  Romo has fracture, may sit 6-10 weeks'.  The headline fits the picture by the numbers.  I just wrote about the significance of Dak Bryant playing in Washington, the '42nd' State, where Tony Romo was injured.  Read about that here:

'42' and '142' also connects to Tony Romo's number, 'nine'.

Read more about Dak Prescott and '42' here:

Also, read about the Dallas Cowboys bus crash at milepost 42 here, July 24, 2016:

It will be interesting to see how Dak Prescott does on September 11, 2016, against the team from NYC that won Super Bowl 42.

This news comes 29-days after Dak Prescott's 23rd birthday.  The number 83, is the 23rd prime.

And for the record, Tony Romo has the birthday of the date Prince died, April 21.

Notice how in a leap year, Tony Romo is born on the 112th day, and Dak Prescott, the 211th.  This year, 2016, is a leap year.

211, the 47th Prime (Tony Romo became Dallas QB in their 47th season)

Tony Romo's injury came 126-days after his 36th birthday, and this news a total span of 129-days after.  America = 129 (Jewish Gematria)..... America's team?