Saturday, August 27, 2016

33 38 47 106 118 137 | Richard Branson's near death experience on June 18, 1994 on M40 motorway

Notice the date of the incident.

6/18/1994 = 6+18+19+94 = 137 (137, 33rd prime) (Authority)
6/18/1994 = 6+18+(1+9+9+4) = 47 (Authority)
6/18/1994 = 6+1+8+1+9+9+4 = 38 (Death)
6/18/94 = 6+18+94 = 118 (Death)

The trip from 'London to Oxfordshire' also falls in with the 'prophecy' coding.

Looks like over the years, Richard Branson has been narrowly avoiding death by the numbers.  It is no coincidence as the media loves to portray him as a man living on the edge at all times.  It's all a show.  In the public consciousness, the Richard Branson's of the world probably help influence the Goy into making a few extra rash calls a year that pad the books of the funeral homes throughout the world, seemingly owned by a very masonic network.


  1. Actor Steven Hill is dead, you woll recognize him if you ever watched Law and Order, he goes at 94.

  2. Yep Branson, like Musk and Zuckerberg (and a long list of others) looks like a hired frontman for a cover band

  3. Near Death=76=Master

    Near Death Experience =180=The Love of Money

    No such thing as a near death experience, actually, ot is either

    Dead or Alive=96=Freemason, Knowledge

    Dead or Alive=879=Open the Third Eye

  4. Branson was once Stephen Parent, fake killed by Tex Watson on the night of the Manson murders.