Tuesday, August 23, 2016

64 67 93 226 | 'ISIS turns to kids', August 23, 2016 headlines regarding child bomber in Iraq

Two Hundred Twenty Six = 93; Propaganda = 93; Saturn = 93; Knesset = 93; Edelstein = 93

Israel = 64; Zion = 64; Thelema = 64; Do what thou wilt = 64; Synagogue of Satan = 64; 
American... = 64 (Thelema worships '93')

Today's date has something to do with 'Satan'.

8/23/2016 = 8+23+20+16 = 67 (Satanic) (Freemasonry)



  1. The headline up now says "Cubs of the Caliphate." Exact same Gematria of New World Order, both ways. 174/75

    1. Cubs of the Caliphate also = 84...like United States of America

  2. Before I took a closer look, I thought the kid was impersonating John Travolta doing his famous "Saturday Night Fever" pose! Actually, it STILL looks that way, lol.

    They must not have been worried about another "terrorist" lurking nearby with a Remote Detonator -- not the way they've got him spread-eagled.

    What it REALLY looks like is Someone Caught Smuggling -- with the package strapped to his waist.
    Theory: A message is being telegraphed -- saying that this is how "The Goods" will be sent -- strapped to kids -- i.e. "Look for this distinctive white wrapping -- & it better be intact -- that's how you'll know it's from us."
    Seems like a piecemeal way to conduct shipping, but I suppose "saddling up" a busload of kids could add up.

    I noticed the kid seems to be wearing a uniform -- there's a yellow patch on the shoulder of his left sleeve.
    Are they saying: "Officials Provide Cover" (like a uniform shirt) -- or maybe "Each Package Is 'Uniform' In Content"?
    Clearly ... "This Operation Will NOT 'Blow Apart'!" Lol, lol. Just a theory ...

    You know ... It also kinda looks like a WALMART Jacket ...

    That WIRE on him though looks a little TOO obvious -- definitely a message there.

    These stories & headlines are so ridiculous that it's obvious they're being used to relay covert messages. Probably Multiple Messages sent out to Different Groups. (It seems like "Corporate" would insist on that, since they're all about "Bundling" these days ...)

    What really pisses me off (besides the fear propaganda) is that shit like this will be circulated amongst the military (& police) -- & used to justify (unpublicized) policies of "Shoot First -- Ask Questions Later". And of course -- "Fire Up The Drones!"

    Contraband -- (Jewish) 321** ; (Pyth/Simple) 92 ; (English) 552

    **Or could we be looking at a Zionist "Count Down"?? ;D :D

  3. Isis is for Kids!!---166, 996, 546(Santa Claus)