Friday, August 26, 2016

137 188 822 | Trump's Dr. takes back comments about being healthiest President ever, August 26, 2016 news

Even without the gematria, this headline is something else.  It's funny how easily the media plays people.  One minute it's Hillary's health.  Then it's Trump's health.  This might go on up until the November 8 election.  After the young Barack, Hillary and Donald are old timers.  If Donald Trump were to become President, he would be the oldest to assume office.

Nice post time CNN.

Recall, any word(s) with a Simple English Gematria of '137', will sum to '822' in English Gematria.

Authority = 137
Authority = 822

Washington D.C. = 137
Authority = 822

American Meridian = 137
Authority = 822