Monday, August 22, 2016

144 | Donald Trump June 18, 2016 assassination attempt, span of 144-days before November 8, 2016 election

Time = 144
Killer = 144

Death = 118 (November 8, or 11/8)

144 is the number connected to political assassinations all throughout history.  It is very interesting that the Donald Trump assassination attempt came in a span of 144-days before the election.  Somehow I overlooked that fact until today.

If nothing happens other than this, then this was the "Donald Trump assassination" event and it has already passed.


  1. I'm sure you heard of josh brown getting a 1 game suspension for domestic violence? Check out Steve a smiths video talking about if josh brown was a black guy he would get more than 1 game suspension.

  2. The assassination card had 'hit and run' and the movie was released 8/22 , 2012. The movie was just about getting to L.A. and they made sure you knew their license plate number. GL879 and they called it Galactica Libra 879.

  3. Assassination = 960

    November Eighth - 906

    President Assassination = 270

    Donald John Trump Assassination = 2070

    Assassination = 611

    from 6/11 - 11/8 = 4 months, 4 weeks (44)

    Donald John Trump Assassination Attempt = 440

    November Eighth Two Thousand Sixteen = 407

    4 months, 4 days before November 8th is 7/4 ...

    Donald John Trump Assassinated = 316

    2089 (the 316th prime)

    Donald Trump Assassination = 298

  4. I never mentioned it, but the 523's you found suspicious, I always thought it would be something small like an assassination attempt, not an actual one. Just based on the clues being so small, Uber driver fare at $5.23 and the time stamp a week later at 5:23 were all small findings. When that assassination attempt occurred, and brother berg discovered the 523 connection, I thought that was and would be it.

  5. Do you still think Killery Clinton will be the next president ?

  6. Zach -

    The Giants have been outscored 47-10 in the preseason thus far.

    There's your 58' season, Colts/Giants connection?

    1. Colts won their first game 19-18. Lost their second 19-18.

      If you follow NFL, you know those two scores are extremely rare as a final score.

      19+18+19+18 = 74/47

    2. oh damn, just saw you made a video..

  7. Hey Zach did you see the USA Today story where people in Duck costumes are stalking donald trump? Like Anaheim Ducks....

  8. Oregon Ducks open the season in Spain

    Ducks won 109-88

  9. Nice !
    Who is is will be victorious inupcoming sporting event?


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