Friday, August 26, 2016

187 666 | Victoria Martens, 10-year old girl, mutilated in New Mexico, August 26, 2016 news

Number from the headline that stand out.

Ten = 39; Wicca = 39; Pagan = 39

Birthday = 42; Freemason = 42; Zionism = 42

Bathtub = 74; Masonic = 74; Jewish = 74

By own family = 55; Satan = 55

Evil?  In New Mexico?

Evil = 48; New Mexico = 48; Illuminati = 48; Propaganda = 48; Hoax = 48

Mother = 34; Murder = 34

New Mexico also has the '666' connection.

The victim's name is right for 'homicide' and 'murder'.

Victoria Martens = 79; Murder = 79

The mother's name is right too.

Michell Martens = 67; Female = 67; Satanic = 67; Blood Sacrifice = 67; West = 67
Michelle Martens = 157; United States = 157

Fabian = 33; Masonry = 33; Secrecy = 33; Satanism = 33

Notice the ages of the adults sum to '66'.  Revelation, the 66th Book, the book of 'prophecy'.

Prophecy = 666; New Mexico = 666

Arroyo Villas = 59; Kill = 59
Arroyo Villas Apartment Complex = 129; America = 129

Chief Gordon Eden = 87; Truth = 87; Justice = 87 (Mockery this is)

Tanner Tixer = 67/157


  1. Dismembered--97
    On Fire--67
    Dismembered and On Fire--183(Order out of Chaos)

    1 million cash bond only--216
    Million Cash Only--187

    Sounds more like a ransom than a bond.

    1. There was a 183 in here when I was decoding and I didn't write it down. Damn! Good catch.

    2. Asphyxiation--161
      Stab Wounds--138
      Asphyxiation or Stab Wounds--233

      Take your pick---155, 930


    3. Thanks. It is quite obviously a Satan story. Lots of the above numbers hit with that devil.

      Devil Made Me Do It--141(14+41=55)

      THE Devil Made Me Do it=174

      The Devil's in the Details=230, 1380

    4. Interesting connections on the Satan theme. Having once lived in that state for several years, I can attest to the fact that Satanism & MK-Ultra have been "functioning" there for a VERY long time.

      I think the populace were heavily targeted after the Zionist/Nazi influx of Operation Paperclip (alleged) "scientists" arrived ... & the native residents -- a Majority of which were Indians & Hispanics -- were immediately deemed "disposable Guinea pigs" (although ALL populations eventually were toyed with).

      There was a massive uptick in drug & sex-related crime beginning in the '80's -- (when apparently LOTS of bad "foundations" we're being laid -- we just didn't know it yet) -- which makes sense.
      Those "perps" were the (expected) result of programming -- & they were also the children of that First Generation who'd been targeted. My guess is they're now 3 generations in ... with the 4th coming up fast.

      When you've got a state full of Super Secret "Sciencey Shit" going on ... & you both mine uranium & bury nuclear waste there as well ... it's "helpful" to keep the entire population: Fearful ... Incarcerated ... Focused on the Crazy Shit going on in their day-to-day world. ;D :D

  2. That little girl looks like a picture of Jon Benet Ramsey stretched with different colored hair.
    I'm comparing the two right now because I have a copy of People magazine from last week that had her on the cover...after all this time they chose now to put her on the cover.

    1. Funny -- I immediately thought she had that "Pagent Girl" look too ... but I never thought about Jon-Benet. That IS too big of a "coincidence" that she was just in the cover of People. The parallels of a girl that age being forcibly raped & murdered by "family" are undeniable.

      Now I won't be surprised if that DOES appear to be her "image" -- this whole story is infused with a Ritual feel. Today's "Eagle-Eye Award" goes to Prunella! Lol ;D :D

    2. And I do not play into the Katy Perry is Jon Benet conspiracy tale, however; Ms. Perry did release her newest song, RISE, the same week Jon Benet showed back up. I would not be surprised by anything.

    3. Oh Really?? That's VERY interesting ... because RISE is definitely significant.

      Two yrs ago (?) there was a (hoax) shooting at a Louisville, KY school, & everywhere in the background media pics kept showing banners & signs with "school slogans" that incorporated "RISE".
      Louisville is definitely Zionist controlled & their Masonic roots go all the way back to the beginning of "Lodgedom" in this country.
      Louisville was -- after all -- named for the King of France ... at a time when the French Lodges were more closely aligned with "ours" than were the British ...

      There is an interesting interview online -- made in the '80's -- with a woman who's husband was a Major (?) in the military. She spoke in (fearful) detail about how the Zionist Israeli's had overrun our military (& government), & explained how homosexual rape was being used as a "psychological tool" to ensure control of those who were RISING in the ranks.
      She said these young military leaders were called "RISING STARS".

      I have to say that everything she says has the ring of truth to it -- especially from the vantage point of hindsight -- & seeing what our military & government are like today.

      If you're curious, go to "Illuminati Wife Tells All" @ islandonlinenews.
      I know the title sounds ridiculous -- but there is actually bonafide accuracy in much of what she claims. It has a religious spin you'll have to overlook, but let's face it -- there's not a lot of outlets for such topics.
      Just based on my own personal knowledge, more than half of what she says IS 100% true.

      Back to "RISING" ... I'm rather expecting Princess Diana to "RISE" again -- to emerge from hiding ... perhaps in the coming weeks.
      Her divorce from Chuckles was on Aug 26, 1996.
      Her death on Aug 31, 1997 -- right around midnight ...
      Her burial was on Sept 7, 1997.
      19 years ago

      Maybe just in time to distract everyone from the Queen's "departure"? ;D :D

    4. It seems to me that everyone is in the military, the so-called civilian world seems like the military's Psyop testing ground.

    5. Yep -- you nailed it. There are very few left who aren't connected in some way with either the military &/or their myriad affiliated "branches" ... or tied to a government entity of some form or other.

      I also agree that this makes "the rest of us" ripe for being regarded as test subjects. We are the "wild cards" because -- hard as it may be to believe -- we aren't (quite) as heavily controlled as they are.
      Which -- ironically -- would make "their people" the perfect "control group" for the many studies, profiles & "projects" that someone, somewhere is ALWAYS working on.

      No matter which side of the fence you hang your hat on, there's always a sociopath in a lab coat who considers you their "lab rat".

      "Enlightened ... Progressive ... Innovative"? Will we live to see the day when these euphemisms are finally exposed for what they REALLY mean? When the masses will understand that these descriptives are NOT "good things" to be desired & supported?

      Hopefully Gematria will help that Truth to eventually come forth. ;D :D

  3. FABIAN Gonzales ... as in FABIAN SOCIETY -- the self-proclaimed "Best At Knowing What's Best For EVERYONE" ...

    VICTORIA .. MARTENS ... as in Queen VICTORIA -- ruler when "The Sun Never Set On The British Empire" ... also ... British Nobility -- associated with Pedophilia & Occult Sacrifice of Children) ... MARTENS -- as in the MARTIN Preschool Satanic Pedophile ring in the '80's ...

    Jessica KELLEY -- as in the "KELLEY Twins" ... (Goofy Gabby's hubby Scott - & 'that other guy') ... the "astronauts" who -- as Flight Members of NASA -- supposedly would've spent SOME time at nearby Holloman Air Force Base ...

    Look at what "Fabian" is wearing in his pic -- it resembles a Space Shuttle "Uniform".

    Las Cruces is the city nearest to The Country's Only "SPACE PORT" ... (but don't get too excited about booking a flight -- it appears to be just For Show ... like those Old West Town facades of Dodge City) ... lol!

    Ummm ... Satanic Pedophiles pretending to be in Space ... NASA ... Do we have a problem?? ;D :D

  4. Hmmm ... Every single pic shows them Wearing WHITE ...

    FABIAN'S (besides looking Space Shuttle-like) also resembles the White Satin Cloak of the KKK ...

    KNIGHTS / Nights In White Satin?? ;D :D

  5. Is just me, or does Michelle Martens look a little like a man? Why does "Fabian" have a black eye?

    1. Agreed! I thought she looked like a man too! And was wondering the same as you were about his eye. They addressed the "female's" beat up appearance by claiming she leapt off a balcony ... but conveniently didn't mention what might've happened to Fabian.

      I guess readers are supposed to either be so overwhelmed by the excessive "violence porn" in the article that they don't notice the omission ... or they're supposed to assume that the righteous police meted out some "justice" on the way to the jail.

      It's like a continuity problem in a movie -- the viewers learn to ignore the holes & just roll with what they're shown. Which pretty much sums up propaganda such as this when it's presented to us as "news". ;D :D

  6. I noticed on the article "five fast facts you need to know about Victoria martens", that someone who knew Victoria and Michelle was interviewed. Her name was Krystin Dowling.

    Krystin Dowling = 74

    Also, the police chief Gordon Eden said it was "the most gruesome act of evil".

    The most gruesome act of evil = 1776 in English Sumerian.