Wednesday, August 31, 2016

33 48 68 123 243 | Donald Trump's August 31, 2016 meeting with Mexican President, the CIA & the 1968 Olympics Tribute

Conspiracy = 123; Mexico = 69

Let's read about how trump "bungled" his appeal to the "African-Americans and Hispanics" today.  In recent weeks we have seen similar headlines, but the crowds shown have been predominantly white despite the way they've been characterized as something different.  To put it short, we've seen shots with a few black people and the rest white, and it has been described as a "African-American crowd".  Today, Trump was speaking to a white audience, but they're saying his words were poorly chosen for appealing to those outside of his predominantly white base.

Again, today is 8/31, or '138' in reverse.  Donald Trump = 48/138

8/31/2016=  8+31+(2+0+1+6) = 48 (Donald Trump = 48)

Also, 'racism' has something to do with '2016'.

When you sum 1-63, it totals 2016.

The mention of 'DD'.  David Duke is another agent in the media, used to shill truth.  He speaks truth about Israel, but is associated with the KKK, just like Donald Trump.

Ku-Klux-Klan = 138 (Donald Trump)

They write it as if they aren't creating it.  That is what is sick.  That is what needs to stop.

Notice the sign, it has a connection to today.

Today, August 31, 2016, is the 243rd day of the year in non leap years.

Here are a list of 243 words:

Let me select an interesting word from that collection.

I remember how the 33rd President signed the documents that put the CIA in place, and then on December 22, 1963, had an Op Ed about gutting the CIA.  That came 1-month to the day of the assassination of the 35th President, the only Catholic, JFK.  Catholic = 35

We've also see a lot of '7' and '11' with Trump this year.  Remember the September 11 misquote?

Mexico has the right gematria for race war.  Remember, it was Mexico City, 1968, the 'Black Power' salute.  It was also 1968 that Donald Trump's business career began.  1968 was 48-years ago.  Again, Donald Trump = 48.  I also just did a big piece on how the '68 salute was brought up through Colin Kaepernick this past week.

1968... 9-1-1, WTCs, George W. Bush, Skull and Bones

Again, Trump's business career began in '68.  His tallest tower is 68-floors tall.

Checkout the stats below, right away, '59%',

The name of the poll tells the rest of the story.

It also has the infamous '113' coding.

Also, notice the name 'Mark Burns'.

Masonic = 74; Jewish = 74

Another 117

MoveOn, the organization that is only about the Democratic Party, and nothing more.

Obama = 84 (Obama's 8/4 birthday); United States of America = 84; States = 84

Let us not overlook the mention of '58%'.

The reference to the Wade's cousin is a reference to a psy-op.  Remember, that shooting happened at 3:30 PM, by the numbers, 223-days after Wade's birthday.

Let us also take a peek at Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, who has been receiving a lot of air time on CNN in recent days.  Don't overlook Bishop = 33/42.

Bishop = 2+9+1+8+6+7 = 33/42
Wayne = 5+1+7+5+5 = 23
T. = 2
Jackson = 1+1+3+2+1+6+5 = 19/28/37
Bishop Wayne T. Jackson = 77/86/95/104

Bishop = 2+9+19+8+15+16 = 69
Wayne = 23+1+25+14+5 = 68
T. = 20
Jackson = 10+1+3+11+19+15+14 = 73
Bishop Wayne T. Jackson = 230

It's safe to say the agents are all "in formation".