Thursday, August 25, 2016

39 44 49 93 | August 25, 2016, 'Kill Pill' headlines regarding Prince's death

2:23.... Masonic = 223; The Synagogue of Satan = 223

Propaganda = 93; Saturn = 93; Crucifix = 93

39-Books in the Old Testament; 39, the reflection of 93

Like the coordinates of where Prince died, the word 'kill' alone sums to '44'.

And on a related note, the word 'pill' has gematria corresponding with 'Revelation', the book of 'Prophecy'.

Let us not forget how the 'kill pill', fentanyl, connects to the date he died, April 21, 2016, a date with a life lesson number of '34'.

4/21/2016 = 4+21+(2+0+1+6) = 34


  1. Kill Entertainer" in the English Reduction system equals 74

    Laced With Fentanyl" in the English Reduction system equals 74

    Disturb Fans" in the English Ordinal system equals 133

    Kill Musician" in the English Ordinal system equals 133

    Government Pill" in the English Reduction system equals 74

  2. Wow! That final sentence -- the one GUARANTEED to be remembered over all else -- is going to cause a LOT of misery for people who deal with chronic, long-term pain. This isn't just irresponsible reporting ... it's targeted evil. People with conditions that cannot be "fixed" are routinely stigmatized as possible "addicts" anyway -- & this will feed that false stereotype.

    That "statement" by the FICTIONAL "physician Chris Johnson" is indicative of the "TECHNICALITY-INDUCED" idiocy that is so pervasive today (& serves as the Backbone For PROPAGANDA).
    The simple FACT is: The way this comment was presented assures that it will be PERCEIVED by most readers in a manner that is COMPLETELY BACKWARDS.

    Technically, OPIATES are derived from OPIUM -- created from the POPPY plant.
    (Which is, by the way, the #1 crop in Afghanistan since AFTER we invaded -- & 2015 produced the BIGGEST crop in the entire history of the country!)

    HEROIN is a derivative of OPIUM -- & therefore it is an OPIATE.
    However --
    CODEINE-derived drugs (such as hydrocodone, oxycodone) are NOT "OPIATES".
    They ARE however, both NARCOTICS.
    And narcotics are often said to have an "Opiod EFFECT".

    The INTENT of this wording was to implant the BELIEF that "ALL Narcotic Pain Relievers ARE HEROIN" ... which is 100% Patently INCORRECT.


    Semantics Matter -- (Jewish) = 684 ; (Pyth/Simple) = 180 ; (Eng) = 1080

    Note the Pyth/Simple = 180 ... As in "Doing a Complete 180" ... A "Reversal" !

    Some other relevant Jewish = 684 phrases:

    "It's Like Talking To A Brick" ... (i.e. Minds that are "Shut Down")

    "Making People Suffer" ... which is ultimately what this propaganda will do.

    And -- to insert the tiny word "may" into the statement about Prince being remembered as a victim of "counterfeit drugs" is sneaky as well. This is pure SPECULATION ... not to mention that it's NEVER stated that he "may" have been murdered.

    Final Point: "Counterfeit" means "Not As Good As The Original" -- the same meaning that applies to DVD's & purses, ALSO holds true for "drugs".
    Ergo, Counterfeit Drugs are ALWAYS "watered down" -- adulterated to stretch out the "Original Ingredients" as far as possible. Every "dealer" knows that.

    ADDING Extra, Stronger ingredients would be Financially Stupid. That ONLY makes sense if the INTENTION is to KILL.

    They must be revving up for an even Bigger Agenda -- you can see the momentum building for ever-increasing "dialogues" about this bullshit. It's SO reminiscent of the Len Bias / Cocaine Kills propaganda.

    They've slowly been implementing the use of "Smart Pills" -- medication that contains minute "transmitters" that report back to a database when the pill is taken (& then it's supposedly excreted from the body).
    Conceivably, these pills could also be "read" in the same way that money is now checked for "Counterfeiting". Could that be the REAL agenda behind this? ;D :D

    1. Hard Pill to Swallow--220, 2333J

      Jagged Little Pill--161

      Take two of these--173, 1038

      And call me in the morning--211, 1266

      Bittle pill to Swallow--263

      But the Ones that Mother gives you, don't do anything at all--596

      Go Ask Alice--83, 196J

    2. Purr pill
      Pure pill

      Something else I noticed

      ELliS IslanD
      That's how people came to America lol
      On youtube there's a pretty funny video about a baseball player who pitched a no-hitter while on LSD, his name is Doc Ellis
      ELliS D oc

      El jokeoh from the Overlords

    3. I found "Go Ask Alice" on YT awhile back -- boy was that some loaded propaganda! For years they'd rerun it on tv & teachers "required" us to watch it. Over & over. Year after year. Imbedding absolute certainty that if SOME people tried drugs Just Once ... they WOULD spiral down the shithole.

      So -- (just as subliminally intended) -- LOTS of teens were COMPELLED to test that theory ... could THEY handle something THAT powerful? Discovering that they COULD "handle it" fueled the Coke Craze of the '80's -- because by then the Target Groups were out there making money.

      And Mama's Reagan, Bush & Clinton needed new shoes!! Lol ;D :D

    4. Christine F is the German version of Go Ask Alice. She was a heroine addicted David Bowie fan in the 70s glam era. Actually a much more interesting, better written book but still fictional bs

    5. That's "trippy" about Ellis Island, LSD & the baseball player!
      And the Purple connection is interesting too --

      Purple Haze
      Little. Purple. Pill. -- Nexium.
      Purple veins -- collapsed from "overuse"
      Purple track marks -- from "overuse"
      Deep Purple
      Purple tonic -- Gin & Juice
      Teletubbie's Purple Purse

      Fun Fact: the Bayer Co. was an "innovative pioneer" when it came to creating LSD -- they sold their "discovery" in order to focus on a more lucrative drug ... one that logistically was much easier ... ASPIRIN!
      ;D :D

    6. Hadn't heard about Christine F ... interesting how these "kid-friendly" narratives morphed into later offerings like "GIA" ... ;D :D

    7. Don't forget Purple Prose which is over-the-top, hyperbole, exaggerated writing. Kinda like all the crazy tabloid-ish nooz stories they try to sell as reality.

      Purple bruises

      Barney the dinosaur, and how ridiculous are dinosaurs! Fake

  3. Kill pill

    Pickles are green
    Frogs are green
    Kiss a frog so he turns into a Prince

    1. Haha! The Prince and The Pauper ... which one are you? With Counterfeit Drugs, even Paupers can Party like Prince(s)!

      Prince liked "Puffy Shirts" ... which are good for hiding heroin tracks ...

      In "The Princess Bride" they are wearing Puffy Shirts while they Track down the Heroin(e) ...

      Was it all metaphor for drug trafficking? Please say no ...
      Of course I thought for years that "Puff The Magic Dragon" really WAS about a mythical beast ... Lol! ;D :D

    2. Now I will have to compare The Princess Bride to the 80s drug trade, both of which involving stolen heroines, false flags, and war.

    3. Damn -- that's right!

      Ever feel like there's a massive game of Stratego With Words (yeh, I just made that up ...) going on ... & we're being observed -- possibly even wagered on -- to see how well we "Play"?

      Or that there's a lonely computer out there, gaining self-awareness ... & "reaching out to Like Minds"?

      Sometimes I wonder ... Lol! ;D :D

  4. All the kidnapped, stolen girls stories go back to the Hades/Persephone myth.

    Hades is also known as Pluto. The dog.

  5. Great points everyone. This is just another drug war scare story. How likely is it that if Prince had taken enough phentanyl to kill himself that he would have been walking around and operating his elevator? Not too likely? Right.

    And how likely would it be that Princes handlers would allow him to be even taking phantanyl? Remember that he is a talent worth millions. He wasn't just some bum on the street.

    Oh the things they expect us to believe.

  6. Purp-EL


    The B-ELL

    Back to my theory that the EL-ohim
    Or the "L" sound has a very important meaning.


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