Friday, August 26, 2016

42 123 | Janet Yellen says she will raise interests rates soon, the position is 'strengthened', August 26, 2016 news

Let us do some decoding.  Janet Yellen is one of my favorite agent names.

Her name even connects to conspiracy.

She heads the Fed, a very real conspiracy.

Masonic = 223; The Synagogue of Satan = 223; The Star Spangled Banner = 223

Her date of birth also pops.

8/13/1946 = 8+13+19+46 = 86 (Symbol) (Triangle) (Pyramid) (Republic)
8/13/1946 = 8+13+(1+9+4+6) = 41 (USA) (Republic) (Triangle) (Pyramid)
8/13/1946 = 8+1+3+1+9+4+6 = 32 (America) (7/4/1776) (UK)
8/13/46 = 8+13+46 = 67 (Female) (Freemasonry)

A speech in Jackson, Wyoming?  Where rich skiers leave?  Wyoming is the 44th State.  The speech must have been the 'prophecy of interest rates to rise by the numbers', something I waited to happen for more than a decade.


  1. The date numerology lines up with her current age as well..


    1. From the date of her 70th birthday to the Jackson Hole rate hike speech was 13 days...

      Remember her birthday was August 13th,2016

      From the Jackson Hole Speech to the next FOMC meeting on the 21st of September where they would raise rates is 26 days..

      Today is the 26th of August

    2. Looks like they may actually hike prior to the election which would be interesting...

  2. Jackson Hole (English Reduction) = 41
    Rate Hike (English Reduction) = 41

    1. Janet Yelled (English Reduction) = 41

      The joke is Janet is always yelling for a rate hike but never does it.. Basically always crying wolf..

      This would be the first hike this year.. So Janet Yelled

      A bit of a stretch but weird that the numbers line up

    2. The FOMC meeting is a 2 day meeting that begins September 20th, 2016 and ends September 21st 2016.

      September 20th 2016 is the 264th day of the year, which leaves 102 days left in the year.

      U.S Dollar (English Ordinal) = 102

    3. Very good work! Her name is right for crying wolf.

  3. On the flip side

    Jackson Hole = 113
    Dishonest = 113
    Mainstream = 113

  4. Everyone should quit paying bills, fuck them, credit rating is a scam like the whole money system. Everyone just cooperates too eagerly. God, make them work for it for a change. Write the check if u must but don't sign your name or something. Inconvenience them!
    Don't take their punishments either. I'm amazed when people get told to move actually do it. I knew one chick who lived in her house 3 years without paying the mortgage.
    It's all a scam

  5. Reclaim the word, "NO!"

    Besides, who do we owe, really? The fed? The same institution that never gets audited? Uh huh.

    Tell them, "Hell No!"

  6. Raised rates?
    Raise your middle finger.

  7. She's not going to raise rates, she just wants to signal "healthy economy" without proving it by raising rates cause that would create a sell off and that would be bad for Hillary.

    1. True, they won't raise rates, the whole stock market and housing market would go poof in an instant. They don't want that to happen, at least not yet.

      One upside, though, the government wouldn't have to buy so many of it's own bonds.


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