Tuesday, August 30, 2016

33 38 58 83 84 | August 30, 2016 reporting on Von Miller's NFL contract (Denver Broncos star, Super Bowl 50 MVP)

I love the 0:58 second time stamp.  IN YOUR FACE.  Recall how I predicted he would be the MVP of Super Bowl 50 because of this very number.  Cam Newton, drafted one place ahead of him, became the 58th QB to start in the same Super Bowl.

The headline is no coincidence either.

Von = 33; Miller = 33

Notice this article comes on August 30.

8/30 = 8+30 = 38

Colorado = 38/83
Colorado is the 38th State
Broncos won the Super Bowl on the 38th day of the year, February 7, 2016

The headline, 'QB Money, QB Problems', a play on "more money, more problems", has gematria of '84'.

United States of America = 84
Read 1984, the part about "football"


  1. Nice article man, can't wait to hear your analysis of the Teddy Bridgewater "Serious Injury"

    1. It is August 30.
      30+8 = 38
      Minnesota = 38
      U.S. Bank Stadium = 38

    2. From today until Teddy's birthday is 73 days or 10 weeks 3 days like 13

      sacrifice = 73

      Also, from today to their first game is 13 days.

    3. seventy three = 58
      Teddy = 58
      Bridgewater = 58

    4. torn acl = 83 the reflection 38 on 8/30 ha

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  3. A Bridgewater injury may be their way to make it seem like the Vikings have no chance. I've already read 2 articles saying that if Bridgewater is done for the year, "the Vikings are finished".

  4. Vikings are finished = 99/189

    the Vikings are finished = 114/222

  5. Cowboy Miller, Green Colored Lenses=149
    Skull and Bones=149
    Cowboy Von, Green Colored Lenses=131
    Cowboy Von Miller=77
    Cowboy Miller=62
    Cowboy Miller=912
    Cowboy V.M=118
    Cowboy Hat, Green Tinted Lenses =118
    Cowboy Hat, Green Tinted Glasses=117
    Cowboy Von, Green Tinted Glasses=2022
    Cowboy Von M., Green Tinted Glasses=2100/350
    Cowboy Hat, Fifty-Eight=101
    Cowboy Hat, Fifty-Eight, Broncos=133
    Cowboy Hat=40
    Denver Broncos Cowboy=93
    Denver Green Colored Lenses=119
    Broncos Green Colored Lenses=119

    1. I'm reminded of Marlboro reds aka Cowboy Killers

    2. Cowboy Von Miller, Green Marlboro's=149
      Cowboy Von Miller, Green Marlboro's=365

  6. when is the last time the a team made it with a backup qb? im thinking kaep is coming to viking land

  7. when is the last time the a team made it with a backup qb? im thinking kaep is coming to viking land

    1. sexy Rexy was really the backup, minus 2006. before that he was injured every year, he lost his starting job three games into 2007.

      Peyton last year - wow. talk about inept.

      Kaep took San Fran to the SB after Alex Smith went down.

      Tom Brady and so on.

    2. True, I am trying to recall...was Colin Kaepernick a mostly unknown/unpopular QB the year he took over until he started winning games with them?

  8. 1980: Steelers (AFC) win, then Reagan (R) wins
    1984: Raiders (AFC), Reagan (R)
    1988: Redskins (NFC), GHW Bush (R) (no match)
    1992: Redskins (NFC), Clinton (D)
    1996: Cowboys (NFC), Clinton (D)
    2000: Rams (NFC), GW Bush (R) (no match, and before you bring up Florida, I'm going by whoever was the officially certified winner)
    2004: Patriots (AFC), GW Bush (R)
    2008: Giants (NFC), Obama (D)
    2012: Giants (NFC) Obama (D)

    2016 ????

    1. nice. that third Giants entry in a row would be very fitting.

      They might be giants

      'tis a country of androgens.

  9. Could be I have Patriots vs Giants rematch