Sunday, August 28, 2016

LAX Maybe? Shooting August 28, 2016 (Are maybe airport shootings an emerging pattern?)


  1. Its an incompetent cops story. Lax police, instead of L A X, lax attitude, lax police. reminds me of the shitty secret service stories from the past.

    1. Lax Attitude--137, 804

      Lax Police---97

      Lax Behavior--117, 117

      Lax Morals--115

      Lax Security--157

      Lax--37, 222*, 321(BOOM!)

      Lax Goverment--170

      Just Relax--130

      Relax--60, 360

      Go back to Sleep--131

    2. Now they have arrested someone dressed up as Zorro.

      Lax Bandit--87, 477

      Lax Fox--82, 677

      Lax Masked Bandit--140, 617

      Zorro--92, 760

      Lax Zorro--129, 1081

      Makes me think of Dora the Explorer and the Fox that steals stuff in the cartoon.

      Swiper--90, 1144

      Swiper No Swiping!!---216

    3. Zorro Costume--188(What a Surprise!)

      Diego de la Vega--818(Active), 97(97 is my disaster number, Hurricane, Tidal Wave, Tsunami, Civil War)

      Active Shooter--160, 960, 1021

      The guy was on his way to Las Vegas, Zorros real name is la Vega, and flights were diverted from LAX to Las Vegas during this incident. Vegas just might be the next big target. Maybe Hoover Dam. How many 777s or 77s have we come across lately?

      Seven Seven Seven=195, 1170, 252(25+52=77)

      Las Vegas Blackout=171, 1026, 1300

    4. The Goverment was given full control of Hoover Dam on 3-1-1936. Just for giggles and shits, that is 80 years, 8 months, 1 week until election day. Or 188 inverted.

    5. Lol. With Inflation adjusted in the 49 million it cost to build it in 1931 becomes 777 million in 2016.

      Jackpot, eh?

    6. 112 deaths are attributed to the Dam with *96* during the construction. Wiki makes sure to spell

      Ninety Six(All the other numbers on the page are in numerical form)--139, 993

      139= Freemasonry
      96= Freemason

  2. Las Vegas Raiders =160
    Active shooter=160

    @LOA you may be onto something

    1. Hoover is always going to be on the list of possibilities, but we all know we are close to another big time event. With alls these 1s and 7s popping up, the Invictus Code from earlier this year may be headed here.

  3. June 9th is the 160th day with 205 remaining.

    Here's a link on events on June 9th through our history. Interesting

    1. Of course 6/9 is the 160th day! Ninety Six/Sixty Nine=Freemasonry! Sometimes it is just too fucking much! Sieving bastards have their hooks in all the crooks.

  4. How they plan shit years in advance is a mystery. Wish we could decide that!

    1. Algorithms is my bet
      Just like they use in Las Vegas to make sure the house always wins
      Al Gore rhythms

    2. Al Gore Rhythms, that is pretty sweet, Pru. And you are right. I am already convinced that computers write the articles anyway.


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