Tuesday, August 23, 2016

YouTube Videos | Williams Sisters and 2016 Rio Summer Games rigging proof

Frozen at 42 for 5 minutes.

Frozen at 96 for 5 minutes.

181 for the last half hour... 181 is the 42nd prime number...

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  1. SeRen(a) spelled SeLen(e) in Greek Mythology is The Moon Goddess. If I remember correctly she might have links to Apollo and the Olympiads. Aphrodite is Venus in Roman Mythology. Back to Serena she eventually becomes both A Sun God and A Moon Goddess. If she is a man or not,It doesn't matter to me, just feeding into this whole ritual, But whoever gave her and her sister their names seems like they know Greco-Roman Mythology. In most cases most of the myth's can be a female in one story and a male in another, sometimes both, which to me symbolizes the joining of the masculine and feminine in the Ancient Mythological God's/Goddesses and in us. It's balance like Yim/Yang. People might just be feeding into this "Transgender/Transhumanist agenda" which has been around for the longest of time now. Honestly who cares! People should be paying more attention to their own lives, instead of celebrities. Like you say "Divide and Conquer", but first "Distract" peoples attention/focus. Honestly Bro. I couldn't tell you whose behind all this, but it seems like you might be onto something. I never met a Zionist, but I met some decent Jews, Christians, Muslim's, and Masons. I met good and bad in all categorized groups. I'm trying to figure all this out myself. Keep fighting the good fight. I might send you some stuff. For now check the #36, FDR and LBJ. I see something going on there. Good or Evil I'm not sure.


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