Wednesday, August 31, 2016

37 46 55 57 75 110 | Michel Temer's replacement Dilma Rousseff, Brazil's first female President, impeached August 31, 2016

Read my earlier decode on Dilma Rousseff and this impeachment coming 106-days from her 69th birthday here:

Her replacement.

Notice the man replacing her is 75-year old Michel Temer.  Today is a fitting date for the 75-year old 'NWO agent' to take the reigns.

8/31/2016 = 8+31+20+16 = 75

The name he goes by, 'Michel Temer', is also a reflection of 75.

His birth name, 'Lulia', also connects to today's date numerology.

8/31/16 = 8+31+16 = 55

I can't help but notice his birthday either, New Year's Day of the French Republican Calendar, which will become 225-years old this September 23, when he turns 76.

9/23/1940 = 9+23+19+40 = 91 (1-13 summed totals 91)
9/23/1940 = 9+23+(1+9+4+0) = 46
9/23/1940 = 9+2+3+1+9+4+0 = 28
9/23/40 = 9+23+40 = 72 (World)

Notice he has become the 37th President, after Dilma Rousseff was impeached.

For the clincher, Mr. Temer became interim President on May 13, 2016, a date written 13/5.  That was 110-days before today, August 31, 2016.  '110' is the 'President' number.

May 13 is also typically the 133rd day of the year.

Brazil is also the most powerful nation in South America.

From May 13 to his September 23 birthday, is also 133-days.

May 13 can also be written 13/5, connecting to 'The Key of David', as well as the 'Federative Republic of Brazil'.

Last, notice the 'Trust Me' emphasized above, from the May 13, 2016 article.


  1. You left some crumbs for me to gobble up:

    "Impeachment" = 53 & 107
    "Vesica Piscis" = 53 [16th Prime]
    "Sixteen" = 33

    "August Thirty First Impeachment" = 134
    "Vesica Piscis" = 134

    That ties back to todays date numerology:
    8 + 31 + 20 + 16 = 75

    "Seventy Five" = 53 = "Impeachment"
    "Seventy Five" = 89 [11th Fibonacci]
    "Seventy Five" = 152 = "August Thirty First Impeachment"

    Her replacement fits right in:
    "Michel Temer" = 57 & 666 [Prophecy = 666]

    the 57th Prime is 269
    "Sixth Zionist Court" = 269

    "Two hundred Sixty Nine" = 271 [58th Prime]
    "Freemasonry" = 58

    "Two hundred Sixty Nine" = 2384 = "We Scare because we Care"

    Back to the Impeachment:
    "Sixth Zionist Court" = 89 = "Seventy Five"
    Todays Date Numerology = 75

    "Sixth Zionist Court" = 107 = "Impeachment"

    1. Brother, can you work on putting together a gematira dictionary? You're the guy to do it. That would be the HUGEST resource. Yesterday you dropped all these awesome '133' and because i didn't write them down, I already forgot them. The worst part of my research style, is a lot of the stuff I uncover and that gets uncovered, gets buried. I am a producer of content but not very well organized, so if someone could create a resource where all these words get saved permanently, it could do wonders!

    2. I'm asking Lebowski because he is making very good gematria finds and correlations. Maybe the best at it right now.

    3. Yes...I have it, and it will blow your mind. But I'm starting to get scared, because I'm not sure what these people are going to do once they know what I have.

    4. Jake, a Dictionary would be awesome. A list of everything you think is important. All the important words and numbers. Maybe even a summary of each and why its relevant. I am a noob and wanting to learn. I would certainly pay for your dictionary. I am waiting to purchase Zachs book and it would be a be a great bundle.

  2. Thanks for picking up on this, Zach. Great post! There's a couple of dates I thought might add to what you said.

    The article I linked below, by Glenn Greenwald, Snowden's publicity agent, to is is dated 4-22-2016.

    4-22-1500 is the day Pedro Cabral "discovered Brazil."

    I think the article is meant to be taken as an expose on Termer, Brazil's waterboy for CIA/Goldman Sachs.

    Goldman Sachs = 44/116

    May 13, 1888 is day Brazil abolished slavery.

    It matches the date for Jamestown May 13, 1607.

    May 13, 1989 is the date of the Philadelphia police bombed the MOVE office. Zach you're right about 5-1-3, 1-3-5, etc. It's pretty big.

    1. 135 + 531 = 666 [ "Prophecy" = 666 ]

      "Terrorism" = 135
      "Key of David" = 135

      If we look at the number:
      "One Hundred Thirty Five" = 115 & 133
      "Scottish Rite Freemasonry" = 115

      "Military Industrial Complex" = 133
      "Federal Bureau of Investigation" = 133

      "May Thirteenth" = 67 = "Revelation" = 67
      "May Thirteenth" = 67 = "Blood Sacrifice" = 67
      "May Thirteenth" = 67 = "Freemasonry" = 67

    2. Awesome work, Jake! I'm working on an article that might help explain the harmonic dimension of gematria to some degree. 1-3-5 is of course a triad in music. Any combination of the numbers will produce a chord. Fibonacci numbers sync, too. I'd like to use your work here as supporting details, and give you credit if possible. Thanks Zach!

    3. I'm not interested in credit. I'm just winging it like everyone else, just take the ball run and run with it.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. I certainly will, and I understand how you feel. I'm just one who thinks it's important to acknowledge the contribution of others. It's not an ego thing, it's a right thing. You're doing your part.

      I just finished this post. Wild speculations, description of Fibonacci numbers in verse, grand over-arching theories that stretch Reason itself. It was fun.

    6. Yeah...your doing good work too. If we could just wake some of things fucking morons up, we wouldn't have to waist our time on this shit.

    7. Thanks Jake! I know. I try not to think about how far we have to go. It's kinda depressing if I dwell on it. History seems clear about one thing, it's the motivated minority that changes things.

    8. agreed. this is the shit, y'all are the tip of the proverbial sword.

  3. Here's the article.

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