Tuesday, August 9, 2016

51 74 87 | Bleacher Report's joke about the HOF Game Cancellation, August 7, 2016


Notice the 7:08 post time.  The game was cancelled on August 7, or 7/8.  It was only the second time the Hall of Fame Game has been canceled, the last time was August 7, 2011, the year the Giants went on to win the Super Bowl.

If you're not getting the joke, that is the scene from Dark Knight Rises, where the football stadium explodes, just after the number '322' is shown.  It is the NFL player Hines Ward, who wore #86, that should be standing where Andrew Luck has been edited in.

With regards to the predictive programming in movies for Super Bowl destruction, and Oblivion specifically pointing to 2017, things are growing more interesting by the day.  Recall, this game was cancelled on a date with '51' numerology, like the # of the upcoming Super Bowl.

8/7/2016 = 8+7+20+16 = 51 (Conspiracy) (Houston Texans)

I repeat, Houston, do we have a problem?

Houston = 112 (Alt dialing code for 911)
Andrew Luck = 112
Horseshoe = 112

*Last year the Vikings and Steelers played in the HOF Game.  Pictured above is the Steelers Stadium being destroyed.  AFC Championship foreshadowing?  Bengals and Steelers had that memorable matchup last year in the playoffs and either team would make for a good narrative with the Colts.


  1. Notice how they chose to put luck up there and not Aaron Rodgers. The stadium in that movie that blew up was Hinez field home of the steelers who Hines ward played for, like you said. But this is especially interesting that they put Luck up there because last year the Vikings played the steelers in the hall of fame game.

    1. oh dang I always thought that was soldier field since they filmed the movies in Chicago!

    2. That'd defineitely make sense, but I used to like the steelers when I liked the NFL. I remember when they did the filming for it at Hinez, Notice how the seats in the stadium are black and yellow. I even went to the steelers Vikings hall of fame game last year, a few months before i found out about Zachs work. Check it out, I went to my first (and only) hall of fame game in 2015: Hall of fame game =105
      Masonry =105
      Zionism =105.

      When I was at that game I sensed something inherently fraduelent about the NFL, oh what I would come to find about the NFL and Zionism months later....

    3. Maybe they are foreshadowing neither luck nor Rodgers will be in the destructive Super Bowl.
      Maybe Eli is sacrificed.

    4. These are great points, excellent work.

    5. First two movies were filmed in Chicago, the third movie was filmed in Pittsburg. Nolan said he had filmed all of the interesting skyline shots in Chicago and wanted Gotham to look a bit different than the previous films.

  2. And I see Adele is headlining for halftime... (25 minutes ago) https://www.yahoo.com/music/adele-leading-name-2017-super-211730074.html

    1. ...Or rather is "the leading name."

    2. Oh hell and yikes! "the leading name" gematria reduces to a whole lotta 64.

  3. Hines edward ward = 75.
    Indianapolis Colts = 75.
    Hines ward = 47.
    SB 51 is the 47th SB of the modern era.
    Batman = 15 and 51.
    Colts = 15 and win SB51?
    Ward wore 'eighty six' = 126.
    SB51 is in 'Nrg stadium' = 126.
    How deep does this go.
    Ward is 40 years old. Forty = 84.
    Colts moved to indy in 84.
    This is the Colts 33rd season in indy.
    DC comics = 33 and 69.
    Colts = 69.
    The film was directed by 'Cristopher Nolan' = 195.
    Nrg is home to the 'Houston texans' = 195.

  4. Off topic but 36 and 63 are big numbers this year.
    20+16 = 36. 63rd triangular number is 2016.
    Texas Rangers = 151, 36th prime.
    63rd prime = 307.
    Rangers = 37.
    Rangers also = 82. 82nd prime is 421.
    Like April 21st, the day prince died. Guy called prince just retired from the rangers, must be a common name.
    4/21 was also the Queens b day. The Queen that started her reign in '52.
    Texas Rangers = 52.

    1. Rangers won 3-2 in their first game of the season.
      32nd prime is 131, the championship number.
      The American league has won the world series 64 times, national league has won 47 times. If the rangers won the 112th world series the record would be 65-47.
      The rangers won their 112th game of the season the other night, their record for the season after that game was.....surprise surprise 65-47.

    2. I called Rangers before the season started. I will be cashing out HUGE when they win AL 6-1 and WS 15-1

    3. @M&M I do remember you picking Texas!