Tuesday, August 9, 2016

318 | Abraham, Eliasar and the 318 slaves +Thank you Jeranism @ Truth Frequency Radio

Tobias Dantzig1, a professor of mathematics at the University of Maryland (U.S.A.) explained the phenomenon thus:
"The sum of the numbers represented by the letters of the word was the number of the word, and from the standpoint of Gematria two words were equivalent if they added up to the same number. Not only was Gematria used from the earliest days for the interpretation of Bible passages, but there are indications that the writers of the Bible had practiced the art. Thus Abraham proceeding to rescue his brother Eliasar drives forth 318 slaves. Is it just a coincidence that the Hebrew word Eliasar adds up to 318?"

In last night's interview on Truth Frequency Radio, I was asked about the number '318'.  I told the host I didn't know much about the number but would need to research it.  Here is a starting point.

You can listen to last night's show at the the link below.


  1. RFG calling you out Zach. What u gonna do about it?

  2. The 74th day on the Moon Calendar is 3/18 or October 7th.

    1. Great connection. The Moon Calendar is clearly very significant to this research and I need to use it more.

  3. I'm still interested in your sports analysis and if you replied to me elsewhere, I apologize for not reading it first.

  4. There have been various "Bible wheels." One of the more popular of the last decade was even debunked by it's own author... but a few have attempted to say that the 66 chapters of Isaiah correspond to the 66 books of the Bible. I keep these two as resources because though debunked as to their "Wheel" divinity/links, on a more cellular level the gamatria work regarding verses/words/themes remains significant:

  5. Btw, Prince Fielder retired. Decode please Zach

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