Tuesday, August 9, 2016

33 41 44 47 63 88 113 | France's "Super Jihadi" Omar Omsen, August 9, 2016 CNN reporting

Ready for your daily dose of '113'?

Notice this story comes on August 9, a date that can be written 9/8 or 8/9.

8/9/16 = 8+9+16 = 33 (Masonry) (Secrecy) (False Flag)
8/9/2016 = 8+9+20+16 = 53 (Religion)

OO, we know how they like to double up on their letters in names, and how they like to code '113' into their propaganda based lies.

Mainstream = 113; Dishonest = 113; Green Screen = 113

Omar = 20/47; Omsen = 21/66

Down below you'll notice that Omar Omsen is said to be 41-years old...

41, the 13th prime
U.S.A. = 41

His alias is also interesting, Omar Diaby.

Omar = 20/47; Diaby = 23/41

Notice how Diaby also has the '41' coding, again matching his age.

Let us not forget how '47' for 'Omar' connects to 'France'.

Again, 19 is an important number in Quran, and they love to code '19' into their anti-Islam propaganda.  HH also has gematria of '88', matching his alias.

As for him being from Senegal, I think that is a tribute to the year of the propaganda, 2016.

When you add every number up to 63, it sums to 2016.

That use of the word 'Katiba', "a brigade of jihadis", is interesting too.

Prophet = 44/98

Let us not forget how 'teen' also connects to '44'.  There's been lots of details about teens and ISIS, including this story, where there's a teen girl trapped in Syria.

And the man who has seen him in action, 'Fouad El Bathy', connects to the phrase 'Super Jihadi'.

Also, the reason we're getting so many 'teenage girls' in these ISIS propaganda stories, is for the emotional appeal and the gematria.