Thursday, October 27, 2016

73 102 142 223 | Mike Pence's plane skids off 'runway', or did it? October 27, 2016 +Hillary Clinton campaign tribute?

This incident happened in New York.  But, did this incident even happen?

10/27/2016 = 10+27+20+16 = 73 (Hillary Clinton = 73)

Notice Mike Pence is 57, and this comes during the time of the World Series.

World Series = 57

This incident comes 142-days after his 57th birthday.  Forty-Two = 142; NYC = 42; Freemason=42

This incident also comes 223-days before his upcoming 58th birthday, June 7, 2017.

Freemasonry = 58; Secret Society = 58; United States = 58

Masonic = 223; The Synagogue of Satan = 223
Curse of the Billygoat = 223; We Got Detroit's Goat = 223

Notice the gematria of 'runway'.

Yesterday was Hillary's 69th birthday, on October 26.  She was born on a date with '102' numerology, and she began her campaign April 12, 2015, the 102nd day of the year.

10/26/1947 = 10+26+19+47 = 102 (United States of America),_2016

Remember the story of Hillary's 102-year old supporter, from the 33rd day of the year?

It's all a joke.  How many more laughs do they get at our expense?

One last point, LaGuardia has the Chicago connection.

LaGuardia Airport = 81
Chicago = 81 (Jewish Gematria)

Hillary is from Chicago, and has ties to New York.


  1. Seriously what are the odds of this happening? It's not like his pilot was straight of flight school. People gotta wake up.

    1. Seriously...I said the same thing. My husband is a pilot and he bought it hook, line and sinker. I just bit my tongue....

  2. Zach,

    This might sound dumb but do you think "police chases" are real? or a distraction???

    1. IMO, if it's on TV it's part of the narrative of this Reality Show called America, and therefore fiction.

      Reality shows still have writers and especially editors. They manufacture events and situations for the people to react to, and are always playing up misunderstandings and/or friction between characters, or tricking them into saying or doing stupid things. Like Candid Camera or Punked.

      America unscrambled is I Camera.

    2. Yeah.

      Like saying obey traffic laws or you'll get your ass fined.

    3. I's all fake. I saw some dumb story today about a pawn store calling the police about a stolen ring they ended up with. I didn't really listen, but I immediately thought...oh look...a story to pay homage to the "Lord of the Rings" Saturn! Boy do they think we are dumb...and I guess most people are. They just make this shit up...I bet 50 other news outlets around America ran a similar story with different people, a different ring and a different pawn shop. That is how fake the world on TV is.

  3. They're campaign is about to slide off

  4. Working on the upcoming Taylor Swift death. She's gunna go for New York.

    Taylor Swift=168, *1008*
    New York City=168, 1008

    She is going to become the newest addition to the 27 Club. Club=33, Twenty Seven Club=210

    Her last birthday will be in December on the 13th. For the coincidence theorists, she will "die" on 2-*27*-17. Now for the fun;

    That is 76 hours or 10 weeks 6 days from birthday to death guess. It is also 1 month 23 days before the Superbowl or 76 days if you count the end date.

    Ms. Swift released a track called Welcome to New York in 2014. Welcome to New York=222 and the death guess is 22 days after the Superbowl. Welcome to New York is also listed at 3:32 seconds. Welcome to New York=1332. 3:32 is 212 seconds for a little look at a 22 again or 21+12=33.

    Welcome to New York released on 10-20-14=44
    The Suoerbowl is on 2-5-2017=44
    The song was released exactly 119 weeks and 6 days before the Superbowl for a fun 119 and a 96=Freemason or exactly 123 weeks before the death guess date. 123 weeks is also 2 years 4 months 7 days, 2*47*

    Jewish Values
    New York City=1997
    Taylor Swift=1756
    1997-1756=241=the 2 years 4 months 7(1 week) days from song to death.
    1997+1756=3753=3+7+5+3=18=1008 for Taylor Swift and New York City.

    Taylor Swift Found Dead=2070J
    Taylor Swift Found Dead at Twenty Seven=2610
    Club Twenty Seven=2610J
    February twenty seventh=296, 1776

    Her last album=1989=1+9+8+9=27

  5. @LOA 👀

    I will save this post. This may be the top post on this thread ever. Well done ... Kudos!

    1. I been feeling this vibe for awhile now, things keep fitting the pattern. Thanks!

    2. I also get the feeling that she won't be the only one to join the 27 Club. I know Anton Yelchin was 27 when he died, so maybe it is his "death" that keeps skimming on my surface, but I think maybe one more.

      Anton did die 253 days before the 2-27-17 guess date, which is a number that pops for Trump alot, and 253 days is 8 months 8 days. Trump=88

    3. Lol. So I was wondering if maybe someone died in the middle of those 8 months 8 days from Antons death to my 2/27 death guess. That would be 4 months and 4 days from 6-19-16, which was last Sunday 10-23-16. The only person to die that day, and believe me it was a very huge deal to the entire World!!!, was Glenn from The Walking Dead. Now, my man Glenn's full name is Glenn Rhee and

      Glenn Rhee=88.


      Bye bye, Taylor.

      Say you'll remember her, standing in a white dress, staring at the sunset, babe.

      Hee, hee.

      Glenn Fuckin' Rhee on 10/23/16, that's a 123 Conspiracy! With a real death of a fake person placed directly in the middle of two fake deaths of two "real" peoples. Or am I crazy?

      Her last hit is Wildest Dreams, have a read:

    4. The 59th Prime is 277
      The 17th Prime is 59
      The 7th Prime is 17
      And the 4th Prime is 7

      So 277 is a super-super-super-prime.
      Anton was born 3-11-1989
      Taylor was born 12-13-1989
      277 days apart
      9 months 2 days
      Which is a 92 and
      Now lets rip that apart
      12 21
      And have a look cause
      12/21/1983 is the birthday of Steven Yeun, who just so happens to play Glenn Rhee
      And he was born
      272 weeks and 3 days before Anton
      312 weeks or 5 years, 11 months, 22 days before Taylor.

      You can run through those numbers and find 33s for days.

    5. ;)
      Anton, Glenn, Taylor=207=Illuminati Confirmed

    6. Twenty Two Days later =270

      Twenty Two Days Later in New York=404


      The Taylor Swift Experince will be showing in NYC, opening 11/18/16 and can you guess the end date?? 2/27/17

    8. Three Fictonal Characters Deaths=270

    9. Lord Stephen, Pete Burns died on 10/23, from "Dead or Alive", same day as Glenn from a show based around whether things are dead or alive.

    10. I forgot about Pete! A nice middle point between the two. Man/Woman mash-up. Time to check more dates. I need one of those corkboards with red strings connecting pictures!!

    11. This comment has been removed by the author.

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