Saturday, December 3, 2016

BBC reporting, December 2, 2016, 'Pizzagate', the fake story that shows how conspiracy theories spread


  1. Isnt this confirming everything Zach was telling Jeff C & that Call for an uprising shill just 4 days ago?

    1. indeed yes - a call 4 an uprising is gone now
      they were defeated

    2. Im gonna get Zachary k Hubbard tatted on me somwhere

  2. I feel so Deflated and like a bounty was on my head from being spied on.

  3. "What's happening in the US over the last year or two is that conspiracy theorising is being deployed as a political weapon," he says, "And that's a very big change in the way that conspiracy narratives are being used."

    In the last year or two? What a laugh. It's always been that way.

    1. Float fake story watch who runs with it.
    2. Denounce it as fake, while at the same time releasing more conflicting stories to fuck with those who are unsure.
    3. Fuel the PC outrage by painting the accused as the victim of smear campaign receiving death threats and unable to run their business because of this "hate campaign". This infuriates those who believe the original story - that child molesters are getting away with it - and makes the rest of the public feel helpless that they live in a world with so many horrible people that would harrassed an innocent person like that and makes them worry it could happen to them.
    4. Now nobody knows what happened exactly but they r pretty sure something did and they r pissed and will argue with each other instead of going after the real culprit - the media.

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  5. As the PizzaGate story was breaking in the US & online, Child Sex Abuse in English Football was breaking in the UK ... almost running parallel. In English football there is a fixture known as the 'Battle Of The Buffet', which refers to a game between Manchester United & Arsenal, October 24th 2004.
    In 2004 Arsenal lost to Manchester United, and the game was dubbed, 'PizzaGate', after an incident in the tunnel with Cesc Fabregas throwing Pizza at someone.
    Arsenal lost the game breaking their 49 game unbeaten streak. In the new Pizzagate, suspect, James Alefantis is ranked the 49th most powerful person in Washington. 'Washington' = 49 ...

    Pizzagate = a famous English football fixture/match.
    English Football now has a child sex abuse scandal ...
    While 'Pizzagate' is now too it's own Child Sex Abuse scandal ...

    All seems to link together...

    Location of the Pizzagate sex scandal,'Comet' = 56.
    The Pizzagate football match, was played at 'Old Trafford' = 56.
    'Battle Of The Buffet' = 66. 'Thirty Three' = 66. 'Pizza' = 33. 'Gate' = 33. 'Alefantis' = 33.
    'Pizzagate' = 666.


    1. A bit more expanded on links :