Saturday, December 3, 2016

42 119 | Dolly Parton sang Jolene on 'The Voice', the same day page from 'Joel' was found at Dollywood

This commercial was made at the beginning of the fires, before they spread and destroyed all that they did.
Smokey = 25/88; Trump = 25/88

Checkout Dolly Parton's ad with Smokey Bear.  And notice Smokey was invented in '44.

And checkout the gematria on 'Smokey Bear'.  It connects to that page from the Book of Joel being found at Dollywood, after the fire, with Joel 1:19, about the fire, still readable.  Speaking of '119', Dolly Parton was born January 19, and the night before the page was found, she went on 'The Voice', and sung 'Jolene'.

Jolene.... Joel...

Notice the song 'Jolene' was a hit in 1974.  From 1974 to 2016 is 42 years.

Again, '42' is the number of the Freemasons, who run this world, through the TV and media.

Of course, the first printed Bibles were 42-Line Bibles, and the New Testament begins with the 42 generations leading up to Jesus.

The night Dolly Parton sang at 'The Voice', was November 29, the same day this story emerged about the page from Joel being found at her resort, Dollywood.

Keep in mind Dolly is into New Ageism.

This is from the King James Bible.  Notice it is Joel 1:19

King James BibleO LORD, to thee will I cry: for the fire hath devoured the pastures of the wilderness, and the flame hath burned all the trees of the field.

Now, again, one more time, Dolly Parton's birthday.

Dolly Parton = 53; Religion = 53

Dolly's Goddaughter was born the day the fire began.  The same one she sang Jolene with.

5/22/1973 = 5+22+19+73 = 119 (Date Jolene was recorded, May 22, 1973)

1/19/46 = 1+19+46 = 66 (Revelation, the 66th Book of the Bible)

This incident began a span of 58-days before Dolly's 71st birthday November 23, 2016.  I notice she is age 70, just like Donald Trump (She was born 147-days before him, or 21 weeks; Bible = 21; Twenty-One = 42).  Last night, I talked about the parallels between this incident, and Trump being elected the 45th President, under the 'Trump-Pence' ticket.

November 23 is the day that leaves 38-days left in the year.  In other words, a date ripe for 'fire'.

From Dolly's birthday to the start of the fire was 309-days, or 44-weeks and 1-day.

Here are some related thoughts from the blog contributors (notice they bring up Billy Joel's song about fire which is 309 seconds long:


  1. Z. If you haven't done so, you need to go back to that original Bible Page post and read the comments. So much more...

    1. Yeah, that was like the gematria Hall of Famer's forum

    2. And we still haven't gotten all the way down that hole.

    3. Man it was creepy how everything, and literally everything we were all checking was syncing perfectly. :) . I've been afraid to go back to it since :D ha.

  2. Joel David Coen, one of the Coen brothers, also born on November 29th 1954. Another Joel, another Nov. 29th.
    'Joel David Coen' = 119

    1. And that creppy

      William Martin "Billy" Joel David Coen=333

    2. Billy also has a song called Miami 2017(The Lights Went out on Broadway)

      I swear, like Prince, he is giving us his expiration date.

    3. A guy on Zachs blog posted comment saying the DJ in the Oakland fire, his first name was 'Joel'. Fire & Joel everywhere ... Been checking your posts man ... some quality gems ya found. Like a mega duracell battery this one ... :D haa

  3. There is also an episode of American Pickers? at Dollywood. They talk to Dolly in front of a fire truck.


      The end is bizarre where Dolly says "Thank God we are all Women or we'd have been some Drag Queens"

      Not ready for that rabbit hole! !

    2. No shit! Lol I had the same reaction when I saw that clip! Haha

  4. From Dolly's birthday to her singing on The Voice is 25,882 days. Using the 13 Moon Calendar, that span of days is 71 years, 1 month, 10 days. The end date would be February 26th or 2/26 and Two Hundred Twenty Six = 93. February 26th is also 8/20 or the 216th day of the year on the 13 MC. 6 x 6 x 6 = 216

    1. I just found out that Dolly released her 2nd last album on 2/26/16. Credit goes to Marty McSuperFly! Thanks Marty!

    2. The fires started on November 23rd which is 5/9 or the 121st day (4 months, 9 days) on the 13 Moon Calendar. Revelation = 49/67/121

  5. So glad you made a post about the discoveries they made linking Dolly, Billy Joel & the fires -- what they uncovered is incredible!

    Anyone that hasn't seen this thread, go to NOVEMBER -- then to the 3rd post down -- "Dollywood employee finds ..." -- & check out the Comments.

    What's shown above is just a fraction of what these guys uncovered -- there's LOTS more.

    Such as -- who knew that Dolly Parton is Miley Cyrus' GODMOTHER?!
    Think about Miley's MK-Ulta antics in recent years + the fact these two were singing a duet of "JOLEne" while thousands of acres around Dollywood suddenly -- & "unexpectedly" -- erupted into a "Firestorm". Add the weird Billy JOEL connections & "strange" doesn't even begin to describe it.

    It's ALL very much worth reading ...
    & maybe some others out there will have even more insights to add. ;D

  6. With all the focus on SMOKEY THE BEAR, I'm surprised no "Wildlife Experts" have been on CNN talking about the BLACK BEARS.

    There's usually a LOT of them all over the Gatlinburg area.

    Have hibernating bears been killed or injured due to fire & smoke inhalation?
    It seems like SOME injured bears should be turning up by now ...

    Or was the fall & early winter too warm for them to go into hibernation yet?
    If so -- or if they woke up -- they'd be scattering to escape the "Firestorm". And they'd be turning up in nearby towns & counties ... probably in large numbers.

    But I'm not hearing ANYTHING about the (huge number of) BLACK BEARS that would have been affected by these fires. WHY is that??

    "Animal Rescuers" are usually some of the first to arrive during such "disasters" ...
    So ... WHERE ARE THEY??

    Maybe we'll hear something soon ... but if we don't ... THAT will be Giant Red Flag!