Saturday, December 3, 2016

41 122 | Paul Graves says many more people could be dead in Oakland fire of December 2, 2016

237 = 2x3x7 = 42; Nine = 42; Freemason = 42

United States of America = 102; Key of David = 102

About 40 people?

Basketball = 22/31/40/85

Notice it is PAUL GRAVES, saying the death toll could go much higher.

This incident happened December 2, or 12/2.

Again, this story is contrived, and the fatalities are a hoax.  Your fire department, police, and media are responsible for this one.

12/2/2016 = 12+2+20+16 = 50; Golden State = 41/50


  1. Graves discussing the death toll.

    Man, you just can't make this stuff up.

    Oh, wait. I keep forgetting.

  2. We are living in a world (minus The Most High's Creation) that is driven by man's imaginations and symbolic of an insane asylum.

    "Insanity" in the English Sumerian system equals 666

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    2. wow insanity does have numbers 39/111/666/1119 - good share.

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  4. Hey zach, i personally know people who's friends are still missing from this event.

    The fire was no hoax. Not saying the reporting on it can't be skewed.... but this really happened.

    I'm involved in the music scene here sacramento and the bay area.... i can confirm this event 100%.

    I highly suggest you take this down or at least edit some of your statements.

    The last thing i want is for you to lose any credibility for calling this event a hoax...

    1. Yes.

      Zach knows i've been here for years...... and have no reason to lie. The fire was real, and people really did die. Now why this fire happened i don't know......

    2. B Savage, stay on top of it, but you should see the pattern by now. Yeah a fire was set. But.. Uhh Friends of friends? Same song and dance. HOW GOOD OF FRIENDS ARE YOU WITH THEM THAT THE MISSING PEOPLE AREN'T ALSO FRIENDS OF YOURS?

      I think Prunella knows Oakland booty when she sees it.

    3. 29 Days left in the Year Dec. 2nd

      Fire= 29

      Masonic= 74 & 29

      Oakland California = 74

      Masonic Fire = 58 / 67

      Oakland = 58

      Freemasonry= 58 / 67

      Think of the tune "We Didn't Start The Fire" : Billy Joel . Sep. 27, 1989

      9+27+(1+9+8+9)= .. 63 ..

      Oakland , California = O.A. = 6,3

      Billy Joel is 67 this Year.

    4. Check out the
      Billy Joel song Miami 2017.
      Me thinks he is telling us something. Bye bye, Billy?

    5. Unless you went down to the scene and personally went over to these supposed dead bodies and checked to see if they were still breathing, until u do that and are completely satisfied that these friends of friends are indeed dead, you are spreading hearsay and should not be taken seriously.

    6. From Sep. 27th 2016 The 27 Year Anniversary of the release of "We Didn't Start The Fire". To the Warehouse Fire Dec. 2nd 2016.

      67 Days like Billy Joel's Age.

      The name of the Warehouse Club that caught Fire. " Ghost Ship"

      Ghost Ship= 49 & 121

      William Joel= 49 & 121

      Fire Sixty Seven= 74

      Oakland California= 74

    7. Prunella just stop. You arent thinking properly and you are now coming off as delusional and paranoid. These are my real life FRIENDS I'm talking about. People I've known for years....

      What do you want? Screen shots? My facebook? Want to go through all my pictures? Like seriously...

      My friend Anthony is the one putting on the candle light Vigil for this. You need to understand that this is a Rave community. And rave communities are really close to each other. Everyone knows everyone.

      In fact one of the DJs i know was playing at this show AND WAS MISSING!! Real people with real profiles.

      like get real. Why do i need to check the bodies?..... these are my FRIENDS. You are implying that my "real life" friends that ive known for years are lying and in on this? You know how bat shit crazy you sound?

      You want to see all the events and festivals i help throw in the area? Want me to give you names and pictures and timelines going back 4 years ago???

      I think its time for you get away from the internet for awhile.

      And zach, I'm only telling you this because i dont want your credibility damaged at all.

      Like i said. The fire did happen. The event did happen. People died. For what reason i dont know.

      P.s. WHY THE HELL WOULD I WAIT UNTIL NOW TO LIE? I've been here way longer than you Prunella. Please tell me why this exact event would be so important to fake? Please enlightened me. Please tell me the agendas for this one..... you know the really important agendas that i apparently waited over 2 years for. And for what? This wasn't some fake mass shooting.... this was a fire at a UNDERGROUND RAVE.

      Zach the music scene is big in nor cal. If you call these deaths fake then you will lose credibility with a lot of people over here. I share your work sometimes but if they see this..... then they most likely wont take you seriously. This event has hit a lot of people hard. If you want proof of anything ive said, then let me know and I'll get it to you.....

      And i just want to remind people that these numbers DO HAPPEN ORGANICALLY. Just apply gematria to your life and see.... just because there's connections or synchronicitys, does not make it automatically planned out or scripted.... zach you know this.

  5. Massive fire in Cambridge, MA today too. My friend said she knew of an actual victim of the Boston Marathon so not entirely fake but then again anybody could put on a cast and fake am injury for an exchange of $$$. But there could very well be real victims stuck in tragedy which makes it even sicker

  6. Massive fire in Cambridge, MA today too. My friend said she knew of an actual victim of the Boston Marathon so not entirely fake but then again anybody could put on a cast and fake am injury for an exchange of $$$. But there could very well be real victims stuck in tragedy which makes it even sicker

    1. Lots of people die in the play, Hamlet. They "die" over and over again each time the play is performed. ThE actors know what will happen and aren't emotionally invested because they know it's just pretend, but the characters don't because they are scripted that way.

      Here's some food for thought. I read in some trivia book that the show I LOVE LUCY has been playing continuously on one tv station or another all over the world since the series began. So this show has basically been riding the airwaves of our planet for 60+ years. I wonder what effect if any that constant Repetition has on us?
      Think of the way some people get caught up in TV shows hating some characters and loving others. These feelings are very real to the person that has them and so the line between fiction and reality can get blurry because feelings get stored in the "hey, that shit is real it felt real" section of the brain.

      What if someone came up to you and told you you were a character on a show made 60 years ago that had been playing on repeat ever since, would you believe them? What if you were tasked with telling someone they were living in a repeat? How would u go about doing that?

  7. I love you Prunella, you are much 'crazier' than I am.

    It's people like you that let me know how deep into the rabbit hole I have actually gone, and can continue to go.

    The fire happened, people probably died (you cant prove it one way or another, we call that a moot point) it was set, planned, info controlled and sure looked sexy (artistically speaking) with the graffiti eyes and skull with the smoke out the sides.

    1. Like a Sublime or Guns n Roses album cover.

    2. I look at the news as fiction. As u say you can't prove it one way or another, but the thing is, the media - the one saying something happened - is the one who bears the burden of proof. They say something happened, show us pictures, and some Facebook photos, and some soap opera ish details. There is always someone who will chime in that they live there, people REALLY did die!1!! how dare u question it, blah, blah, boo hoo!1!
      I will question it if I want to, thanks.

      I try to look at things sideways from whatever the masses think.