Saturday, December 3, 2016

323 | Lucifer coding in 'We are preparing for the worst' CNN headlines,, Oakland's December 2, "Chicago Fire" tribute

Lucifer?  Fire?


  1. Like the 135 31st Avenue 135+531=666

    The way they write Ave=28 like Lamb. Roasted in this case.

  2. One thing I never understood about Zach and his decodes.

    He will mix and match EO with ER with Sumerian with Gematria.

    There has to be some kind of rules on how these numbers are coded. Can you really say "Because this number appears in Gematria, it applies to this Ordinal coding."

    With the sports decodes (not that it works all that well), people try to be consistent with the specific system where the coding is found.

    1. You're not very good at paying attention. The systems are interrelated. The point is to decode each word with all methods.
      ALT = 33
      Alternate = 33

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    3. You expect a nice discussion when you're calling him a prick and a fuckhead?
      Maybe read your own comment.

  3. What's up with painting. A bunch of eye s

    1. What kind of party was going on in that Warehouse? On the images on the wall some "Eyes" from "All Seeing Eye". Then you have a "Skull" from Skull&Bones and the word insurance is cut off (not a coincidence).

      "Skull " in English Sumerian equals 450
      "Eyes" in English Sumerian equals 324
      "The Wall" in English Gematria equals 774

      "Insura" in English Gematria equals 550
      "Satan" in English Ordinal equals 55
      "Fire" in English Gematria equals 110

      "Evil " in English Gematria equals 444
      "Lucifer" in English Sumerian equals 444
      "California" in English Ordinal equals 88
      "NBA" in English Reduction equals 8

    2. One of The first kind of insurance publicly sold was Fire Insurance in the old days of Rome. Fires were fairly common in the poorer parts of the city, so the strongarms mafia'd in the Fire Insurance and set fires in neighborhoods where there was no insurance.

  4. Speaking of Lucifer...have you seen the new stadium in Atlanta??? It is a fucking Star of David!!! Cocksuckers are getting obviouser and obviouser.

    1. It is also the All Seeing Eye, the way the roof opens and closes. Pentagons and Triangles all over that monster

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