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33 38 58 139 | Thank God, It's Doomsday, Simpson's episode (May 8, 2005) that points to May 18 +Donald Trump / Revelation related

Do you recall what I said about May 18 and Donald Trump?  Well, a special reader, Mix-, noticed how the date May 18 came up in the episode 'Thank God, It's Doomsday', May 8, 2005, of the Simpson's, the same TV show that forecast the Donald Trump presidency years in advance (like many other TV shows did as well).  For a personal note, this episode aired 3-days after I finished college with my last final, May 5, 2005.  It's an easy date to remember for a milestone, 5/5/05.

5/8/2005 = 5+8+20+05 = 5+8+20+05 = 38 (Death = 38)
5/8/2005 = 5+8+2+0+0+5 = 20 (Death = 20)
5/8/05 = 5+8+05 = 18
5/8 = 5+8 = 13

Remember, Donald Trump just won the 58th Presidential Election.

The episode gematria is as follows:

Thank God, It's Doomsday = 80/98/107/224

This episode came in the 16h season...

Here are some clips from the show.

Notice the numbers written, they are taken in part from Revelation, the book of prophecy and destruction, much like what 'Doomsday' refers to.

After some calculations by Duff drinking Homer, he arrives at May 18.

May 18 is the 138th day of the year.  Donald Trump = 138

Often times, consecutive days in dates are important.  Also, typically when it was one date in a certain part of the world, it is another date in the other.

May 19 is also the 139th day of the year.  Freemasonry = 58/139

This episode aired on May 8, or 5/8.

Watch a clip from the show here:


  1. 12 years 10 days from Airdate to that 5/18/17 guess date. 121=Revelation

    And that 144,000 is always interesting concerning religion. That is the Jevoah's Witness number for how many people get to go to Heaven while the rest maintain Peace on Earth. Or some such drivel.

  2. I know you're mad at me Truthseeker, but this work is too good for me not to comment.

    We all know how accurate The Simpsons have been with the Predictive Programming. What Zach has uncovered about 5/18 is important & significant.

    5+18+20+17 =60. Sixty =899. Five Eighteen =899. Yom Kippur =899. Yom Kippur is the Day of Atonement =158, similar to 5/18.

    From the date of Donald Trumps Inauguration on Jan 20 to May 18 =118 Days. The Election was on 11/8. If we Include the end date = 119 Days - even more ominous. Trump was pronounced the Winner on 11/9.

    1. Tell me this Maestro. Have you figured out Pizzagate is a hoax yet? Maybe my debate with the two frauds promoting it as real woke you up?

    2. PizzaGate isn't important enough to me to debate. I believe child trafficking by Washington Elites is real. My focus on Pizzagate is with the Podesta Bros, & other Clinton cronies who are guilty as sin for committing these atrocities.

      Comet Pizza itslef, along w/ its owner are the Hoax/Distractions to take the spotlight off the Real Culprits. You didn't mention the Podesta's even once in all your videos.

      I agree Comet Pizza & everything that comes with it is a Hoax as proven by F2FT. But I disagree that the underlying controversy of well connected politicians & businessmen engaging in these sick acts is make-believe.

      PizzaGate shines a light on child abuse/trafficking, & thats where my focus is. My intention was never to challenge you, or even slightly discredit what you are saying.

      For anybody out there reading this - I truly think Zach does the finest, most accurate, & credible work of anybody in the entire Truth Community.

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  3. Zach looks like Simpsons predicted the Brazilian plane crash as well

    The episode is called "the last temptation of homer" season 5 episode 9
    The title is going off of t"the last temptation of Jesus".
    Homer=59 (season 5 e9)
    The last temptation of Jesus=313
    Homer Simpson=65 (313 is the 65th prime)

    Episode first aired 12/9/93 that's 22 years before the Brazilian plane crash that is interesting to me because this is right in the middle of the Andes rugby plane crash 44 years ago as zach has posted

    From the Brazilian plane crash 11/29 to the date of the episode 12/9 is a span of 11 days

    The last temptation of homer =118 s exception
    It was the 90th episode of the Simpsons
    False flag=33

    Pretty sure there's a whole lot more

    1. Mr burns=33
      Montgomery burns=219 like the date of episode 9/12
      Montgomery burns=75 it was first reported 75 dead in the plane crash

    2. 12/9/1993
      12+9+19+93=133 temptation=133
      1+2+9+1+9+9+3=34 (Colombia ,Simpsons)
      12+9+93=114 (Charles Montgomery burns=114 s ex)
      Mr Burns owns Colombia=93 like the year this episode was aired

    3. Last one
      You can say Montgomery burns represents united state of America in the cartoon in the way he runs and minipulates his nuclear plant in fairly and is considered an elite in the cartoon .

      Montgomery burns=84
      United States of America=84
      Mr burns owns Colombia=84

  4. There's a chris marker short film released Feb. 16, 1962, about a nuclear bombing of Paris.

    "La Jetée (French pronunciation: ​[la ʒəte]) ("The Jetty," here referring to an outdoor viewing pier at an airport), is a 1962 French science fiction featurette by Chris Marker. Constructed almost entirely from still photos, it tells the story of a post-nuclear war experiment in time travel. It is 28 minutes long and shot in black and white. It won the Prix Jean Vigo for short film.

    The 1995 science fiction film 12 Monkeys was inspired by and borrows several concepts directly from La Jetée.

    post-apocalyptic Paris where survivors live underground in the Palais de Chaillot galleries. Scientists research time travel, hoping to send test subjects to different time periods "to call past and future to the rescue of the present". They have difficulty finding subjects who can mentally withstand the shock of time travel. The scientists eventually settle upon the prisoner; his key to the past is a vague but obsessive memory from his pre-war childhood of a woman (Hélène Chatelain) he had seen on the observation platform ("the jetty") at Orly Airport shortly before witnessing a startling incident there. He had not understood exactly what happened but knew he had seen a man die..."

    There's more on Wikipedia. Pretty esoteric. I've thought for years there would a bombing or some big false flag in Paris. Remember an asteroid hitting Paris in Armageddon? Seems connected to this ww2/cold war narrative. Cuban missile crisis. There's also German whispering in jetee. It's hard to hear. I'll listen again, try and translate. Could be some clues in this. Marker has a film called sans soleil. Great film. Wasn't there a death at cirque de soleil recently?

    Just saw an xfinity commercial about "gate of hell."

    1. Reminds me of the game

      Remember Me. It is also in Post-Apocalyptic Paris.

  5. Also, that new iphone7 commercial with the old guy symbolizing time/kronos/saturn, maybe). He plays Arturo Sandoval's la virgin de la Macarena. Arturo is a CUBAN TRUMPETER.

    "Arturo Sandoval (born November 6, 1949) is a Cuban jazz trumpeter, pianist and composer. He was born in Artemisa, Cuba."

    The Virgin of Hope of Macarena (Spanish: Virgen de la Esperanza de Macarena de Sevilla), popularly known as the Virgin of Macarena or simply La Macarena, is a pious 17th century Roman Catholic wooden image of the Blessed Virgin Mary venerated in Seville, Spain. The Marian title falls under a category of Our Lady of Sorrows commemorating the desolate grievance and piety of the Virgin Mary during Holy Week. The image is widely considered as a national treasure by the Spanish people, primarily because of its religious grandeur during Lenten celebrations."

  6. Something interesting:

    "Arson attempt

    During the Spanish Civil War, anti-clerical arsonists entered on the early dawn of 18 July 1936 attempting to destroy the images inside the Macarena church and its oratory. Out of fear, the people stole the images of Lord of Judgment and Lady of the Rosary and hid them under the warehouse underneath the church steps. Historically, religious images that are threatened by war or famine are often secretly buried underground for safekeeping. The Macarena image was stripped of its vestments and taken anonymously to one of the members of the Confraternity for safekeeping. Due to the warring factions at the time, the confraternity was expelled and was forced to move into the Church of the Annunciation."

  7. Oakland fire in a warehouse today. Jazz TRUMPETER. New Orleans. French city of jazz. New Orleans shooting hoaxes. Jean Battiste, jazz pianist from New orleans, house band on late show with COLBERT.

    "Jean-Baptiste Colbert (French: [ʒɑ̃.ba.tist kɔl.bɛʁ]; 29 August 1619 – 6 September 1683) was a French politician who served as the Minister of Finances of France from 1665 to 1683 under the rule of King Louis XIV. His relentless hard work and thrift made him an esteemed minister. He achieved a reputation for his work of improving the state of French manufacturing and bringing the economy back from the brink of bankruptcy. Historians note that, despite Colbert's efforts, France actually became increasingly impoverished because of the King's excessive spending on wars.[1] Colbert worked to create a favourable balance of trade and increase France's colonial holdings."

    1666 great london fire. 1990 documentary called Paris is burning. What are they trying to tell us? Saturn about to emerge from scorpio (water sign. A sign of accidents, sudden events). About to "emerge" into Sagittarius. Sag ruled by jupiter, the sign of blessings, hope, expansion, etc. Saturn and jupiter polar opposites.

    "Christams time in New Orleans" on pbs right now. False flag in New Orleans? There's so much here. I'm expecting a big false flag this month. An assassin or a bombing in paris, new Orleans, berlin, or new york, or london,perhaps. Maybe a "flood."

    1. Interview with jim caviezel, who played jesus in passion of the Christ, was just interviewed on a football field talking about how the manning boys went there.

    2. Crazy stuff, Elmer. Looks like your doing a global Jesuit tango.

    3. Check out the new miss Dior commercial starring Natalie Portman. Flip flop narrative and it ends in PARIS

    4. Also, Portman is starting as JACKie onasis in a biopic called jackie. And it was written by a guy named OPPENHEIM!! Hahaha. Starring Peter sarsgaard SARS guard, a Swede (Viking). He also starred in melancholia, starring Kirsten DUNST (another kraut) about a planet crashing into this one. Doomsday. I couldn't even finish it, it was so bleak. It also starred keefer Sutherland (another kraut, Kiefer means pine in German. Also, kether on the tree of life.) Keefer is in a tv show currently, called designated survivor, about a NUKE bombing in DC. It's too much...

    5. "The world wars" on history channel. Hunger games CATCHING FIRE on TNT. Home alone 2 lost in New York starring d. Trump on amc. "Merry Christmas, you filthy animal, and happy New year." Tommy gun. Big BANG theory on tbs. Arthur Christmas (Kennedy and Camelot) on free. "Brothers take NEW ORLEANS" on hgtv. SHOOTER new tv show ad on USA...what the HELL is going on?

    6. I really liked Melancholia. The cinematography was gorgeous and the planet crashing was a metaphor for how a deep depression/sadness can feel like the world is ending. Its a study of how the two sisters each handled it in completely different ways (like flip sides, heads or tails).
      No need to take everything so literally. It's like the bible, movies are stories and can be interpreted many different ways. Just like the "news" is stories and we r looking at the symbolism and gematria to see the patterns and what they mean to us individually and as a group. Well, that's what I'm doing anyway. I wish people would relax. The only wars going on are all imaginary. You can read about it but you don't have to believe it.

    7. I liked it too. Just couldn't handle the ending at the time. but, maybe it had a happy ending! Should probably re watch it and really pay attention. dogville is one of my favorite movies. Lars von trier is Danish! Haha just remembered. There's probably tons of coding in those. I'm not worried, though. Mostly baffled.

      Pizza hut snow man melted by ovens commercial! Haha. #MELTGATE. I haven't seen frozen but it seems to tie into the nazi/aryan hyperboria mythology. "Let it go, let it go" pertinent symbolism currently.

    8. This might sound weird but maybe you could try to enjoy that baffled feeling. Or at least sit with it, try to describe how it feels to yourself in different ways, like writing in a journal or drawing, or making up a new word for it. Does it feel uncomfortable and if so how bad? Rate it, one through ten, give each one a name, etc..I went through some pretty intense anxiety a while back and doing stuff like that really helped me get through it.

  8. Trump = 138. So does...
    "Zachary Hubbard" in the English Ordinal system equals 138.

    Your initials...
    "ZKH" in the English Ordinal system equals 45
    ...and Trump is the 45th president!

    That must mean things about stuff!

  9. Wow that's so weird. That Egypt flight crashed or disappeared on May 19th, 2016 and May 19th is my birthday...5/19 or 19/5