Tuesday, March 29, 2016

47 58 93 | Sebastien Bellin, the man who lost part of his hip, without having any blood on his pants- Brussels Terror Hoax, March 22, 2016

It's comical how they feed the masses such a headline while giving an image of the person, showing nothing wrong with them.  If part of his hip was missing, his clothes would be soaked in blood.  ESPN was covering this story the day of the attack, here is CNN covering it a week later.

Notice the name of the liar.

Sebastien = 1+5+2+1+1+2+9+5+5 = 31/49
Bellin = 2+5+3+3+9+5 = 27
Sebastien Bellin = 58/76 (Freemasonry = 58/67)

Sebastien = 19+5+2+1+19+20+9+5+14 = 94
Bellin = 2+5+12+12+9+14 = 54
Sebastien Bellin = 148 (888, English Gematria)

I wish I could meet the people who believe a word of this bullshit.  There's no blood on his fucking hip, and the red syrup on the ground is down by his feet.  Again, who is falling for this shit?

I doubt this cocksucker has a wife.  Her name also equates to 'propaganda, which this story is.

Sara = 1+1+9+1 = 12/21
Bellin = 2+5+3+3+9+5 = 27
Sara Bellin = 39/48 (Propaganda = 48) (Hoax = 48)

Sara = 19+1+18+1 = 39
Bellin = 2+5+12+12+9+14 = 54
Sara Bellin = 93 (Propaganda = 93)

And look at this dumb fuck's tweet.

Greg = 7+9+5+7 = 28
Kampe = 2+1+4+7+5 = 19
Greg Kampe = 47

Greg = 7+18+5+7 = 37
Kampe = 11+1+13+16+5 = 46
Greg Kampe = 83

Don't overlook the use of the word 'Horror' either.  More coding.

Horror = 8+6+9+9+6+9 = 47
Horror = 8+15+18+18+15+18 = 92

You know what I want to do after reading this shit?  I want to find this cock sucker, I want to strap him to the ground and I want to take a sledgehammer to his hip, until it truly is missing.  What a scum.  How much is this scum getting paid?

He feels proud.  Where's my sledgehammer?



  1. I'd just like to Second all Zach's personal opinions on this one.

  2. I like how he's a former basketball player too and this is going on the same time as march madness

    1. Yes indeed. Last year's March 24 GermanWings incident was connected to the Blue Devils winning the championship. In fact, that was how I made the prediction.... airplanes.... airports.... March 22, March 24...

    2. Dikembe Mutumbo was supposedly there as well, I talked about that in an earlier post.

  3. Former Basketball Player" in the English Reduction system equals 93 / 102

    Terror Hoax Agent Actor" in the English Reduction system equals 102

    Terror Hoax" in the English Reduction system equals 61

    Terror Hoax" in the English Ordinal system equals 142

    Staged CNN Video" in the English Reduction system equals 61

    Staged CNN Video" in the English Ordinal system equals 142

  4. Why doesn't Isis attack the IRS or any of the bankers and other actual terrorists who keep sending me bills every fucking month with no end to it ever? Let's see these so-called badasses cut off the head of Sally Mae, shit I will join them.

    I just told a debt collecter that I let Jesus take the wheel and if they want money they better call him or the church where he keeps all his money cause I am done.