Wednesday, March 30, 2016

33 74 | Interesting post in response to my "Tay" video on YouTube

This person has never commented before.

The video this is in response to is below.


  1. this is kinda of scary it shows that you got there attention in they sent this shill to try to put some fear in your heart

  2. Your work is already out there. Thousands of more people know of gematria and a whole lot more thanks to you. The knowledge is irreversible. Personally, I think you've protected yourself because of what you've done. If they were to even attempt to whack you it'd be pretty damn obvious who was behind it.

  3. Simple fact; they want the truth to trickle out. People who are asleep see it as conspiracy fiction, we with eyes open put ourselves out in the open by watching and commenting. The 33 Club doesn't mind.

  4. As Evangelist Seiberling said, you've already put out so much Gematria information that taking you out now wouldn't make a difference. So many of us have this skill now.
    Plus I don't think TPTB are in the business of killing truth seekers in general.