Tuesday, March 29, 2016

48 85 139 | EgyptAir Hijacking Hoax Headlines, March 29, 2016

Keep in mind today, the date of the hijacking, has '48' numerology.

3/29/16 = 3+29+16 = 48

Freemasonry = 58/67/139

Last year there was a plane story from March 24, 2016, that was connected to the men's college basketball tournament, foreshadowing a win by the Duke Blue Devils.  I bring this up because of the gematria of '85'.

Here is my post from earlier today, decoding the EgyptAir hoax.


  1. Zach, I tried to post the comment below to your youtube channel but I think youtube is hiding it or something. Anyway, thought I'd post it here too so you see it.

    Zach, I have completed my Gematria Calculator app for Windows, Linux, and Mac! Here is the link to the files on github
    For information, click the "Create Read_Me.md" in the middle for downloading instructions. I was able to test on Windows and Linux but unfortunately I don't have access to a Mac, however, Mac and Linux have similar architecture and it works on Linux. Anyway, if you have problems getting it to work the regular ".exe" file should work if you have Wine for Mac or Boot Camp or something of that nature to run Windows .exe's. Anyway, this should make decoding easier as it is an all in one program! If you like it maybe you can post a link to the site so everyone can download it? Thanks, enjoy!