Tuesday, March 29, 2016

44 141 144 411 | Donald Trump headlines, March 29, 2016 'Trump, Cruz won't commit to nominee'

411, eh?

Remember where JFK was shot from?  411 Elm St...

And I can't help but notice what is emphasized in the sub headline, 'doesn't need, doesn't want'.

Speaking of JFK, recall how he was shot on the first day of Sagittarius, as the 44th term President?

Keep in mind that tonight's debate is in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin = 5+9+1+3+6+5+1+9+5 = 44


  1. It's kinda funny how assassin manages to cram the word ass in there twice.
    Ass 3
    Ass 3
    Hidden 33
    Not to mention that 3 looks like a booty turned sideways.
    Maybe the ptb are mooning us with all these 33s.

  2. Welcome to the end of the

    Two Hundred Thirty Nine Cycle----322

    Add the ultimate 33 word "THE" for 355